A Game of Thrones Board Game Martell Strategy

A Game of Thrones Board Game has gained immense popularity among both fans of the book series and board game enthusiasts. With its intricacies, political maneuverings, and intense gameplay, it has become a favorite among strategy gamers. One of the key elements that make this game so engaging is the Martell Strategy.

House Martell is a prominent house in the fictional world of Game of Thrones, characterized by their resilience and enigmatic nature. In the game, House Martell possesses unique strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that set them apart from other houses. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for any player looking to master their strategy.

One of Martell’s distinct advantages lies in their starting position on the board. Located far south in Westeros, they have a defensive advantage as they are shielded from initial conflicts and power struggles that occur in the north. This strategic location allows players to focus on building alliances, expanding influence gradually, and striking opportunistically when other houses are preoccupied with battles elsewhere.

In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Martell Strategy in A Game of Thrones Board Game. From understanding House Martell’s unique traits to analyzing their starting position on the map, we will delve into different facets of their playstyle. Additionally, we will discuss effective tactics such as building alliances, utilizing defensive capabilities, exploiting others’ weaknesses, employing military strategies, and leveraging trade and diplomacy options.

By delving into the intricacies of Martell Strategy and providing tips on countering common strategies used against them, this article aims to equip players with a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve success as House Martell in A Game of Thrones Board Game. Now let us embark on this journey through Westeros together and discover what makes Martell an intriguing house worthy of mastering.

Understanding the Martell House

House Martell, located in the southern regions of Westeros, is a prominent house in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. Understanding their background, strengths, weaknesses, and unique abilities is essential for developing a successful Martell strategy.


  • Defensive Expertise: House Martell possesses exceptional defensive capabilities. The Sunspear stronghold provides a +1 combat strength bonus when defending. This defensive advantage allows Martell to withstand attacks more effectively, making them less vulnerable to losing territories.
  • Unique Ability – Vengeance: House Martell’s unique ability allows them to exact vengeance on opponents who have attacked or betrayed them. As a result, if another player defeats Martell in combat or cancels one of their supports or defense orders, they can immediately muster two new units in an eligible area as retaliation. This ability gives Martell an opportunity to quickly rebound from setbacks and retaliate against adversaries.
  • Sand Snakes: House Martell has access to powerful combatants known as Sand Snakes. These characters possess special abilities that give Martell an edge during battles. For example, Obara Sand can eliminate enemy knights with ease while Tyene Sand can poison enemy leaders.


  • Limited Starting Territories: One of the primary challenges faced by House Martell is their limited number of starting territories. With only three initial strongholds and four initial armies, it may initially seem challenging for them to expand their influence across the map.
  • Weaker Positioning: Additionally, House Martell’s geographical location leaves them somewhat isolated from the main action of the game since they are situated in the far south of Westeros. This positioning can make it difficult for them to actively participate in early conflicts without strategic alliances.

Unique Abilities:

  • Influence Track Manipulation: Similar to other houses, Martell has a unique ability tied to the Influence track – “Vengeful”.
  • When resolving Consolidate Power orders on Sunspear, Martell can increase their supply limit by one instead of gaining a power token. This allows them to maintain a larger army and extend their reach across the board.
  • Furthermore, if they hold King’s Landing, they receive one power from the Iron Throne influence track. This gives Martell an additional advantage in accumulating power tokens and potentially securing control of important positions.

Understanding these aspects of House Martell is essential for players aiming to execute a successful strategy in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. By capitalizing on their defensive strengths, leveraging unique abilities, and forming alliances strategically, players can navigate the challenges posed by Martell’s limited starting territories and weaker positioning to establish dominance on the board.

Martell’s Position on the Map

House Martell, one of the major houses in A Game of Thrones Board Game, holds a unique and advantageous position on the board. Located in the southernmost region known as Dorne, Martell starts the game far away from the other houses, making it less susceptible to early attacks and giving players more time to build up their forces and strategy.

