Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game

Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game is a thrilling and immersive tabletop experience that has captured the hearts of both board game enthusiasts and fans of the legendary Conan franchise. This strategic game invites players to step into the shoes of powerful rulers, navigating a richly-detailed world filled with political intrigue, epic battles, and quests.

With its intricate rules and gameplay mechanics, Age of Conan offers a challenging and engaging experience for players seeking a deep strategy game. From resource management to combat mechanics, every decision matters as players aim to build and expand their empires in the Hyborian Age.

One of the most captivating aspects of Age of Conan is the diverse factions available for players to align with. Each faction brings its own unique strengths and weaknesses to the table, adding depth to gameplay and requiring strategic thinking when choosing allies.

Embark on an adventure like no other as you conquer the Hyborian Age in Age of Conan. With its extensive range of scenarios, adventure modes, hero cards, diplomacy strategies, and advanced tactics, this game promises hours upon hours of exciting gameplay. Join us as we delve into each aspect of this extraordinary board game and uncover its secrets in this comprehensive guide.

Unleashing the Power

Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game offers players a complex and engaging gameplay experience, filled with intricate rules and mechanics. To truly unleash the power and enjoy the game to its fullest, it is important to have a solid understanding of how these rules and mechanics work.

The game is played in turns, with each turn consisting of several phases. These phases include the Action Phase, where players take turns performing various actions such as gathering resources, recruiting units, or playing event cards. This phase allows players to strategically plan their next moves and make decisions that will impact their chances of victory.

Resource management is a crucial aspect of Age of Conan. Players must carefully allocate their resources, which include gold, influence, and forces (representing armies). Balancing these resources effectively is essential for success in the game. It is important to note that these resources are not unlimited, so strategic planning and decision-making are key.

Combat plays a significant role in Age of Conan as well. When conflicts arise between players or between players and non-player factions within the game, combat mechanics come into play. Players must choose which units to deploy on the battlefield and make tactical decisions during combat engagements to succeed. The outcome of battles can greatly influence the course of the game, so careful consideration should be given to unit placement and combat strategies.

Understanding these rules and gameplay mechanics will enhance your overall experience with Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game. With well-thought-out strategies and skilled resource management, you’ll be able to navigate the challenges presented by this thrilling tabletop adventure.

Choosing Your Path

Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game offers players the exhilarating opportunity to align themselves with various factions within the game. This section provides an in-depth look at these factions, highlighting their unique abilities and advantages, as well as how they affect gameplay and strategy. Choosing a faction in Age of Conan can greatly impact a player’s approach to the game and their chances of victory.

One of the factions available in Age of Conan is the Aquilonian faction. As one of the most versatile factions, Aquilonians excel in both military might and diplomatic finesse. They have access to powerful troops, strong fortifications, and skilled diplomats, allowing players to pursue different strategies depending on the situation. The Aquilonian faction is known for its resilience and adaptability, making them a popular choice among players who enjoy a balanced playstyle.

Another faction that players can align with is the Stygian faction. Stygians are masters of sorcery and manipulation, relying heavily on their magical prowess and strategic thinking. With access to powerful spells and dark arts, Stygians can defy expectations on the battlefield and control the outcome of battles through cunning tactics. However, while their magic makes them formidable adversaries, they may lack in traditional military strength if not utilized effectively.

The Cimmerian faction represents the savage warriors from Conan’s homeland. Cimmerians excel in physical combat prowess and raw aggression. They have superior melee fighters and are highly skilled in raids and ambushes. The Cimmerians’ advantage lies in their brute force and ability to quickly overrun opponents, making them a suitable choice for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle.

Faction Specialty Advantage
Aquilonian Military and Diplomacy Versatility and Adaptable Strategies
Stygian Sorcery and Manipulation Powerful Spells and Strategic Control
Cimmerian Physical Combat and Aggression Superior Melee Fighters and Brute Force

Choosing the right faction in Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game is crucial, as it determines your strengths, weaknesses, and overall strategy. Players should consider their preferred playstyle, as well as the composition of other players’ factions, when making this decision. Exploring the unique abilities and advantages of each faction allows players to fully immerse themselves in the rich world of Age of Conan while strategizing for victory.

