Best New Board Games Of 2020

Comparison of Games

Catan: Catan is one of the most popular board games of all time, with its strategy-focused game play that requires you to build settlements, armies and roads while trading natural resources. You will gain points by building the longest road, having the most settlements and cities, or collecting the right cards. The game involves chance and luck, but a mix of tactics helps you win.

Monopoly: Monopoly is many people’s favorite classic board game since it is so easily adapted to fit any type of audience or family. It requires players to buy property around a board and to build their own houses and hotels on them while they pay rent when they land on another players space. Players can also invest in utilities like electricity or water from other players as well as take a chance by buying “Chance” or “Community Chest” cards for extra money or funds. The goal of the game is to have more money than your competitors when you are the only player left in the game.

Dixit: This fantasy image-based game has taken off in popularity in recent years since it encourages creative thinking and relies heavily on storytelling skills rather than pure strategy-focused playing techniques used in Catan and Monopoly. Players draw picture cards that represent imaginative tales they create while others pick out which card corresponds with each story”without making it too obvious. The player who told each story then must guess which card was chosen correctly by their opponents based on hints given throughout their stories for a fun guessing game where creativity reigns supreme.

Family-Friendly Games

Family-friendly board games are an excellent way to spend quality time with family and friends. While video games can be fun too, there’s something special about gathering around a table for a friendly game! Board games offer an interactive experience that doesn’t involve looking at a screen and provide the opportunity to compete with others in a positive way.

As parents, it may seem difficult to find family-friendly board games that all generations can enjoy. Just because it may not have the latest graphics or fancy theme doesn’t mean it won’t be just as enjoyable. For instance, traditional board games like Monopoly and Clue have classics themes but provide an exciting experience that appeals to all ages – plus they can often be educational! For less familiar titles there are plenty of reviews available on popular shopping sites or the internet at large, so you can get first-hand feedback from other families before trying something new.

Fortunately, 2020 has seen some amazing new offerings specifically targeting family play. These come in all sorts of themes ” adventure, mystery solving, strategy ” making them perfect for gamers of different skill levels and interests. Many of these are considered competitively engaging but still fair for younger players and ideally suited for entertainment purposes within a group setting.

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In conclusion, spending quality time with loved ones doesn’t require a lot of fancy technology or complex play; sometimes age-old favorites are just as appealing even today! Making sure your game is family-friendly when shopping online or at the store is key ” look out for age suggestions and customer reviews if you’re unfamiliar with any particular title. By doing this you’re ensuring your family enjoy entertaining quality time kooky and fun enough for everyone involved ” which is ultimately the point of playing a game in the first place!

Different Types of Players

For casual players those looking for a fun game to play at home with friends or family and without the need for huge amounts of strategy, there are a range of new board games to enjoy. For example, Just One is an exciting co-operative game where players must come up with clues to help their teammates guess the secret word. The goal becomes increasingly difficult as the game progresses making it a great challenge for new players.

For experienced gamers there is also a fantastic selection of board games this year, from tactical strategy games to games wit different levels of complexity like Root, which combines aspects from both strategy and eurogame styles. In this asymmetric war game, players are tasked with controlling the forest from their own deck, manoeuvring their minions and equipping them with powerful laws and tools in order to defeat their opponents.

For horror fans there’s Betrayal Legacy; this innovative game incorporates elements of classic horror storytelling into the gameplay – all while each move you make permanently alters the settings within the haunted house. Players must work together to build a dynasty that will survive long enough so they can uncover its impactful secrets hidden behind successive doors and discover stories spanning generations!

Finding Games for Your Group

For family groups, look for games that foster cooperative play and offer multiple strategies to help develop problem-solving skills. Simple logic puzzles, word games, and other classics are great choices. Look for games with simple rules and ones that don’t rely on bluffing or require a huge time commitment to finish.

For friends, look for cooperative or competitive games that require some strategy and offer plenty of exciting surprises along the way. Modern tabletop and card games allow many players to participate together in clever, addictive gameplay. Choose a game specifically designed to keep everyone engaged – there are great choices out there that provide opportunities for laughter, planning, and team spirit!

Casual gamers might prefer pick-up-and-play titles that don’t require too much thought or learning of rules but still offer challenge and replayability. Complex strategy board games often have shorter versions perfect for those who just want to play something in one sitting. Try different settings from various genres like sci-fi, horror, fantasy – even sports ” to find the perfect fit for your gaming group or situation!

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Breakdown of Age Groups

Toddlers: Games for toddlers typically focus on learning shapes, colors, and matching objects. Examples of such age-appropriate board games include Ravensburger Disney Princess Castle Memory Matching, Children’s Discover My Book Of Opposites Game, The Snail and the Whale Board Game.

Children: Games for children aged 6 to 8 often involve more strategy and skill building than toddler games, yet are still age appropriate. Examples of these board games include Doggerel By Granna Gryning Games, Slimey’s Chocolate Factory by Gamewright and Smart Games Safari Rush Hour.

Tweens: As children reach nine or ten years old they may begin to prefer more complex strategic type board games. Most importantly they likely will enjoy games with ‘grown up’ components rather than childlike ones such as dice cubes or plastic figurines. Prospective tween age suitable board games could range from a classic such as Stak Bots Strategy Game by Zobmondo Entertainment to Duelosaur Island A Little Big Box of Tactical Family Fun published by Renegade Game Studios.

Teens: Teens can play most adult level board games but tend to prefer more mature themed options such as Crime Wave by Akindo Starlux that offers a theme involving crime solving mystery. Other choices could involve Lords Of Waterdeep Released By Wizards Of The Coast or Mystic Vale Expansion Dusk of Doom released by Alderac Entertainment Group.

Creative Suggestions

2020 has been a year full of new and exciting board games to keep you entertained! One great way to make your game night even more memorable is to add some creative touches. For example, think outside the box with snacks that match the game theme. There are also some fun variations on classic rules that will keep things interesting. If you’re playing Monopoly, why not add unique properties? Or try a doubles-only version of chess? Don’t be afraid to try something new and make it your own! Not only will these touches give the game nights an extra spark but they are sure to create lasting memories too.

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