One significant advantage of Martell’s starting location is that it provides easy access to multiple areas, both land and sea. This allows Martell players to quickly expand their influence and capture important territories without having to compete heavily with other houses. The ability to control ports like Starfall and Yronwood enables Martell to strengthen its navy, secure supply routes, and project power across different regions.

Another strategic advantage of being located in Dorne is that it positions Martell as a potential deterrent against Houses Baratheon and Lannister. Since these two houses are typically focused on dominating the southern portion of Westeros, Martell has an opportunity to disrupt their plans by blocking their expansion into Dorne.

By fortifying key border territories like Sunspear and controlling or aligning with neighboring factions such as Tyrell or Greyjoy, Martell can effectively limit the threats it faces while others struggle for supremacy elsewhere.

Furthermore, Martell’s starting position grants strategic flexibility during negotiations and alliances. Being isolated from other houses initially may make them more inclined to forge alliances as a means of protection against potential aggression.

By leveraging its position as a buffer zone between different factions, Martell players can play a pivotal role in shaping the balance of power through diplomatic maneuverings. Forming strong alliances early on can help ensure survival while simultaneously setting up opportunities for future expansions or strategic actions.

Building Alliances

Forming alliances is a crucial aspect of gameplay in A Game of Thrones Board Game, and this holds especially true for the Martell House. As players controlling Martell, it is essential to understand the advantages that can be gained by establishing strong alliances with other Houses. By strategically leveraging these alliances, Martell can overcome their initial challenges and position themselves for success in the game.

The Importance of Alliances

One of the key strengths of Martell lies in their strategic location on the map, which makes them vulnerable to attacks from multiple directions. The vast desert region surrounding Sunspear renders it difficult to defend effectively. However, by forging alliances, Martell can ensure their borders are secure while they focus on other objectives such as expanding influence or consolidating power.

Choosing Allies Wisely

When considering potential allies, it is important for Martell players to evaluate each House’s strengths and weaknesses. Houses like Stark or Tyrell might share common goals or have strengths in areas where Martell lacks. For example, Stark’s control over the North and its strong military forces could prove beneficial for a defensive-oriented alliance.

In contrast, allying with Houses like Lannister or Baratheon might create an opportunity for offensive strategies. Lannister’s wealth can provide necessary resources for expansion plans while Baratheon’s aggressive military capabilities may complement Martell’s own unique tactics.

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Strategic Collaboration

Once alliances are established, it is vital to communicate openly with your allies and coordinate your moves effectively. Sharing information about troop movements or upcoming orders can lead to successful joint operations. Additionally, negotiating temporary truces or coordinating defense against common enemies can greatly enhance the survival chances of both parties involved.

However, it is crucial not to solely rely on alliances, as trust can be fickle in the game. It is wise to have backup plans and maintain a level of skepticism when dealing with potential partners. Remember that everyone’s ultimate goal is to win, and temporary allies can quickly become rivals if opportunities arise.

Defensive Approach

Martell’s Defensive Capabilities

One of the key aspects of Martell Strategy in A Game of Thrones Board Game is their strong defensive capabilities. House Martell is well-known for its ability to withstand attacks from other players and hold its ground. Understanding and utilizing these defensive capabilities effectively can be crucial in ensuring your success as Martell.

Martell possesses several unique abilities that contribute to their defensive strength. Firstly, their special ability “Sunspear” allows them to muster troops at a faster rate, making it easier to defend their territories and reinforce any weak spots. This can prove extremely valuable, especially during times when other players are attempting to breach your defenses.

Secondly, Martell benefits from their stronghold in Sunspear, which grants them additional power tokens at the start of the game. These power tokens can be used strategically to bolster defense or launch counterattacks against potential threats.

