60 Second City Collaborative Strategy Board Game Reviews


60 Second City Collaborative Strategy Board games are a thrilling way to test your decision-making skills. Ideal for 2-4 players, the game uses a set of cards in which each player is assigned a role within a certain city; these roles dictate how they decide and act when it comes to completing tasks. The aim of the game is to reach an agreement between all players on how to resolve conflicts and manage resources. At the end of 60 seconds, or when all cards have been used, the game ends and a new city is formed. This exciting game is not only strategic but also offers social interaction as well as negotiation regarding important topics such as resource management, economic trade, public health, construction projects and more. It’s the perfect game for hours of fun and strategizing!


Playing a 60 second city collaborative strategy board game has several advantages for players. These games are designed to be fast-paced and stimulating, offering players a way to test their decisions quickly and with minimal downtime. Additionally, the games typically require numerous minds strategically working together”as opposed to individual players competing against one another”which can help to build teamwork skills and strengthen relationships. The cooperative nature of this type of game means that all participants are on equal footing, making it an ideal choice for groups with varied skill levels or ages. Finally, these games enable players to develop resource management, problem solving, risk assessment, and negotiation strategies in a short timeframe. All of this makes this type of board game an exciting alternative to playing traditional competitive titles.

Popular Games

Pandemic: This popular co-op game puts players in the hot seat to save humanity from a major epidemic. Players must work together as they travel around the globe, treating and curing diseases while controlling outbreaks. The fast-paced game play and ever-evolving strategy makes it one of the more popular 60 Second City Strategy Board Games.

Catan:This classic game is set on a fictional island where players must collect resources and build structures to expand their cities. Players fight each other for valuable resources, creating strategic alliances for victory. The vibrant colors and array of characters make this classic game perfect for family fun.

Azul: In Azul, players compete to assemble decorative tiles in order to beautify the walls of a 16th Century Portuguese palace. Fast-paced and easy to learn, Azul is a great way to bring family members of all ages together while building strategy skills.

Risk:This classic game pits players against each other in an attempt to conquer territories around the world by wise allocation of forces on a different continent. Risk is an unpredictable game with peaks and valleys that keeps players at the edge of their seat throughout multiple rounds of attacks and unexpected disasters.

Ticket To Ride: Ticket To Ride is an exciting immersive train journey in which players travel across the country collecting assets while outsmarting their opponents’ moves along the way. This long-time favorite offers something special for all ages”a perfect mix of excitement, luck and strategy!

Wingspan Board Game

Splendor: With Splendor, you get two games in one! On one side is a race for precious jewels between nobles vying for domination; on the other side are clever merchants mastering commodity trading strategies from both Europe and Asia ” making Splendor an intricate balance between strategic decision-making and tactical planning . All this makes it a winner when it comes to 60 second city strategy board games!

Terraforming Mars: A fast paced space exploration game, Terraforming Mars task players with colonizing planetary systems outside our own solar system before ‘terraforming’ them into habitation friendly environments complete with trees and animals that bring life back into these new worlds! To make sure everyone stays engaged there’s plenty of innovative technology upgrades too that allow you to jolt your colony up ” making this one seriously fun experience!

Agricola: Agricola is all about turn-based farming simulations where each player has multiple farm hands working hard tilling soil, growing crops, raising livestock – even baking bread – as they strive towards keeping their farms competitive against others! Easy enough for younger kids but still challenging enough for adults looking for strategic opportunities on how best optimise every move or production – so it’s no wonder why this one still remains popular after all these years !

Sid Meier’s Civilization: A deeper dive into complex adventure gaming than your average strategy board games – Sid Meier’s Civilization takes its players through history as you build entire civilizations from almost nothing over centuries; becoming economic tycoons, militarily superior nations & developing powerful trading routes or warfare tactics that can be used throughout various ages – It really doesn’t get much better than this if you want 60 second city strategizing action !

Power Grid: Billed as ‘the stock market meets power plant poker’ – Power Grid has seen tremendous growth since its first release in 2004 as everybody loves trying electricity supply networks via bidding effectively & establishing business models whilst showcasing natural resource management knowhow ! So if you’re looking for real life relevance & top tier strategic battles at its best then Power Grid should absolutely be on your list check out lit right now !

Pros and Cons

Pros: The 60 Second City Collaborative Strategy Board Game is great for introducing new players to the strategic board game genre. Its unique set-up ensures that everyone has a chance to participate and strategize from the very start of the game, allowing its players to gain a better understanding of how the mechanics work in an enjoyable way. Furthermore, its simple yet effective rules don’t bog the experience down with too many complexities or abstract concepts, leading players into points of strategy without being overly challenging.

Cons: One of the downsides to 60 Second City is that it can be quite daunting at first as there are numerous elements to keep track of while playing. The intensity also means that there isn’t much time for strategic thinking as each player is usually limited to one move due to the time constraint. Additionally, certain strategies may become more powerful than others over time which results in an unbalanced playing field. There may be some instances where the game is won solely because of luck rather than skill in those situations.

Magnetic Board Game

Tips & Tricks

1. Read the rules and objectives carefully. Familiarize yourself with the game to understand how it works and what you need to do to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Strategize your moves ahead of time – consider each move’s implications before making a decision and don’t be afraid to play out different scenarios in your mind in order to best determine your course of action.

3. Take advantage of opportunities for collaboration when playing with others – work together to plan the most beneficial moves for both players

4. Keep track of resources – know how many of each resource you need in order to complete certain tasks so that you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

5. Have fun! Board games provide an opportunity for pattern recognition, spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination and physical dexterity as well as ample amounts of enjoyable game play!

Final Thoughts

Playing 60-second city collaborative strategy board games can be an incredibly rewarding experience. It encourages deep thought, critical thinking, and decision making in a fast-paced and interactive manner. These games promote teamwork as they require players to come together to strategize and develop strategies to overcome challenges. The short game time also provides an exciting challenge as players must quickly make decisions in order to succeed. Advantages of playing these games include refining skills such as problem solving, communication, planning, and execution. Playing these games can also help increase knowledge of different areas such as economics, sociology, engineering, and otherwise resulting in a more well-rounded approach in life when it comes to approaching complex tasks or issues.


Playing 60 Second City Strategy Board Games is a great way to have fun while learning and honing your strategy skills. Take on the task of managing a city of your own and have hours of riveting challenges with these games. With an array of choices, you can find the right game to suit your mood and preferences. Gather friends or family around and spend some quality time developing strategies and keeping each other on the edge as you battle for control of this imaginary universe. The thrill and excitement has no bounds, so give it a try ” you won’t regret it!

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