Conquer the Hyborian Age

Building and expanding your empire is a crucial aspect of Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game. In this section, we will provide a comprehensive guide to help players navigate the strategic elements of empire-building, resource management, army control, and territory control.

Developing Resources

A key component of building your empire in Age of Conan is effectively managing your resources. Resources such as gold, food, and influence are essential for various aspects of the game, including recruiting armies, constructing buildings, and advancing in technology. It is important to allocate your resources wisely to ensure a balanced development. Focus on prioritizing resources based on each faction’s unique strengths and advantages.

Managing Armies

In Age of Conan, having a strong and well-equipped army is essential for success. As you expand your empire, it becomes crucial to recruit and maintain powerful armies that can defend your territories and launch successful attacks against your opponents. Consider carefully the composition of your army, balancing different types of units such as infantry, archers, cavalry, or even mythical creatures like monsters or demons if available.

Controlling Territories

Controlling territories is not only about overpowering opponents but also about maintaining a sustainable kingdom. Each territory provides various benefits such as income, special abilities, or victory points. Strategically consider which territories to conquer based on their potential advantages and how they align with your overall game plan. It may be beneficial to focus on territories that provide important resources or offer strategic positions on the board.

Remember that managing an empire requires careful planning and adaptation to changing circumstances throughout the game. Don’t be afraid to adjust your strategies based on the actions taken by other players or unexpected events that arise during gameplay. By mastering the art of building and expanding your empire in Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game, you will increase your chances of achieving victory and immersing yourself in the rich world of Conan.

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Legendary Heroes

In Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game, one of the key components that adds depth and excitement to the gameplay is the inclusion of hero cards. These powerful game-changing elements can turn the tide of battle and provide players with unique abilities and advantages. In this section, we will take an in-depth look at these legendary heroes and explore their significance within the game.

The Importance of Hero Cards

Hero cards serve as a crucial aspect of Age of Conan, offering players opportunities to gain an edge over their opponents. Each hero card represents a mythical or iconic character from the Conan universe, such as Conan himself, Belit the pirate queen, or Thoth-Amon the sorcerer. These heroes possess special abilities that can greatly influence gameplay outcomes.

When played strategically, hero cards can swing battles in favor of their owners by providing additional combat strength, unlocking powerful actions or abilities, or even manipulating other game mechanics. It is essential for players to not only acquire hero cards but also understand how to effectively deploy them during crucial moments in order to secure victory.

Diverse Abilities and Utilization

Hero cards in Age of Conan come with diverse abilities that cater to different playstyles and strategies. Some heroes are renowned for their martial prowess on the battlefield, granting bonuses to combat strength or strategic positioning. Others excel at resource management by allowing players to gather additional resources or manipulate economy-related mechanics.

It’s important for players to consider these abilities when forming their overall strategy and deciding which heroes to recruit. By selecting heroes that synergize well with one another and complement their chosen faction’s strengths, players can optimize their chances for success.

Additionally, hero cards have different deployment options throughout the game. Whether they are used during battles, quests, or strategic actions on the board, understanding when and where to utilize hero cards becomes a critical decision point during gameplay.

Overall, hero cards add an extra layer of complexity and excitement to Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game. With their unique abilities and strategic utilization, they provide players with a dynamic gameplay experience that mirrors the epic legends of the Conan universe. Mastering the use of hero cards will undoubtedly be key to achieving victory in this engrossing tabletop adventure.

Epic Battles and Quests

In Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game, players have the opportunity to embark on epic battles and thrilling quests that will shape the course of their empire. This section will delve into the various scenarios and adventure modes available in the game, providing insights into the compelling narratives and objectives players will encounter.

One of the key features of Age of Conan is its diverse range of scenarios that cater to different playstyles and preferences. Whether you prefer intense combat or intricate quests, there is a scenario that suits your interests. The game offers scenarios such as “The Battle for Aquilonia,” where players engage in large-scale warfare to claim control over important territories, or “The Treasures of Belverus,” where cunning tactics and strategic thinking are required to outwit opponents for valuable loot.

Adventure modes in Age of Conan take gameplay to another level by introducing immersive narratives and specific objectives for players to accomplish. These adventure modes often require cooperation among players as they work together towards a common goal. One notable adventure mode is “The Rise of Debauchery,” where players must navigate treacherous landscapes, uncover ancient secrets, and ultimately defeat a powerful adversary threatening to unleash chaos upon the world.