Utilizing Defensive Tactics

To effectively utilize Martell’s defensive capabilities, it is essential to implement certain tactics during gameplay. One strategy to consider is focusing on fortifying your borders by placing large armies in key positions such as Starfall or Yronwood. This makes it more difficult for opponents to invade your territory, forcing them into protracted battles that deplete their own resources.

Additionally, taking advantage of the Dornish Marches Consolidate Power order token can help you secure crucial territory and deter aggression from adversaries. By accumulating power tokens through strategic consolidation actions, you will have extra resources at your disposal that can be utilized for defensive purposes.

Another tactic is using diplomacy and negotiations with neighboring houses. Building alliances or entering non-aggression pacts with houses that pose a threat can provide an extra layer of protection for Martell. By fostering friendly relations and offering incentives such as shared intelligence or temporary control over certain regions, you can deter potential attacks.

Countering Aggressive Strategies

Despite Martell’s defensive strengths, it is essential to be prepared for aggressive strategies employed by other players. Houses such as Baratheon or Greyjoy may attempt direct assaults on your territories, bypassing the need for lengthy sieges. In such situations, it becomes crucial to anticipate their moves and adjust your defense accordingly.

An effective counterstrategy includes maintaining flexibility in troop deployment. By keeping a mobile force that can swiftly respond to emerging threats or changing circumstances, you can successfully repel attacks and protect key regions. Additionally, leveraging Martell’s unique military tactics such as “Viper Venom” or “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” cards can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their assault plans.

Ultimately, mastering the defensive approach as Martell in A Game of Thrones Board Game requires a keen understanding of your unique strengths and weaknesses. By utilizing defensive tactics effectively and countering aggressive strategies with well-thought-out responses, you will be able to withstand attacks from other players and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with on the game board.

Exploiting the Weaknesses of Other Houses

House Martell in A Game of Thrones Board Game has the unique advantage of being located in Dorne, a region that provides strategic opportunities for exploiting the weaknesses of other houses. By identifying and capitalizing on these weaknesses, players can gain a significant advantage as Martell.

One key weakness that can be exploited is the vulnerability of House Lannister. Lannister starts the game with a strong military presence, but their position is stretched thin across various regions, making them susceptible to attacks from multiple directions. As Martell, players can focus their forces on striking at vulnerable Lannister territories and weakening their hold on key strongholds. This approach not only weakens a powerful opponent but also restricts their ability to expand and conquer territories.

Another house with exploitable weaknesses is House Greyjoy. Greyjoy’s strength lies in their naval power, but they often struggle with maintaining control over land-based territories. This weakness can be utilized by Martell players through a combination of defensive tactics and alliances. By fortifying bordering regions and forming alliances with neighboring houses such as Tyrell or Baratheon, Martell can effectively hinder Greyjoy’s expansion and limit their control over key areas.

House Stark, known for their honorable nature, often prioritizes defending their own territories rather than aggressively expanding. This defensive approach leaves them susceptible to attacks from more aggressive houses such as Martell. Players can take advantage of this by launching surprise offensives on key Stark territories, forcing them to divert resources away from defense and leaving them vulnerable to future attacks.

It is important for Martell players to carefully observe the weaknesses of other houses throughout the game and adjust their strategy accordingly. Forming alliances with other houses when beneficial can also provide additional advantages in exploiting these weaknesses. By capitalizing on the vulnerabilities of other houses, Martell players can solidify their own position in the game and increase their chances of success.

Weaknesses of Other HousesMartell’s Advantage
House Lannister is stretched thin across various regionsMartell can focus forces on striking vulnerable Lannister territories
House Greyjoy struggles with maintaining control over land-based territoriesMartell can utilize defensive tactics and alliances to hinder Greyjoy’s expansion
House Stark prioritizes defense over aggressive expansionMartell can launch surprise offensives on key Stark territories, leaving them vulnerable

Military Tactics

Martell’s military tactics are crucial to their success in the A Game of Thrones Board Game. Understanding and utilizing these unique strategies can be a game-changer for Martell players. One of Martell’s notable military tactics is their ability to strike swiftly and unexpectedly, catching their opponents off-guard.

