First Orchard Board Game


The First Orchard Board Game is an inventive and immersive game experience for people of all ages. It was created by a team of passionate game designers based in the United States, intending to bring the beauty and wonder of orchards to life in an apt description of the land’s earliest settlers.

This game tells the story of a small family whose orchard venture will take them through thickly wooded forests and over rolling fields that contain apples, pears and many other fruits. With the aid of their trusty farm animals (horse, cow, chicken), they travel through four distinct seasons – planting, nurturing and harvesting – trying their luck at finding the right combinations to produce bountiful harvests. As players traverse these winding paths in search for fortune, they’ll face unforeseen challenges along the way as well as persevere through bad weather. All this while making sure that each growing season meets its targets!

At each step of the journey players are faced with difficult decisions that can make or break their chances for success. Will you curse yourself for buying too few seeds? Should you stick with traditional farming methods or try something adventurous? Do you push forward into danger or exercise caution before proceeding? These questions add multiple levels of strategic complexity as players manage resources such as money, food and space all while attempting to keep morale high amongst their laborers.

The beauty of First Orchard Board Game lies in its ability to teach players important lessons about managing a business while providing them with an entertaining experience. As a result it has become a popular choice among families when it comes time to pick out new board games!

Object of the Game

The object of the First Orchard Board Game is to build a successful orchard by harvesting fruit and selling it at market. At the start of the game, each player is given two fruit trees of their choice and two “worker” pieces. Throughout the game, players will collect coins, harvest fruit from their orchards, and use those resources to purchase additional trees, grow different types of fruit, irrigate land, upgrade infrastructure and structures, and ultimately sell their products in town to make a profit. The goal of the game is for each player to end with the most money from selling their goods at the local market. Alongside this commercial success story lies an environmental narrative about revitalizing old orchards for sustainability: By introducing new trees and technologies that make better use of natural resources and provide habitats for beneficial wildlife species such as birds, bees and butterflies.


First Orchard Board Game is an exciting and imaginative family game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It takes place in a beautiful orchard, with players taking on the role of fruit growers competing to create the most profitable harvest. They must use their luck and skill as they choose which trees to grow and flower, buy bees for cross-pollination, and fend off pests from destroying the profits. Each player starts with five coins of different denominations to purchase seeds, fertilizers, and other supplies needed.

Players take turns rolling two dice to decide upon their moves each round. The first roll indicates which tree they can plant or take care of while the second roll dictates how much money they can spend on it. Players have to manage their coin distribution carefully as monies remaining at the end of each round are converted into extra points in their individual score trackers. For example, if a player has 2 coins left at the end of a round then those coins will convert into 20 points towards their score.

In addition to planting and caring for trees, players may find themselves using strategies such as buying multiple honeybees to help them pollinate more plants or buying pesticides with special powers that may bring some damage control during pest attacks. There are many opportunities for strategic decision making throughout this game so it keeps everyone engaged! At the end of each turn, players add up the number of fruits produced from all active gardens before moving forward into the next round. The game concludes when one player reaches 50 total fruits in their garden ” marking them as the winner!

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Components of the Game

The First Orchard Board Game is a family-friendly game designed for two to four players. It comes with brightly colored wood pieces, including apples, pears, cherries, and a wooden board that acts as an orchard. The main objective of the game is to collect the most fruit by the end of the game.

Players have a number of actions they can take each turn; they can move around the orchard picking up fruit they come across or others have left behind, exchange fruit with other players, steal from other players’ piles and plant seeds to grow their own fruits. There are also cards included in the package that allow for special options such as exchanging with any player on their turn and blocking other players from stealing.

The board game includes several expansions and variations which can be purchased separately such as additional orchards boards to increase playing area or new kinds of fruit cards that offer unique rewards for collecting them. Additionally users may create their own rules and modifications; like setting a time limit on turns or rewarding bonus points for gathering certain amounts of particular fruits. By adding these extra components, players have the option to present a fresh challenge every time they play First Orchard Board Game.

