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The slasher genre of horror films has been around since the late 1940s and early 1950s, with some of its earliest examples including Universal’s The Black Cat (1941) and RKO’s Cat People (1942). This type of horror film focuses on a killer stalking and murdering, typically a group of young people ” often in the form of a maniac in a mask. As their popularity grew over the next few decades, they could be seen as more than just forbidden thrills but rather as “cautionary tales.”

Then in 1985, a board game based on these slasher movies began to develop popularity. In this game players take on the role of one or two “victims”, who must attempt to escape from the murderous intentions of an unseen “slasher”. You can draw cards that dictate the actions available for you each turn (which skill or ability you use and how far you move) as you try to outwit or outrun your assailant. Once someone reaches the designated safe area, everybody can breathe easy ” until another round begins anew!

The 80s Slasher board game would go on to become one of the decade’s biggest hits. It sold millions across stores around America and even spawned spin-offs such as movie tie-ins using Friday The 13th and Halloween themes. Beyond being simple entertainment though, it served an important cultural purpose: allowing 1980s adolescents to face their fears through fantasy play ” providing an isolated acknowledgement of society’s anxieties in a way that adults may have disregarded.


The 80s Slasher board game is a classic point and click board game released in the 1980s. This dark, macabre take on popular slasher films of that era was a blockbuster hit – relatively simple to understand, but hard to beat.

Design-wise the board itself has a unique 8×8 tracker grid with special components such as ‘Locations’ that represent popular horror film settings including idyllic suburbs, creepy cabins, abandoned warehouses and more. In addition to the locations each player can pick to move their character on the board, other pieces of interest include ‘Slasher’ cards, items for survival and ‘Horror’ cards that are used by players to get out of sticky situations.

Illustrations or visuals of some of these unique components really bring this game to life and make it stand out from competitors. For example pictures portraying detailed suburban Locations can draw connections with slasher films like Halloween while Horror cards representing religious relics or dangerous forest animals add suspenseful elements not found in other games!


Gameplay: The goal when playing the 80s Slasher Board Game is to save as many teenagers as you can from the evil Slasher and make it out alive. The rules of the game are simple; each player takes turns rolling a die, moving their pieces around the board trying to collect weapons and look for clues that will lead them closer to finding the Slasher’s secret hideout.

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Players must also attempt to rescue other players who have been “captured” by the Slasher at various locations on the board. To do this, each player has three action cards ” Slashin’Axe, Slaughterhouse Chainsaw and Pocketknife ” which can be used to break in and free their fellow players from wherever they happen to be held captive.

Strategy: Strategy is key when playing 80s Slasher Board Game. Players should concentrate on gathering weapons first, as these will help protect them against enemy attacks, while simultaneously researching potential hideouts and gathering clues that could bring closing in on the Slasher’s hidden lair. It’s also important to keep track of captured pieces and try to free teammates quickly. Working together within teams could greatly increase your chances of survival. Finally, taking time to carefully plan your moves ahead of time is important if you want to ensure a successful outcome!

Unique Scoring Mechanics

One of the unique aspects of the 80s Slasher board game is its scoring system. Players must navigate around the board while avoiding dangers, such as slashers and maniacs, in order to accrue points. The amount of points a player earns at any one time depends on the choices they make during their turn. A key mechanic of the game is that players have no way of knowing ahead of time what various actions or choices will earn them points until it simply happens when their turn completes.

This means that creative strategies must be employed to achieve success in this game; simply advancing in a safe manner with minimal risks won’t get you to the leaderboard quickly. To maximize your score, players should always think about how to attack an area for maximum point gain with minimal repercussions upon completing their turnーthis can range from making a dash across a block to collect coins or slipping behind cover just in case a slasher appears unexpectedly. Considering all possibilities is key here, since it’s very common for unanticipated events to occur and suddenly deliver bonus points when least expected!

In addition, it’s important to keep an eye on both your opponents and your own pieces on the board. Sometimes taking more risks and agressive playing tactics early on could pay off later on as other players commit themselves too heavily and/or leave themselves vulnerable mid-game due to greedily taking too many rewards before assessing possible dangers or traps first. On the other end of the spectrum, playing overly defensively can let valuable opportunities slip away without allowing you time to reap rewards earned through trial and error along the way during gameplay. tactically playing areascan open up even more opportunities for efficiency and higher scores – ensuring you come out above your rivals at all times!

Finally, planning several moves ahead could also be very rewarding depending on each specific situation; carefully using coins sparingly whilst being mindful at all times about possible upcoming dangers can allow you expand into parts of the map you otherwise couldn’t without pushing yourself further towards getting better payouts as well as comparative safety throughout gameplay!

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The 80s Slasher Board Game, once a staple of fright nights for horror fans around the world, was on the brink of obscurity. Thinking it a loss to be forgotten forever by newer generations who had yet to hear its name, those familiar with it felt helpless – until one fan caught a glimmer of hope from an unexpected source: game fanatics everywhere who refused to let the dream die.

Thanks to their dedication and determination, the revival of this belovedgame has opened up a whole new realm for slasher fans everywhere – not only is the original incarnation still widely enjoyed, but version updates and fan-made content have helped modernize the game and introduce it to younger audiences as well. Those who don’t want to take part in the traditional “chase-and-haunt” play style can choose from an array of alternatives featuring new elements like collectible cards, additional boards, and special rules.

Diabolically clever new monsters such as Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger have become integral parts of the playset while iconic characters like Laurie Strode maintain their place at the top of slasher hierarchy despite decades passing since they first graced our screens. References to popular trends from the era such as punk rock aesthetics or neon colors are fondly remembered by players who are indulging in nostalgia as much as competition when they open up their copies of 80s Slasher Board Game every time it hits their tables.


The 80s Slasher board game is a classic and timeless piece of entertainment, beloved by players of all ages. Its suspenseful yet campy scenarios and its creative twists on horror tropes have kept the game popular and alive over the decades. The game features an enjoyable adventure full of skill challenges that can be enjoyed in groups or solo. It also allows players to explore the thrills of horror without any real danger or fear as each game just requires strategy and tactics.

All of these elements come together to create an experience that captivates audiences all over again with each play, making it both exciting and nostalgic all at once. Take a trip to the past with this classic board game so you can make new memories with friends and family in the present. Rally your friends from any age group to try out this timeless game today ” you won’t regret it!

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