One way Martell can employ this tactic is by making use of their House Cards. House Martell possesses cards such as “Vengeance” and “Rise from the Ashes,” which allow them to retaliate against other players who attack them. These cards not only provide Martell with defensive strength but also give them an opportunity to launch an aggressive counterattack, regaining lost territories and asserting dominance on the board.

Another key military tactic that Martell can utilize is their Dornishmen. This unit affords certain advantages when defending or attacking territories adjacent to desert areas on the board. The terrain of Dorne gives a strategic advantage to Martell, as it allows them to maneuver their forces effectively, creating opportunities for surprise attacks or securing important strongholds.

Martell players should also consider alliances when employing their military tactics. Forming alliances with houses that have complementary strengths, such as Tyrell or Greyjoy, can greatly enhance Martell’s military capabilities and increase their chances of success in battles. By strategically coordinating attacks and sharing resources, these alliances can create a force that becomes difficult for other houses to defeat.

Trade and Diplomacy

In the Game of Thrones Board Game, House Martell has unique trade and diplomacy options that can greatly benefit players who understand how to utilize them effectively. Trade and diplomacy play a crucial role in the game, allowing players to form alliances, negotiate deals, and gain advantages over their opponents.

One of Martell’s strengths lies in their position on the map, which grants them access to valuable trade routes. By strategically placing their units in key areas, Martell players can control these trade routes and reap the rewards. Establishing strong trade alliances with other houses is essential for expanding influence and increasing resource acquisition.

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Diplomacy also plays a pivotal role for Martell players. With their starting location in Dorne, they are often surrounded by potential allies or future adversaries. Forming alliances with neighboring houses can provide support in times of need and create opportunities for joint military campaigns or coordinated defensive maneuvers. Choosing the right house to ally with is crucial as it can define success or failure for House Martell.

To maximize the benefits of trade and diplomacy as Martell, players should prioritize establishing trust and maintaining good relationships with other houses. This can be achieved through open communication, offering fair deals, honoring agreements, and providing assistance when needed. Networking within the game can help build a positive reputation among players and increase the likelihood of successful negotiations.

Furthermore, trading resources strategically can give Martell players an advantage over others. By identifying which resources are in high demand or scarce among other houses, they can seek out profitable exchanges that strengthen their position while weakening their opponents’. Additionally, offering incentives such as support or territory access during negotiations can sway other players to enter into beneficial agreements with House Martell.

Countering Strategies

One of the key aspects of playing A Game of Thrones Board Game as House Martell is being prepared to counteract common strategies used against your house. While Martell has its own unique strengths and abilities, it also faces certain challenges that can be exploited by other players. In this section, we will discuss some of the common strategies employed by opponents and provide tips on how to effectively counter them.

  1. Preventing Expansion: Many players may seek to prevent Martell from expanding its territories, as this can limit their growth and influence in the game. To counteract this strategy, it is important for Martell to focus on diplomacy and form strategic alliances with other houses. By building relationships and offering mutually beneficial agreements, Martell can gain support for their expansion efforts and make it harder for opponents to block their progress.
  2. Isolation and Siege: Another common strategy employed against Martell is isolation and siege tactics. Opponents may attempt to cut off Martell’s supply routes and surround them with strongholds, making it difficult for them to move or reinforce their territories.
    To counter this strategy, Martell should prioritize securing alliances with neighboring houses who can help protect their borders or provide assistance when under siege. Additionally, utilizing mobility options such as the ability to march on ships can allow Martell forces to bypass blockades and maintain a strong presence even when surrounded.
  3. Diplomatic Coercion: Some players may try to manipulate Martell through diplomatic coercion, using threats or promises of support to control their actions or force disadvantageous agreements. To counteract this strategy, Martell needs to carefully evaluate its options during negotiations and not let themselves be swayed easily by empty promises or threats.
    It is important for Martell players to remain firm in defending their interests while also being opportunistic in seeking alliances that align with their long-term goals.