Unique Qualities

First Orchard board game offers a unique and engaging experience. It has a three-dimensional play area that encourages strategic planning and spatial awareness, as the players move their pieces through an orchard maze to collect fruit. The game is easy to learn and suitable for all ages, allowing multiple generations to enjoy playing together. Players can pick up extra tokens as they move around the board which can be spent on power ups for extra help along the way. There are also special cards that give players additional bonuses. Winning the game requires strategy and luck, with each turn bringing new opportunities to outwit your opponents. The game also encourages cooperative play and allows up to four players at a time so everyone can get involved in the fun!


Playing the First Orchard Board Game offers numerous benefits for both children and adults alike, In addition to developing problem-solving skills and strategic thinking, this game helps develop social, emotional, and physical skills.

For example, by playing with others, children will learn how to interact and communicate in social situations. This will help them gain experience in working within a group setting. Additionally, the game encourages players to practice creative problem-solving skills which can come into play later on in life. The game also encourages players to use their visual and memory skills when recognizing successful strategies used by their opponents.

The social aspect of the game is important too; while playing the game together with family or friends it helps bring people together. This can often be an enjoyable experience as well; because visually appealing graphicson product boxes can add to the fun of playing the actual board itself. Whether competing against each other or working together as teammates, this game provides a bonding opportunity.

Finally, not only is it entertaining but it also contributes physical benefits such as joint flexibility due to repetitive movements seen during playtime and sitting positions that can positively affect posture over time! All in all, whether alone or with others, there are multiple benefits associated with playing First Orchard Board Game.

Tips and Tricks

First Orchard Board Game is a fun and easy-to-learn game that’s both educational and entertaining. It can be played alone or with others, making it ideal for families or friends who want to enjoy a leisurely game night.

For beginners, some tips on the basic rules of First Orchard Board Game are helpful. The goal of the game is to collect as many apples from the board as possible while avoiding being caught by the thief. Each player starts out with three cards which will help them know where resources can be found and how to prevent themselves from being taken by the thief. Strategy cards can also be earned during the game, granting each player new abilities or moves to better their chances of success.

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Intermediate players should consider using resource cards more effectively in order to maximize their efforts during their turn, and think about how blocking other players from accessing certain areas of the board could benefit their own plans. Teamwork between players is something to consider during this stage as well; having someone else watch your back may increase your chance for success!

Advanced players seek greater challenges by making use of area control on the board, banding together when necessary against other players, or hoarding resources in order to block another player’s progress. Players at this level should also hones their competitive instincts and calculate risk vs reward depending on each position they make throughout the game. Making sure not too many apples are collected too early is important because it prevents opponents from taking control of it too easily, so players must find tactics that allow them some advantage over their rivals if they hope to win!


The first player to play the game is selected at the start of play by rolling the dice. The starting player then proceeds to pick a fruit from an orchard board and place it on their side of the board, in front of them. Then, it is the turn of the next player and so on until all seven slots are filled on both sides of the orchard board.

Once all seven slots have been filled, fruits in each row are then arranged and flipped with each other, while maintaining its orientation (the stem should always remain at the bottom). After this process is complete, if there are any rows that display four-in-a-row matching fruit (four matching fruits lined up side by side without any gaps), then those fruits must be picked up and removed from play. This process will continue until no more four-in-a-rows exist in any rows or columns on either side of the board.

At any time during play, it is also possible for players to form other fruit combinations like three consecutive fruits or two pairs in one row etc. When achieved, these combinations must also be picked off immediately by those players forming such combinations.

Finally, when all possible boards have been exhausted (i.e., when all seven slots in both sides have been used up) ” or after a predetermined period has elapsed ” whoever has collected more fruit wins. In event of a tiebreaker situation, roll again to determine who gets declared as winner!


The First Orchard Board Game is a great choice for family game night. Its original and fun mechanics make it exciting to play for adults and children alike. It also encourages problem-solving, critical thinking, and strategic planning. The game is one that continues to be relevant no matter the age group: it can be played as a competitive game or as a cooperative one, making sure that everyone in the family has an engaging experience. The goal of the game is simple enough to understand for everyone but engaging enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. With its creative theme of harvesting an apple orchard, The First Orchard Board Game brings out the competitive side in kids and parents alike while teaching them important lessons in creativity, strategy, and patience!

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