How To Play Game Of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition


Game Of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition is an exciting and thrilling strategy game that requires players to control their respective armies and strategically position them around the board. Players take turns moving pieces to gain control of crucial locations and battle their enemies using dice rolls. The goal of the game is to have superior control over six of the nine geographical regions in Westeros, or erase the enemy from the map altogether.

In order to properly prepare for a game, it is important for both players to understand the rules and strategies involved with Game Of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition. When first starting, one should carefully read through all directions as well as review any supplemental material such as player aids that may be included in starter kits. For those who are more experienced, a good practice is to familiarize yourself with the territories and symbols featured on the game board before engaging in combat scenarios.

One thing everyone can do is get excited about up-and-coming events related to this magnificent boardgame. Companies like Fantasy Flight Games offer ongoing tournaments and other interactive competitions where players can show off their skills while having a great time! Moreover, individuals often share insights and updates regarding new components or strategies associated with this ever-growing series of table-top games so be sure to stay tuned in for what’s sure to come next!

Overview of the Game

Game of Thrones Board Game, 2nd Edition is a technical, medium-weight strategy game first published in 2011 by Fantasy Flight Games. At its core, it is a resource management game in which players vie to control key areas on the map of Westeros via conquest and/or diplomacy, while also building strength to compete for the Iron Throne. The board game has five different versions: Rivals for Catan, A Clash of Kings, Storms of Swords (original version), Mother of Dragons, and Dance With Dragons.

The components that come with each version vary somewhat; each game includes 7 plastic Fortress pieces in 4 colors, 21 generic plastic figures and 10 specialty figures, 1 tray insert with 60 Unit Tokens and 8 House Cards (depending on box size). Additionally there are over 200 cardboard pieces that contain terrain hex tiles to create the board, support cards (each representing 3 specific areas) tokens to track conquest points and resources, turn summary cards & tokens to keep track of changes within Westeros, event cards & tokens featuring allies and enemies found either during play or within product expansions.

To get started playing Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition you will need a few supplies: A gaming table/flat surface large enough to handle all the components; 6 players minimum; designated seating clockwise around the table; 5 characters/houses chosen per player – note that players can select from both current factions found in the box as well as those found within expansion material if available; all appropriate rulesets; allocated resources from each segmented region throughout Westeros. Instructions for setup are included in each version’s rule book as well as directly on certain components themselves.

The basic rules for playing Game of Thrones Board game 2nd Edition are surprisingly simple yet tactical. On your turn you may take actions involving movement across territories; build fortresses; develop new technology; manage resources such as gold or supplies through creating armies or collecting taxes in your established regions – this helps you win diplomatic favor amongst other houses or increase your strength through sheer force against military opponents. You may also spend your resources to play event cards gathered during development or expansion packs when completing challenges set before them by owning territory or engaging politically savvy challengers. Depending on circumstances these events can help secure an advantage or snowball into something much more heinous as other players catch wind of what you’re up to – often requiring some level of sabotage or spycraft just to stay in competition! The goal is ultimately one party claiming superiority over all others by having achieved best mastery over land & politics which results in conquering key holdings and victoriously claiming the Iron Throne!

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Getting Started

To begin playing the Game of Thrones Board Game second edition, it is recommended to separate into two teams. Each team should choose a House to represent their play style. Depending on the number of players, each player can share control of a faction or they could take turns controlling one faction while other players observe.

Once you have chosen your Houses, it is time to setup your board and pieces. Place out all the House cards, tokens and piece components that correlate with your House. It is suggested each player mark off which components are theirs so confusion does not arise later on in the game.

In addition to making sure all components are placed correctly on the game board and having a clear understanding of how your house will operate, it is important to familiarize yourself with your specific ways of strengthening your claim to the Iron Throne by taking note of both offensive and defensive tactics.

The core objective when playing Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition consists in accumulating as many power tokens as possible — these are gained by forcing an opposing faction out of their castle or by successfully completing missions such as locating hidden weapons caches or building ships at sea. To do this, plan carefully and pay attention to available resources such as supplies and coins which can be used for bidding on armies, ships and buildings throughout the game — these items will help protect yourself from attack as well as provide you ways for collecting more power tokens! Additionally, objectives can be changed by claiming new territories using knights during strategic battles (played through a dice turn-based combat system) or expanding influence through placing more houses onto bannerman tiles across Westeros.

