Classic Clue Board Game App

Classic Clue board game app is one of the most popular additions to the world of digital entertainment when it comes to virtual board games. Not only does it offer a great version of the classic game, but they also have a version where players can enjoy a single user mode that is perfect for those times when you don’t have anyone else to play with.

This app also packs in plenty of fun features and opportunities for creativity as well as a leaderboard system that allows users to track their scores and compete with each other.

Gameplay: Detailed look into how this game works The basic rules of Classic Clue Board Game App remain unchanged, meaning players must find out who was murdered, in which room and using which weapon. The game offers several levels of difficulty ranging from beginner to expert, perfect for both experienced gamers and those just starting out in the virtual gaming world.

As an added bonus, Classic Clue Board Game App also includes power ups and special abilities, such as extra lives or faster speeds, to help users get through challenging levels more quickly. The characters within the game are interactive with one another and enhancing their tutorial dialogue; all this adds up to an enjoyable experience that anyone can become immersed in.

User Interface: Description of user interface’s attractiveness & mechanics The attractive user interface encourages users dive right into solving puzzles, be it trying to determine who did the deed or exploring numerous secret passages scattered throughout each level.

To aid they player in this objective there are plenty of sound effects helping add atmosphere to the proceedings as well as plenty onscreen options for easy navigation around menus etc; all these work together with simple pinching/zooming navigation controls make sure players can keep on top on runaways.

It also has intuitive ‘help’ button allows users access helpful hints from others playing so you will never be stuck without a solution again.

Key Features

One of the most popular board games of all time, Classic Clue Board Game App is now available on your favorite iOS device. This app brings all the fun and classic gameplay of the original game, directly to your device with no assembly required. And don’t worry if you haven’t played before because this app includes an interactive tutorial to help players get up to speed quickly.

Intuitive Interface

Classic Clue Board Game App has a modern and intuitive interface that makes it easy for anyone to play. All you have to do is tap on the pieces you would like to move and once your turn is finished, it moves onto the next person. It also features attractive visuals that bring this timeless board game into the 21st century.

Challenging & Fun

What’s a board game without some intense thinking and strategy? With Classic Clue Board Game App you can think as hard and deep as you want when playing – from searching for clues in each room and deducing who committed a crime or where a weapon was hidden, there are plenty of opportunities to flex your brain muscles here.

Plus, it includes various levels so beginners can learn how to play while veterans can challenge themselves with harder tasks or even play against others online.

Collect Power-ups

As if deduction skills aren’t enough, Classic Clue Board Game App also throws in some power-ups that help give players an edge over their opponents. These power-ups allow users perform certain actions like peek inside rooms or make quick assumptions which make it easier for them complete certain tasks with fewer errors – so be sure to take full advantage of them.

How to Play

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and open it.
  • Select your number of players (from 3-6).
  • Name your players if desired, as well as selecting a custom gameboard.
  • Choose the cards you’d like dealt for yourself at the start of the game. Each player not able to see another players cards.

The board is divided into 24 rooms with nine potential suspects of murder: Mr. Green, Mrs. White, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Reverend Mrs Blue, Mrs Peacock and two extra suspects Mr Maroon and Ms Meadow-Brook. There are six weapons including items such as a Knife, Candlestick, Pistol, Spanner or Rope. You may also add two more weapons to this list.

Players then in turn roll the dice to move around the board to one of these designated rooms to make an accusation about which suspect committed which crime using which weapon. Players must use logic and deduction skills to identify who did it, where and with what weapon after gathering information from other players movements.

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An incorrect accusation will result in that player lose their turn however; if they correctly identify all three elements and can prove that they are correct they win. If a player gets stuck on a piece of information they can attempt to guess but must be aware it may not always be correct.

  • If none of the players have correctly guessed by the end of all turns then there is no winner
  • After each turn players can choose whether or not to show another player any cards which they might believe could help them make a better accused
  • Communication between gamers is key.

Graphics & Visuals

The Classic Clue Board Game App offers a highly detailed 3D graphical environment with realistic animations of characters, weapons, and board spaces. As the user moves their pieces around the board, they experience lifelike minor animations such as dust-flurries and weapon vibrations that add a sense of depth to their experiences.

As players move towards rooms and closer investigate suspect leads, they will look at beautifully rendered crime scenes inside each room complete with evidence naturally scattered throughout like fingerprints and hair strands.

Soundtrack: Overview of how sound influences the gaming experience

The soundtrack accompanying the game is an instrumental suite that heightens game tension in a suspenseful manner. During exciting moments such as declaring a murder accusation or discovering evidence with secondary characters, grand orchestral themes kick in to give players an added feeling of drama. Cheery bells play upon correct guesses or when unlocking bonus points. Relaxing solo piano tracks play in-between rounds to help reduce mental fatigue-providing a joyful interlude between investigative sessions.

User Interaction: Breakdown of how users interact with the App

The App relies on an easy-to-learn interface for interacting with objects within the game environment. Players select targets from lists presented onscreen and choose their action by selecting from options shown at the bottom of the screen.

On each turn players must select one action from this list which includes: moving pieces on the board; relocating crime objects (weapons or evidence); questioning suspects; accusing a suspect; making suppositions about murder’s identity; calling for voting (for those who wish to call it a draw before ending); or even trading cards among players (which is enabled as multi-player mode). All these options are made available in clear visible menus on each of their turns.