To add further depth and excitement, some scenarios and adventure modes may incorporate predetermined events or random elements that keep players on their toes. These unexpected twists can drastically alter the course of a battle or quest, making each playthrough unique and unpredictable.

To fully enjoy these engaging scenarios and adventure modes, it is crucial to develop adaptable strategies that can accommodate changing circumstances. Players should carefully consider their resources, heroes, factions, and diplomatic alliances when approaching these challenges. Embracing dynamic decision-making during epic battles and quests will lead to more immersive gameplay experiences in Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game.

The Art of Diplomacy

Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game offers players a unique opportunity to not only engage in intense battles and quests, but also to harness the power of diplomacy and negotiation. In this section, we will explore the art of diplomacy in Age of Conan and provide strategies for building alliances and navigating intrigue.

One key aspect of diplomacy in the game is forming alliances with other players. By joining forces with fellow rulers, players can gain significant advantages both militarily and strategically. One effective strategy is to identify players who possess complementary strengths.

For example, if you excel at resource management but struggle with military might, aligning yourself with a player who excels in combat can create a powerful partnership. By combining your strengths, you can work together to conquer territories and fend off opponents.

Negotiation plays a crucial role in the game as well. Convincing other players to form alliances or make concessions requires clever negotiation skills. It’s important to approach negotiations from a place of mutual benefit rather than trying to dominate or exploit others. This can be achieved by highlighting potential gains for all parties involved and finding common ground. Offering incentives or trading resources can also be effective methods for securing favorable deals during negotiations.

Intrigue is another fascinating element of diplomacy in Age of Conan. Players must navigate complex political webs and be mindful of their actions to avoid betrayal and backstabbing. Building trust among allies is essential, as suspicions alone can fracture even the strongest alliances. Keeping open lines of communication, sharing information, and demonstrating loyalty are vital strategies for maintaining trust among your diplomatic partners.

By mastering the art of diplomacy, players can elevate their gameplay experience in Age of Conan: The Strategy Board Game. Forming strategic alliances and using negotiation skills effectively can shift the balance of power on the board and ultimately lead to victory. So, embrace the challenges that come with navigating diplomatic waters – forge alliances wisely while staying vigilant against betrayals – and may you find success in your quest to conquer the Hyborian Age.

Mastering Age of Conan

For seasoned players of Age of Conan, there are various strategies and tactics that can be employed to enhance gameplay and increase the chances of victory. These advanced tips and tricks will test your strategic thinking and resource management skills, giving you an edge over your opponents.

One key aspect to focus on is optimizing resource management. In Age of Conan, resources play a crucial role in building and expanding your empire. It is important to carefully balance your resource allocation between developing infrastructure, training armies, and researching technologies. Prioritize upgrading your resource-generating structures early on to ensure a steady income throughout the game. Additionally, keep an eye on what resources your opponents are lacking and consider monopolizing those resources to gain a significant advantage.

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Outmaneuvering opponents is another critical strategy for success in Age of Conan. Pay close attention to their moves and anticipate their actions by analyzing their factions’ strengths and weaknesses. Exploit any vulnerabilities you identify in their strategies while protecting your own weaknesses. Look for opportunities to disrupt their plans by sabotaging their buildings or attacking their armies when they least expect it.

To maximize the potential of hero cards, it is important to understand their abilities and know when to use them strategically. Hero cards can turn the tide of battle in an instant, so be patient in choosing the right moment to unleash their power. Coordinate the use of hero cards with specific objectives or when facing a particularly challenging opponent. Combining hero card abilities with well-coordinated attacks or defense maneuvers can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield.

By mastering these expert tips and tricks, seasoned players can elevate their gameplay experience in Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game. Remember that practice makes perfect, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed immediately – each game provides an opportunity for learning and improvement. Embrace the challenges that lie ahead as you strive for victory in this immersive and strategic tabletop adventure.

Unleashing the Beast

Expansions and Variant versions for Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game take the excitement and depth of gameplay to new heights. These expansions not only offer fresh content but also introduce unique mechanics that enhance the base game. For players seeking new challenges and experiences, exploring these expansions can breathe new life into their Age of Conan adventures.

