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The Dexter Board Game is a beloved classic game that has been around since the late 1970s. It is a strategy-based game of coup and bluffing, where players race each other across the board while trying to outsmart their opponents. Players also must make use of special action cards to gain rewards or block others from moving forward.

The goal of the game is to get your four characters ‘Dexters’ home for dinner before all other competitors’ Dexters do. Each player takes turns rolling the dice and using their action cards as they proceed past traps and roadblocks on the way home. Special action cards such as ‘Pick Up’, ‘Lay Down’, or ‘Trade Away’ give players unique advantages over their opponents; allowing them to take shortcuts, replace a character with a different one or swap their own items with those of another player. To win the game, a player must first reach each character’s home before any opponent does.

The Dexter Board Game has similarities to popular board games such as Monopoly or The Game of Life; however instead of competing financially like in Monopoly, or having life objectives in The Game Of Life – you’re simply racing against your friends in an ever-changing environment filled with surprises and obstacles! There are no restrictions on how many players can join in, making it an exciting game that can be enjoyed by groups of all sizes.

Rules & Objective

The Dexter Board Game is a thrilling game of strategy and deduction where players take on the roles of FBI agents tasked with stopping the nefarious Murdock family. Players must ask questions, gather clues, and strategically use their limited resources to build a case against the Murdock family and any other suspects they may uncover along the way. In order to win, at least one player must link evidence together in such a way that the Murdock family pleads or gets convicted by the judge.

How To Play: Each round begins with the players drawing a random Case Card which contains specific information about each of the suspects’ alibis and backgrounds. The object of the game is to interrogate witnesses, analyze evidence, deduce motives, and build an air-tight case against either one or more members of the Murdock family.

Players can win by linking all three clues from different suspects together in such a way that it points directly towards one suspect being guilty – this is known as ‘building your case’. During gameplay, players are allowed to accuse other suspects should they choose but no accusations are final until a prosecutor moves for charges and a judge rules on guilt or innocence.

Strategies for Winning: The key to winning this game quickly is thoughtful deduction during questioning sessions and efficient use of resources during investigations. It’s important not to jump too far ahead as linking multiple pieces of evidence together without corroborating details could lead to misdirecting valuable resources which would otherwise be helpful in winning the game. Instead look at all potential theories before jumping into investigation mode as some cases have multiple possibilities that must be examined before determining who is really behind each crime.

Helpful Tips: As with most games like this, make sure everyone understands the rules ahead of time – it makes gameplay smoother once you get into it. Also make sure everyone knows exactly what evidence they’re looking for so there won’t be any surprises later when trying to prosecute someone! Additionally allowing for some creativity when discussing motives and links between pieces of evidence can lead to unique insights that would benefit more seasoned detectives giving them an edge in solving cases quickly!


The Dexter Board Game is an exciting game of strategic deception. It comes with game pieces for up to 8 players, a game board, two sets of dice, and decks of cards. The game board has 9 character pieces in the center and 40 squares around the edge. The character pieces represent Dexter’s family and friends who are affected by his secret dark side. The objective of the game is for each player to find out who is secretly on Team Dexter by predicting how characters will act or react when faced with a situation.

Drawing Board Games

Players win by correctly identifying an opponents Team Dexter status before they do. They take turns rolling two dice to move around the outer circle of squares. When landing on a square, players draw a card from one of three decks – Actions Cards, React Cards, or Investigation Cards – which have different effects on the game play depending on their content and the cards’ abilities.

Action cards make it easier to get closer to guessing who is secretly on Team Dexter while React cards give new information about characters as well as unexpected plot twists. Investigatory cards challenge players to use deduction and other strategizing skills to determine which characters are most likely part of Team Dexter. Gameplay ends when one player successfully reveals another character as being secretly on Team Dexter’s side, but at any point players can rotate their positions causing unpredictable shifts in alliances that change how much each team knows about their opponents!

Themes & Strategy

The Dexter Board Game is an exciting and immersive experience, allowing players to take on the role of either Dexter Morgan or the Miami Police Department in a fast-paced battle against each other. Players must use strategy and tactics to outwit their opponents, while also staying ahead of their own dark passenger in order to achieve victory. The game is based on the popular TV show “Dexter” and is designed for 2 to 4 players ages 12 and up.

