Board Game Revolution Orem

Community Outreach

Board Game Revolution Orem, located in Orem, Utah, has dedicated itself to promoting a lively and fun board game culture. As part of its commitment to the community, Board Game Revolution Orem takes part in several outreach initiatives that aim to make the world a better place.

The first initiative is their charity events program. Board Game Revolution Orem likes to host charitable events such as food drives, blood drives, and toy drives at their location. As part of these events, they donate proceeds from game sales to charities that benefit local children and families who are in need. Additionally, Board Game Revolution Orem regularly makes cash donations to worthy causes such as disaster relief funds and programs that help animals in need.

Another initiative taken on by Board Game Revolution Orem is their sponsorship program. Board Game Revolution Orem works with local schools to provide board games for educational purposes. The organization also provides free board game tournaments for youth groups and volunteers for special school events such as career days or after-school activities involving board games.

Finally, Board Game Revolution Orem often donates used board games in good condition or gently used components (playing pieces) to thrift stores or shelters across the state of Utah in order to provide affordable entertainment options during hard times.

In order to ensure they are actively involved in the community beyond simply providing entertainment options through their store offerings, Board Game Revolution Orem continues to be actively engaged each year with a series of community outreach efforts aimed at making the world a better place through board games.

Insider Tips

“Board Game Revolution Orem has an incredible selection of family-friendly and strategic games. I like to go in the store and find new games I would never have thought about. The employees are so helpful, yet never pushy. They even offer special events like tournaments for certain games – it’s an excellent way for families to bond and make memories.”

“I love Board Game Revolution Orem! It has so many different types of board games, from classic fun to high-level strategy. Plus, they also have a great collection of card games and puzzles that have kept my kids entertained for hours. Their knowledgeable staff will help you find the right game for your family or group – whether it be a family game night, or a serious tournament. You’re sure to find something exciting here!”

Insights and Changes

Board Game Revolution Orem has seen immense changes since its opening. Firstly, the store itself has grown in size and scope – previously a family-run game store, it now serves as a hub for gamers of all levels. Secondly, the range of games available have increased substantially – from tabletop classics such as Dungeons & Dragons and Catan to new releases like Terraforming Mars and Pandemic Legacy. Next, Board Game Revolution Orem has begun to host various gaming events on a regular basis – these events draw players from all over the region who come together in an inclusive atmosphere to discuss strategy and tactics while enjoying their favorite board games. Finally, Board Game Revolution Orem is committed to providing customers with the best gaming experience possible at every visit. From stocking rare items not available anywhere else, to regularly hosting tournaments and other activities, they are constantly trying to outdo themselves in service quality.

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Location Details

Board Game Revolution Orem is located on State Street, just off the I-15 exit in Orem Utah. The store provides plenty of free parking right in front of the door. For local public transit, the nearest bus stop is located on Main Street, and it is just a short walk away from the entrance.

The store specializes in selling all kinds of board games, from classic favorites like Monopoly to lesser known strategy titles. There’s something for everyone here, as well as knowledgeable staff members who can help newcomers find what they’re looking for. In addition, Board Game Revolution has a wide range of game consoles and accessories, cards and dice games, puzzles, comics and more.

Overall, Board Game Revolution Orem has everything you need for a fun and exciting gaming experience! So come on by today to check out the selection or pick up some new releases!


Board Game Revolution Orem is a revolutionary new game shop that has been gaining popularity around town. Customers rave about the large selection of board games, the knowledgeable staff, and their welcoming atmosphere.

People who have been to Board Game Revolution Orem have made overwhelmingly positive comments about the experience. They cite the “brilliant” staff members for helping them explore a variety of board games and make informed decisions on which one to buy based on their individual interests. Many customers also praise the store’s neat and organized layout, with its numerous aisles filled with all sorts of board game options. Commenters report feeling comfortable in the store due to its friendly and inviting environment; they especially appreciate that no matter how much or little they know about board games, staff will helpfully answer any questions they have. Finally, people seem to love the fact that Board Game Revolution Orem regularly hosts gaming events and tournaments in their store, creating an effective community spirit.


Board Game Revolution Orem is a local game store located in Orem, Utah. Since opening its doors in 2012, Board Game Revolution Orem has become the “go-to” spot for board game and card game enthusiasts from all over. It is a family owned business that strives to provide the best gaming experience possible.

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The store carries a wide selection of board and card games, including classic favorites such as Monopoly and Ticket to Ride, new releases such as Gloomhaven and Root, as well as hundreds of expansions and accessories. The friendly staff at Board Game Revolution Orem are always ready to help customers find the perfect game to suit their interests and skill level.

Additionally, customers can save more on their gaming products by signing up for the store’s loyalty program or by taking advantage of regular sales promotions. As an added bonus, customers who purchase multiple items are rewarded with discounts, higher points earning rate across purchases and exclusive offers on select titles.

To make sure everyone has the best time possible, Board Game Revolution Orem hosts weekly in-store events that allows customers to try out new games before they buy them and join like-minded players for exciting multiplayer experiences. With photos taken of customers enjoying themselves while playing different games at the store, it’s no wonder why so many people keep coming back to Board Game Revolution Orem!


Board Game Revolution Orem is a one-of-a-kind store located in Utah. Their mission is to spread the joy of board gaming and bring together like-minded players to challenge, interact and compete. The store provides an eclectic selection of both classic strategy games and modern party games. Creating videos that feature this unique store environment is a great way to spread awareness of what Board Game Revolution has to offer. Video overviews should showcase the diverse board games they sell, interviews with staff showcasing the friendly atmosphere they promote, reviews by customers discussing their favorite games, challenges hosted by staff or customers and any special events held at the store. All of these can be used as short clips within longer video overviews that showcase Board Game Revolution’s vibrant community that has been built around its offerings.


Board Game Revolution Orem is an amazing board game store located in Orem, Utah. It is the go-to spot for all types of board game aficionados, from casual to hardcore gamers. The store carries a great selection of traditional and new Board Games and Gaming Supplies, along with exclusive titles like Dungeons & Dragons and Expansion Boxes. Board Game Revolution Orem also offers pre-orders, on-site tournaments and leagues, local gaming clubs, events and more.


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