Overall, successful counters against strategies used against House Martell require careful diplomacy, strategic thinking, and flexibility. By understanding common tactics employed by opponents and utilizing Martell’s unique strengths and abilities, players can effectively counteract these strategies and position themselves for success in A Game of Thrones Board Game.

Common StrategiesCounteractions
Preventing Expansion – Focus on diplomacy and forming alliances to gain support for expansion efforts. – Make mutually beneficial agreements to make it harder for opponents to block progress.
Isolation and Siege – Secure alliances with neighboring houses to protect borders and provide assistance against sieges. – Utilize mobility options such as marching on ships to bypass blockades.
Diplomatic Coercion – Carefully evaluate options during negotiations and do not be easily swayed by promises or threats. – Remain firm in defending interests while seeking advantageous alliances.


In conclusion, the Martell Strategy in A Game of Thrones Board Game offers a unique and challenging experience for players. House Martell brings its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and abilities to the table, making it an interesting choice for those seeking a different gameplay style. Understanding the strategic advantages of Martell’s starting location on the board is crucial, as it allows for effective positioning and alliances with neighboring houses.

Building alliances is essential for Martell players, especially given their initial challenges. By forming strategic partnerships and leveraging diplomatic opportunities, Martell can overcome their weak starting position and create powerful alliances that work in their favor.

Martell’s defensive capabilities are second to none, making them formidable opponents when under attack from other players. Utilizing these defensive strategies effectively can cripple enemy advances and ensure the safety of crucial territories.

Exploiting the weaknesses of other houses is another key aspect of the Martell Strategy. By carefully studying the vulnerabilities of opposing houses, Martell can capitalize on their shortcomings and gain a significant advantage in the game.

Additionally, understanding and utilizing Martell’s unique military tactics is paramount for conquering territories and expanding influence. This enables Martell players to assert dominance over key regions on the map and tip the balance of power in their favor.

Maximizing trade and diplomacy options also plays a vital role in Martell’s success. Utilizing these aspects effectively creates economic opportunities that can provide key resources and give players a competitive edge over their adversaries.

However, it is important to note that common strategies have been developed specifically to counteract Martell’s strengths. As such, players should be prepared to adapt their approach accordingly by diversifying tactics or countering specific moves that aim to exploit weaknesses in the Martell Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strategy of Baratheon in Game of Thrones board game?

The strategy of House Baratheon in Game of Thrones board game revolves around their ability to quickly consolidate power and conquer territories. They have a strong starting position on the map, with control over several castles and sea regions, allowing them to easily expand their influence early on.

Baratheon players often focus on using their superior navy and cavalry to swiftly capture undefended regions, securing supply routes, and building up a sizable army. They can then leverage this military strength to launch devastating attacks on their opponents and claim victory through sheer force.

Who is the best strategist in Game of Thrones?

It is difficult to determine the best strategist in Game of Thrones as it heavily depends on individual playstyles, alliances, and random factors that influence each game. However, characters like Tyrion Lannister and Petyr Baelish are often recognized for their cunning and tactical acumen.

Tyrion’s intelligence enables him to outmaneuver his opponents both politically and militarily, while Baelish’s talent for manipulation allows him to exploit the weaknesses of others. Ultimately, the best strategist is subjective and can vary from one playgroup or game session to another.

How did Robert Baratheon beat the Targaryens?

Robert Baratheon defeated the Targaryens through a combination of military skill, political alliances, and luck. During Robert’s Rebellion, he led an alliance known as the Rebel forces against the ruling Targaryen dynasty.

One crucial aspect of Robert’s success was his ability to garner support from other powerful houses such as Stark, Arryn, and Tully. These alliances helped him amass a sizable army that could challenge the Targaryens.

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