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The Would I Lie To You board game is a game of bluffing and deception based on the popular British television panel show of the same name. The game was created in 2009 by producers E4 Productions and Zoo Digital, as well as Deadringer Games. It’s loosely based around the series, where celebrities anonymously present their ‘facts’ and try to convince their opponents that they are telling the truth.

The goal of the game is to be the first player or team to reach 25 points. Players will alternate between telling stories of their own or trying to “catch out” their opponents with questions about theirs! Only one team can win, so enlist your friends or family for an enjoyable evening full of exciting riddles and debates!

This board game requires up to ten players and is suitable for teens and adults alike who reckon they have a knack for deciphering truths from lies. Get your competitive base sweating as you battle it out in an intense battle that ensures only one winner – who has both brains and wit on their side?

Object of the Game

The object of the game is simple: one team tells a fascinating story about an event in their life and the other has to guess if its true or false. The players take turns either telling stories or guessing, depending on what team they’re on.

To win points, the storyteller must convince the opposing team that their made-up story is true while they guesser must sort through all the facts and determine if it’s fiction or fact.

In each round, both teams will earn a point for every accurate guess. The first team to reach seven points wins the game! If you reach seven points in multiple rounds, the scores are reset at 0 but you’ll get an extra point each round thereafter.

Where to Find the Game

Would I Lie To You Board Game is a popular party game where players take turns truthfully answering fun, provocative questions about themselves. The goal of the game is to find out who’s telling the truth and who’s lying! It’s great for family gatherings and parties, as it provides the necessary ingredients for lots of laughter and conversation.

To find a copy of the Would I Lie To You Board Game, you’ll want to start by checking local stores like Target and Walmart. Make sure to compare prices between stores so you can get the best deal. You can save time and effort by also checking online sites like Amazon, eBay, or Toyology. Many online stores offer discounts as well as free shipping options when ordering multiple copies of the game. Be sure to read customer reviews if you’re unsure about buying from a specific vendor.

Detailed Setup

The Would I Lie To You? Board Game contains 4 detective note cards, 194 Deep Dark Secret cards (divided into Truth and Bluff piles) 10 Player Pieces and a Game Board. The would I Lie To You? Logo should be placed in the center of the board. Game pieces should then be set aside and divided evenly between players along with 2 Detective Note Cards . One player should shuffle the Truth Pile and the other player should shuffle the Bluff Pile. Any leftover cards should be stored in bins provided.

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Game play begins by each player choosing an area on the board for their game piece to begin their journey. The first player then picks a card from either the Truth or Bluff pile and reads it outloud. Then starting with that player, each person then must decide if they think the story is True or False without discussion with other players. When all players have chosen True or False the reader reveals if it was truthful or not. Players score 1 point in case of right guesses, otherwise no points are given. Play continues until all cards have been used up!

Finally, when finished playing store-back all cards securely inside storage bins to prevent any accidental damage or loss over time!

Game Play Tips

1. Work on your bluffing skills! As in poker, the ability to convince your opponents that a statement is true or false even if you don’t know the answer is incredibly important.

2. Make sure to pay attention to the clues your opponents give and look for any inconsistencies with their statements.

3. Keep track of who has earned what points so far in the game and consider how many points you might earn from a particular question.

4. Ask questions that have surprising answers as these questions can be especially tricky for your opponents as they can’t predict what kind of answer you have in mind.

5. Benefit from team play: if certain players on your team are confident about an answer, it could save time and waste fewer interrogation tokens trying to pick apart other players’ lies.
6. Be prepared for each round by having reference material like a world atlas, dictionary, and encyclopedia handy to get instant proof of whether something said is true or false when needed.

Making the Game Your Own

One variation you could use is to divide players into two teams. Each team will have one person tell a fib. The other team then has to guess whether the story being shared is true or false. If the other team guesses incorrectly, the first team gets a point. Another variation could be for players to take turns in sharing stories about someone else in the room that is not themselves. The rest of the players should attempt to guess who the story was about and if it was true or a lie. A third variation would be to give each player three tokens at the beginning of each round and they must use them strategically throughout the game by deciding which stories they believe and which ones they think are lies. For every correct decision made, they get one token back. The person with most tokens at the end of each round wins!

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Examples and Videos

Would I Lie To You Board Game is a fun and exciting game that encourages players to think on their feet and use their intuition to outwit their opponents. The game board features seven categories of information, ranging from celebrities to sport. Players are asked questions that they must answer truthfully or they can bluff by making up a wild story. They then try to guess the answer the other player is giving; if right, the points are doubled!

• In one round of the game, Player 1 is asked “Who was the first president of the United States?” Player 2 then needs to give an accurate answer (George Washington) or concoct a false one (Thomas Jefferson).
• Another potential example might involve Player 1 being asked “How many planets are there in our solar system?” The correct answer according to current science is eight; however, Player 2 may choose any number they wish as long as it’s not eight.

By watching videos of gameplay and sample plays, players can more quickly get familiar with how to play Would I Lie To You Board Game. These videos are helpful for learning proper rules and strategizing for success in order to have maximum fun during their own games. Videos might include demonstrations such as a sample round between two players where each tries to either guess or bluff their way through different categories like celebrities and sports. Watching these videos also allows observers to pick out clever strategies used by experienced players that can be applied in their own games.


Would I Lie To You Board Game is a unique and exciting game to play with friends and family. Players take turns being the “hot seat” where they must make up stories, bluff their opponents, or tell the truth. It’s a never-ending game of wit and strategic thinking that will leave you constantly guessing. Perfect for game night, parties, or just as an excuse to get together with your loved ones, Would I Lie To You Board Game will bring laughter and conversation among player. With simple rules, anyone can play and enjoy this inventive game. So if you’re looking for something new and innovative to liven up your next gathering, look no further than the fun-filled Would I Lie To You Board Game! Get yours now and start having a good time!

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