It begins with all players taking turns playing as either Dexter or the police department, depending on which team has more pieces on the board at the start of play. The goal for both sides is a simple one – capture all four corners of the gameboard by moving pieces across it to build a chain. On each player’s turn they can move up to three of their pieces per roll, but when more than one piece moves in a single play, the total move cannot exceed four spaces. Additionally during play, you can earn money tokens in order to bribe characters such as Angel Batista, Vince Masuka and even Deborah Morgan in gaining access to important locations that might contain clues pertaining to a particular case.

Players can also gain additional advantages by choosing certain scenarios that increase bonuses while they visit locations around Miami, as well as utilizing character motivation cards which prompt them into obtaining information deep within the city’s underworld or police records that may contain crucial hints they need in order to win the game. Strategic thinking will allow players to gain an edge over their opponents by anticipating what moves they might make and how responding quickly or slowly could affect outcomes. This way no two games are ever alike due to all the variables that come into play with different strategies utilized during gameplay!

Pros & Cons


• Dexter Board Game is a great way to spend time with friends and family. It’s easy to learn, and the game is made with quality components that everyone can enjoy.

• Another major benefit of playing this board game is that it’s designed to strategize against opponents, so there are a lot of possibilities in terms of how you can play and win. This can keep players engaged for hours at a time as they attempt to outwit their opponents.

• The game also encourages interaction between players by incorporating voting cards, which can make for some funny moments during playtime. Plus, the artwork of Dexter himself provides an extra layer of fun to the board game experience.


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• While the game has a lot going for it, one downside is that it only accommodates up to four players at once. This could definitely be an issue if you have more than four people hoping to join your game night.
• Additionally, some pieces needed for the game (such as dice) have been known to go missing over time or become damaged due to poor handling. As such, it might be worth investing in replacements away from what comes with your original set so you don’t have trouble continuing your games.

Fighting Technique

One way to get the most success out of playing Dexter Board Game is by combining different fighting techniques and applying them in various situations. This could involve using upper body jabs and kicks, learning how to move quickly around the board, choosing distant targets for surprise attacks and timing your own moves so you can catch your opponents off guard. Additionally, utilizing special moves—such as combos or strikes—at just the right time can enhance gameplay as well. Setting up specific scenarios that give yourself an advantage over your opponent is also a key tactic in Dexter Board Game. This could involve placing characters in strategic positions on the board, using objects like walls and obstacles on the board to mask movement or your character’s location, or waiting patiently until an opportunity arises so that you can strike with greater force and accuracy. Understanding which maneuvers will work best in certain situations will be critical in experiencing success when playing Dexter Board Game.


Q: What is Dexter Board Game?

A: Dexter Board Game is a spin-off of the hit TV show of the same name, allowing players to compete as Dexter Morgan. Up to four players can play at once and collect body parts from crime scenes and create the ultimate murderer. The player with the highest score wins. Throughout the game, players will try to outwit their opponents by creating clever strategies and accumulate points by finding and completing body parts. Along with collecting body parts, players can also search for clues and create alibis. In order to win, you must have the highest point total at the end of the game. Features such as subtle color changes in figures (referencing killer type) add another layer to an already exciting game that brings its own unique set of thrills and challenges each time you play!

Final Thoughts

The Dexter Board Game is an incredibly entertaining and immersive game. My experience playing the game was incredibly enjoyable and exciting! The scenarios are highly detailed and thought-out, and the mysteries were tricky to solve. The game also builds suspense and intrigue as players work together to try to outwit their opponents and solve the challenges before them.

Moreover, I found that the game can be played cooperatively or competitively – making it versatile for any type of occasion or gathering. Additionally, providing a variety of different puzzles from investigating crime scenes, deducing motives, finding hidden clues and testifying in court makes the game dynamic and challenging. Also, even though four players are required, I found that six players is actually ideal to make the most of all the investigative puzzles provided.

Overall, I would highly recommend this board game if you’re looking for something engaging with tons of replayability. With its multitple storylines and play styles, there’s no end to how creative you can get with creating stories within this board game! For best results when playing with friends, try assigning each person different roles in order to ensure that everyone gets a turn at being a detective!

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