Target Audience

The classic board game Clue has been enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds for many years, and has made its way to the digital space with an entertaining app version. This mobile game is ideally suited for young adults, teenagers, and children who want a break from their everyday routine. It’s a great option for family gatherings since everyone can join the investigation to figure out who murdered Mr. Boddy in his mansion.

This Clue mobile app offers an immersive experience that’s just as much fun as the traditional physical version of the game. Kids and teens alike can create their own custom avatar character; they can choose from multiple appearances such as facial expressions, hair color, clothing attire, and even accessories. With this variety of customization choices available, users are sure to find something that suits their style and taste no matter what age group they fall into.

The game mimics the classic version of Clue where players are given a set of questions with which they must race against each other in order to discover which weapon was used in the murder. This interactive app also introduces various difficulty levels that allow players to challenge themselves or keep it simple if desired. Alongside these difficulty levels comes sound-effects that add further excitement each time you’re steps away from solving the murder mystery.

It encourages collaboration between its users as teams have to work together in order to facilitate progress throughout the game with one goal in mind – solve the case before anyone else does. Whether it be at any gathering or simply a movie night at home; this free-to-play application seems perfect when everyone needs an activity or something new to do with friends or family.

Challenges & Achievements

The Classic Clue Board Game App is a fantastic addition to any fan’s gaming experience. From its colorful 8-bit graphics to its perfectly fitting soundtrack; the game feels incredibly familiar for any classic board gamers out there and works well with touchscreens. The app offers a range of interesting features, including achievements and challenges.


A great way to get involved with the app is to tackle all of the various achievement objectives that are on offer. Each achievement contains three categories; First Clue (Small), Normal Clue (Medium) and Ultimate Clues (Large).

A player will need to complete these objectives in order for them to access additional content in the game or rewards such as additional characters, soundtracks or aesthetic skins. Examples of objectives vary from detecting 3 spies in one game, or solving murder cases with no mistakes up until round 10.


There are numerous different challenges included in this App; some examples include reaching level 10, completing 3 rounds in normal mode without making any errors, or gathering at least 5 suspects before eliminating all clues in 1 round. Challenges work well as they provide another way for players to experience classic board game fun while pushing their knowledge of the rules and character profiling techniques further than before.

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A great tip when it comes to tackling challenges is to think logically – establish which suspects should be eliminated first based on their strengths and weaknesses, deducting points for every mistake made.

How To Make The Most Out Of It?

To make the most out of your Classic Clue Board Game app experience, we recommend practice makes perfect. Play as many games as you can and try each game mode available within the app; allowing yourself time familiarise with terrain elements and clue objects per map whilst also thinking about how different strategies apply when playing as other popular characters from within the whodunit genre. This wayyou can begin solving puzzles quicker once taken into a real game setting.

Price & Availability

The Classic Clue Board Game App is available for purchase on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore. It is priced at $4.99 USD and offers all the classic board game features of its physical counterpart. The app also includes an expanded range of characters, weapons and items that gamers can select from; as well as four custom difficulty levels so every user can experience the game how they want it to be played.

Moreover, users are allowed to customize their boards and rooms with an array of different texture packs available within the app, providing even greater flexibility; allowing players to set their game up however they wish.


The Classic Clue Board Game App comes with a several engaging features which highlights why it stands out among its competitors:

  • Playable on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Solo or multi-player gaming modes.
  • Personified character avatars for added fun.
  • Unlocking new characters, weapons, items, & levels.
  • Unlockable in-game power ups such as dice rolls & extra guesses.

Furthermore, all players receive points based upon the speed with which they identify solutions – making this more than just a board game but rather a battle of wits. With rewards going towards unlocking mini-games and special editions that come along with each update.

Game Modes

The Classic Clue Board Game App enables users to go up against one another in either online or turn-based games; depending on if they prefer virtual or remote play. Other options include two solitaire modes: single-player mode, where you have to beat the computer AI; and hot seat mode which allows multiple people to play while using a single device.


The classic Clue board game has been made into an App for people to play anytime they want. Reviews of this particular App from users who have tested it out have shown mixed results. On the one hand, many users found that the game is just as fun and entertaining to play as its physical version, with the added convenience of being able to take it anywhere since it can be downloaded for free onto any mobile device.

Some also reported that the game runs very smoothly on their devices without too much lag or glitches. The vibrant colours and graphics used are praised by users, making the game more engaging and giving it a modern touch compared to playing the physical Clue board game on a flat table top.

On the other hand, some users have experienced certain issues when playing the game such as poor connection between devices when attempting to connect with friends via online play. On these occasions, players found that there were frequent disconnects between players which significantly reduced their enjoyment of the game play experience.

Additionally, some users reported that at times the digital playing characters got stuck on certain squares without explanation or progress; thus contributing to a less than optimal gaming experience overall.

In conclusion, despite mixed reviews of this App, overall it does appear that most people find it enjoyable and highly entertaining since its main attraction points remain faithfully intact: strategy-based problem solving along with chance taking decisions where you must pay attention in order to win the game against your opponents.

With vibrant visuals and smooth running interface on various devices, plus easy cross-platform compatibility for online game play (once technical bugs are worked out) make this classic Clue board game App another great choice for family or friends gathering during celebrations or any particular idle day at home.

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