Where Do I Donate Used Board Games


Donating used board games is a great way to help others while benefiting yourself. It can be an extremely rewarding experience to know that your unwanted items are going to someone who will appreciate them and use them. When you donate used board games, you give people something valuable for free that can help bring joy into their lives and allow them to pass the time in an enjoyable way. Additionally, donating these items is eco-friendly as it reduces waste and conserves resources. Lastly, donating these items can provide tax benefits for you as a donor!

Identifying Benefactors

In order to identify who would benefit most from donations of used board games, research should be done to find or determine organizations that accept such donations. Locations such as schools, charities, resellers and community centers are great places to search for potential benefactors. These sites or groups can often be found via online search inquiries, local newspapers, library bulletin boards and word-of-mouth. Be sure to contact the organizations directly before donating in order to discuss what kind of used board games they are looking for and any other requirements they may have.

Once benefactors have been identified it is important to consider what other types of items may accompany the donated board game – instructions/manuals, replacement pieces, game expansions, etc. It is also important to ensure that all items are clean and in good condition before donating them. Additionally, accompanying donation forms or receipts may need to be filled out for proper tracking purposes. All of these factors will help make the donation a more valuable experience for both giver’s and receiver’s alike!

Locating Options


1. Consider donating to a local charity that offers board games. Many charities provide board games for free as part of their services, including shelters and community centers. Look online for a charity in your area that accepts donations of used board games.

2. Contact national charities such as Goodwill, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, or Gamers-Aid that accept donations of used board games. Most organizations have an online donation platform where you can arrange for pickup or drop off of your donated items.


1. Visit hospitals and senior centers in your area to donate your used board games. Many elderly people love playing classic board games and they would be delighted to receive the ones you no longer need.

2. Contact schools and libraries in your area and ask if they accept donations of used board games as part of their programing or club activities. You can even donate to children’s museums who may take them off your hands as well!

3. Spread the word among family, friends, and colleagues about donating your used board games either through social media or through a personal email blast! Chances are someone will be more than willing to give it a new home!

Physical Collection

If you’re looking for ways to donate used board games to a worthy cause, there are a few options. Before deciding on how or where to donate the games, begin by organizing and consolidating them. This will make the donation process much easier! Sort the board games into categories such as strategy board games, word, trivia, card and family-friendly. Label each box with which game is inside. That way when you determine which charity or organization you’d like to donate your used board games, they can easily identify what type of game you’re offering them. When considering where to donate those used board games, consider donating to hospitals, orphanages, schools and senior centers as these organizations often have limited resources and may not be able to purchase new board game equipment. If these locations aren’t available near you consider finding other local charities that accept donations such as churches and homeless shelters. Alternatively one could also set up a donation box at their workplace if possible or host a community game night in their neighborhood and invite those who are less fortunate- make sure the guests know that the donated games can be taken away if desired. This will ensure those in need access good quality second-hand entertainment from home!

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Reviewing Rules

When deciding to donate used board games, it is important to understand the rules and regulations that may apply in your local area or region. Particularly in regards to the items you are donating and where you are donating them to.

Local governments often have laws regulating donations, such as those governing tax deductions for donated items. Some places will require a receipt of donation, while others may not. Additionally, state laws can affect where an item may be donated; some states allow non-profit entities to accept items only if they are new or unused, while other states permit the donation of gently used items to these organizations.

Furthermore, organizations that receive donations typically have policies in place that govern what they will take, the condition the item must be in, and how much they can accept. It is important to research these policies prior to making a donation in order to avoid any potential legal issues.

Seeking Guidance

Donating used board games is a great way to help those in need and bring joy to those who are unable to afford the board games they would like. There are several organizations that will accept your used board game donations, including Goodwill, Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, The Impact Thrift Stores, United Way, or your local food bank. If you do not have any of these places near you there are online options. For example, Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) accepts board game donations and partners with children’s shelters that provide temporary housing for unaccompanied migrant children. Additionally, sites like Board Game Givers let you locate charities near you that accept board game donations. When donating used board games it is important to make sure all of the pieces and instructions are included and the games are in good condition before dropping them off or shipping them away. You should also contact the organization ahead of time to confirm if they accept board game donations.

Offering Bonus

Donating used board games can be a great way to give back and help those in need. When offering up your used board games as donations, consider introducing incentives such as discounts or other benefits of donating. For example, if you’re a store that accepts donated board games, offer a discount to customers who bring in their old board games. This will encourage others to donate, whilst also helping your business by increasing the amount of stock you have available for sale. Alternatively, you could partner with charities and offer a portion of the proceeds from sales of donated items to them – thus adding some extra value for those in need.

Finalizing Donations

1. Gather all the board games you wish to donate in one spot.
2. Sort through each game to make sure that all pieces and components are included in a functional and playable condition.
3. Call local charities such as churches, women’s shelters, children’s hospitals or community centers in your area to inquire if they accept donations of used board games and when they can be dropped off.
4. Make sure any paperwork or information needs to be filled out before you drop off the board games is on-hand prior to dropping them off at the designated charity location.
5. Prepare the board games for transportation depending on their size and weight. Wrap up any loose pieces with packing material and secure them with tape so they will not move around in transit and place larger boxes into a bag or cardboard box for transfer, if needed.
6. Transport the donated board games either personally or via mail delivery service, depending on where you can send them, along with any instruction sheets you have available for each game – if applicable.
7. Sign any necessary paperwork at the designated charity receiving location as proof of donation should it be required by the charity institution before making a final farewell to complete the donation process .

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Showing Gratitude

Showing gratitude is an important part of the donation process. When you donate used board games, it’s important to feel and express gratitude for those who are willing to receive them and use them even though they’re pre-owned. Writing a thank you note or sending a card after donating can truly show your appreciation for the people on the receiving end, who often don’t get enough recognition for their contribution to society. Additionally, it’s nice to check-in with charities or organizations to see if they need additional donations every few months or so and send certificates of appreciation when necessary. Ultimately, expressing your gratitude will make the donation process more rewarding while also putting a smile on someone else’s face.


Donating used board games can be a great way to free up space in your home while benefiting charities and helping those in need. There are a variety of different organizations that accept donated board games or you can donate directly to individuals and families. When donating your games, make sure to research the mission and mission statement of the organization beforehand to ensure your donation is having a positive impact for good. Additionally, it helps if you make sure the game pieces are all accounted for and, if possible, clean them before donating. Lastly, don’t forget to check with your local shelters and churches as they may need these items for their programs or stores. Following these simple steps will help maximize the benefits of donations from both sides. By donating used board games, you not only give those in need some joy but also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping future generations appreciate this beloved game.

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