It’s important to remember that warfare is not the only means for success; diplomacy plays an equally important role in Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd edition. By negotiating beneficial trade agreements and alliances between competing Houses throughout the game, one can gain support from other powers without ever having to exchange blows in battle. Such agreements might offer access to additional resources while keeping one safe from war – ultimately guiding you closer toward victory!

Creating Your Own Strategy

When playing the Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition, you can design your own unique strategy to gain ultimate control. Here are some tips and techniques to create an effective strategy:

1. Analyze Your Environment: Before you start playing the game, look at the board and understand the structure of your environment. Think about which regions have access to other areas and what resources are available for alliances, power, shipping routes, etc. This will be valuable information as you choose where to position your armies and other units during your next turn.

2. Utilize Diplomacy And Alliances: Allying with other players is a very important part of the game. Don’t underestimate the power of diplomacy as it can take more effort and time but its rewards can be massive if done correctly. It may be necessary to make certain concessions or pacts that benefit both players so don’t discount these options if they are beneficial in the long-term.

3. Produce Resources: Armies require resources to support them in battle, so ensuring that a stable of resources is available throughout play is essential in maintaining strength and advantage on the battlefields or through any trade deals with other factions or houses in the game. Create a plan to effectively allocate resources such as food, wine, wood and stone accordingly to maximize usage while reducing wastage when possible.

4. Adapt To Changing Circumstances: The nature of warfare means situations are constantly changing on each side; being able to adjust quickly will give you an advantage over opponents who might think their strategy has already won them a certain degree of victory before noticing something has gone awry thanks to adapting players! Be sure to keep your eyes open for changes in terrain, troop strength numbers (on both sides) and tactics employed by your opponents — all which should influence how detailed you should go into creating strategies for every match-up!

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Game Play Overview

To win the Game of Thrones 2nd edition board game, players must collect the most power points. Power points are gained by controlling kingdoms and castles, claiming noble titles and duties, and by playing outhouse cards. There are three main tactics to gain power points:

1. Claim Titles & Strongholds: During the game, players can claim powerful titles such as King or Queen of Westeros or Lord Paramount of the Seven Kingdoms by assembling fleets and armies to hold strategic locations across Westeros. Every time a player controls a kingdom or castle, they earn victory points for every Noble Character matching his or her house that is present in that area.

2. Utilize Influence Cards: Influence cards grant bonus rewards such as additional Order tokens, gold coins, supplies or Rumor Cards which give extra powers to that player during future turns. In addition, having these cards gives access to powerful characters such as Varys and Littlefinger who can further leverage their influence over opposing houses during pivotal battles and strategic duels.

3. Play Outmove Cards: Playing outmaneuver cards gives players a tactical advantage over other houses during combat events where each house uses military units to try and capture a contested territory from another house’s control. These cards can turn the tide of battle allowing a player to gain superior positioning on the battlefield in order to seize control of coveted strongholds.

The Expansion

The Game of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition Expansion is one of the most exciting and challenging sets available for the popular game. What sets this expansion apart from other versions is that it includes an additional 8 Houses to play as, taking the total up to sixteen. This gives players a greater choice of strategies, allowing them to focus on different areas and create complex alliances with their opponents. This also means there are new objectives for each player to aim for, such as holding certain locations or having a larger influence in certain regions.

The main expansion also includes three additional map sheets which feature new locations to visit: Vaes Dothrak, The North and the Iron Islands. These zones add diverse new environments with each featuring unique movable components like Wildlings, White Walkers and even Giants. Combine these with an innovative Rum = Strength mechanic, whereby players must use their economic power wise to carry forward political battles into future rounds and you’ve got an intense game experience every time.


Game of Thrones 2nd Edition board game offers an immersive gaming experience for players of all levels. This strategic, multiplayer game requires you to choose your house and use the political, economic and military tools at your disposal in order to bring Westeros under your rule. The game is full of unpredictable twists and turns with unique endings every time, making it endlessly exciting and fun. It also includes negotiation, sabotage and alliances between players, giving you a laugh-filled adventure every time you play. With its deep tactical decisions and immersive storytelling elements, Game Of Thrones Board Game 2nd Edition gives players an exciting experience that is quickly becoming a classic strategy game for all ages.

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