One popular expansion for Age of Conan is “Adventures in Hyboria.” This expansion introduces additional scenarios and quests, allowing players to embark on thrilling adventures across the Hyborian Age. Whether it’s infiltrating enemy strongholds or uncovering ancient artifacts, these new scenarios provide exciting narratives and objectives for players to tackle. Additionally, “Adventures in Hyboria” includes new hero cards with powerful abilities, giving players even more options to strategize and dominate their opponents.

Another notable expansion is “Rise of Monsters.” As the title suggests, this expansion focuses on introducing monstrous creatures into gameplay. From deadly giants to fearsome beasts, these monsters add an extra layer of challenge and strategy to battles. Players must adapt their tactics and utilize their resources efficiently to contend with these formidable foes. “Rise of Monsters” also includes new faction cards, offering more choices for players who wish to align themselves with different factions in their quest for dominance.

In addition to expansions, variant versions of Age of Conan are also available for those wanting a unique twist on gameplay. One such variant is “Age of Conan: Duel,” which pits two players against each other in intense one-on-one combat throughout the Hyborian Age. With streamlined rules and a focus on strategic decision-making, “Age of Conan: Duel” offers a fast-paced and tactical gaming experience that showcases the essence of the original game.

Whether through expansions or variants, delving into the world of Age of Conan beyond the base game allows players to deepen their strategic thinking and experience new challenges. With each expansion and variant providing fresh gameplay elements, players can continue to explore the rich and immersive world of Age of Conan, discovering new strategies, narratives, and adventures with every playthrough.


In conclusion, Age of Conan the Strategy Board Game offers an exciting and immersive tabletop experience that has captivated both board game enthusiasts and fans of the Conan franchise. With its intricate rules and gameplay mechanics, players are constantly challenged to unleash their strategic prowess and navigate through various phases, resource management, and combat mechanics. The diverse factions in Age of Conan provide players with unique abilities and advantages, further enhancing the depth of strategy required.

Building and expanding one’s empire is a key aspect of the game, requiring players to carefully develop resources, manage armies, and control territories. The inclusion of hero cards adds a game-changing element to the experience, allowing players to turn the tide of battle with their powerful abilities. Additionally, the variety of scenarios and adventure modes available provide engaging narratives and objectives for players to explore.

Diplomacy plays a vital role in Age of Conan as well, urging players to form alliances and negotiate with other participants in order to gain advantages and achieve victory. For seasoned players looking to enhance their gameplay even further, there are advanced strategies and tactics that can be employed for optimal resource management, outmaneuvering opponents, and maximizing the potential of hero cards.

With expansions and variant versions available, Age of Conan continues to offer new challenges and fresh content for endless replayability. Whether you are new to strategy board games or a seasoned player looking for your next adventure, Age of Conan awaits you with its thrilling gameplay and captivating world. Embrace the legend today and embark on your very own Age of Conan adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Conan strategy board game?

The Age of Conan strategy board game is a tabletop game that was first published in 2009 by Fantasy Flight Games. Based on the popular Conan the Barbarian franchise, the game immerses players in the brutal and savage world of Hyboria.

In this game, players take on the roles of powerful heroes who engage in epic quests, battles, and political intrigue to gain dominance over the mythical land. With its rich theme, immersive gameplay mechanics, and stunning miniatures, the Age of Conan strategy board game has gained a dedicated following among both fans of the source material and avid gamers alike.

What is the oldest board game in history?

The oldest board game in history is believed to be Senet. Dating back as far as 3100 BC, this ancient Egyptian game has been found depicted on numerous tomb paintings and artifacts from that era.

Senet was a race-like game played on a grid of squares with pieces or markers that moved according to the roll of dice-like objects called “throw sticks.” Though much about how it was played remains uncertain, it is thought that Senet held significant cultural and religious importance for Egyptians during both their lives and afterlives.

What was the strategy board game in 1957?

In 1957, one notable strategy board game was Risk: The Game of Global Domination. Created by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse, Risk became an iconic board game renowned for its strategic gameplay focused on world conquest.

It challenges players to forge alliances, deploy armies, and strategically plan their moves across territories around the globe while engaging in combat against opponents. Over six decades since its release, Risk has become highly influential within the genre of strategy games and has spawned numerous variations and editions catering to different themes and audiences.

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