Farm Heroes Saga Level 157

This is the 157th  level of the game Farm Heroes Saga. Click this links for more Farm Heroes Levels

Target and requirements to pass level 157

Main objective:

To pass this level, you have to  gather 10 carrots + 10 strawberries + 10 dragons within a maximum of  30  moves.

Required Resources:

  • 10 carrots
  • 10 strawberries
  • 10 dragons

Number of moves:

30  moves

Farm Heroes Saga Level 157 Video

Strategy, hints and tips for Level 157

  • You can clear the flowers and match crops that will help you break the ice
  • Increase the value of strawberries by making matches towards them
  • Use the shovel booster to pick strawberries if you can. You can also use shovel to break the ice.
  • Plan your moves well. Don’t waste them.

Summary and Conclusion

This level can be very hard. You don’t need to entertain any fear. You have to plan your moves and make good use of your time. You can follow the tips give above.

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