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Introduction to Alice is Missing

Alice is Missing is a unique, narrative-driven board game for 2-4 players that immerses players in the exciting world of mystery solving. Each player takes on the role of a detective tasked with piecing together clues to discover what happened to Alice ” someone near and dear to them who has gone missing.

One interesting way that this game stands apart from others is its use of an app (available on both Android and iOS devices) that helps players navigate their investigation by challenging them with puzzles and providing an immersive interface where they receive messages, photos, and other evidence related to Alice. This adds another layer of excitement that can’t be found in other board games!

The game provides players with a strong narrative without relying heavily on abstract or strategic mechanics. Instead, you’ll mostly find yourselves focused on trying to collect clues from a variety of environments such as cafes, parks, clubhouses and more. As you move about these different places, you’ll uncover pieces of the puzzle that will help lead you closer to discovering why Alice disappeared in the first place ” it could be anything from kidnapping to murder!

Overall, Alice is Missing is a unique experience that combines mystery-solving elements with enjoyable gameplay. If you’re looking for something different from your average board game, this one’s definitely worth checking out!

History of the Game

Alice is Missing is a unique roleplaying game released in 2019. It was developed and published by the award-winning developer, Hugging Fruit Games. The game focuses on ‘missing person’ reports in the small isolated town of Silent Falls, inspired by true events and popular entertainment.

When first launching, Alice is Missing was only available online through DriveThruRPG and Soon after its release, it won the Origin Awards for Best Traditional Game as well as placing second at the 2019 TableTop Awards for Most Innovative Boardgame Design.

The game continued to grow in popularity, being picked up by major retail outlets such as Target and Barnes & Noble across America. By 2020, Alice is Missing had received additional recognition at awards such as the GameWright Awards (Best Party Game) and of course setting 3 Guinness World Records; Longest Running Adventure RPG, Most Played Adventure Role-Playing Game and 2009 Most Successful RPG Kickstarter Project Worldwide!

In 2021, release went international reaching Europe with its own publishing partner, Uhrwerk Verlag. Now Alice is Missing can be found in gaming stores around the world being enjoyed by gamers of all ages!

The Positive Reviews

Alice is Missing, an unconventional role-playing game from designer Spenser Starke and publisher Unlock!, has been captivating fans and gamers alike with its innovative storyline and immersive gameplay. Its appeal lies at the intersection of genre giants such as Clue, Dungeons & Dragons, and Escape Room style mystery games. As anyone might expect – such unusual combinations too often leave players unsatisfied. Although the jury is still out, Alice is Missing seems to have found a way to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

The reviews on Board Game Geek attest to this fact, drawing glowing praise despite one or two minor problems reported by some. Many focus on the game’s storytelling aspect which delivers a suspenseful crime investigation in a small town setting. The entire narrative is experienced through dialogue between action cards, providing an enjoyable story that can take up to four hours to play from start to finish ” allowing for plenty of time for characters to develop.

The mechanics of the game come under firing as well ” with most commenting positively about its unique “text-based” systems and intuitive design. Players are encouraged to think outside the box, navigate social nuances, break trust codes and solve riddles in order to affect change within their stories. Fortunately there’s no worry that gameplay will become repetitive; each experience builds upon itself dynamically due to the branching paths within gameplay attributing towards new perspectives after every session.

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Overall opinion of Alice is Missing remained overwhelmingly positive from Board Game Geek users despite a few pointing fingers at production value and somewhat fiddly set-up instructions regarding established roles (though these facets seem minor when compared with all its advantages). There are dozens of comments praising all elements which describe an emotionally charged narrative capable of honoring family legacies while trapping you in complex moral dilemmas ” making this game worthy for inclusion on any board gamer’s shelf!

Building the Game

The Alice is Missing board game offers a unique and exciting gaming experience. Players take on the roles of different suspects in a town, who are trying to figure out what happened to the mysterious Alice. As they conduct their investigation, they will encounter a variety of clues, people and obstacles that they must work together to overcome. Building the game requires an attention to detail, as well as some helpful tips from experienced players.

To properly build this game, you should first start by laying out all the components ” including cards, tiles and markers – needed build it correctly. Take your time and make sure everything is nicely arranged in its proper place before you start playing. Additionally, it’s advisable for experienced players to review their components beforehand so that everyone can be aware of what’s necessary for a successful play session.

For assembling the board quickly and effectively, using removable double-sided tape can really help with accuracy when placing objects on the board’s surface. When laying out each tile onto its space on the board designating it with an easily recognizable marker could come in handy if something gets moved from its correct position throughout gameplay. Additionally, marking each card type with an adhesive sticker can save time if any cards get mixed up during play or shuffled incorrectly when starting up a round.

With these quick tips in mind, anyone can assemble the Alice is Missing board game quickly and efficiently like a pro!

Where to Buy

Alice Is Missing has gained a lot of attention and popularity thanks to its unique concept and setting – a real-life mystery game with an immersive narrative. This board game allows players to take on the role of either missing person’s investigator, family member, or friend, as they work together to find out what happened. As players progress through certain locations, they will uncover evidence and clues while traveling around town in order to identify the culprit.

With its growing attention comes an increased demand for Alice Is Missing products and accessories. If you want to buy the entire game for yourself or for someone else, there is a wide selection available online from different retailers. Players can compare prices across different stores in order to pick the best deal. There are also many additional merchandise items related to the game, such as plush dolls, playing cards, t-shirts, puzzles, posters and more that can be found online. Some retailers also offer exclusive editions of Alice is Missing that contain bonus items like an exclusive mini figure or even a special metal token set. With so many options at your disposal you won’t have any difficulty finding everything related to this beloved mystery game.

Board Game Geek Connection

Alice Is Missing is a role-playing game (RPG) from developer Montse Santana and the Puzzle Break Game Studio. It was first released in 2019 and has earned many accolades in the gaming community, including the CYA Award for Best Team Game of 2019. The Tabletop Role-Playing Games (TTRPG) community also embraced it with enthusiasm, leading to its nomination for “Most Innovative Game” at UK Games Expo 2020.

BoardGameGeek is one of the most prominent digital platforms serving tabletop gamers around the world. Alice Is Missing has had a successful journey on BoardGameGeek, being featured in print media multiple times, receiving frequent reviews and media coverage, and being discussed by enthusiastic fans and bloggers alike.

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As an example of specific influencers who have helped promote Alice Is Missing through BoardGameGeek, Jon Ma’anit of the blog ‘Table Top Talk’ wrote a glowing review after spending some time getting to know the game. He praised its innovative mechanics that create both tension and real emotional resonance through its narrative story arcs, while managing to keep players involved with hidden objectives throughout their game sessions. He then provided a detailed overview of gameplay mechanics such as character creation and interactions, actions taken during investigations or emotional states handled during conversations – concluding that Alice Is Missing is an exceptional RPG experience full of emotional depth and emotion manipulation techniques that make for a challenging but rewarding overall gaming session.

Similarly popular figures from within the BoardGameGeek TTRPG community such as Rachael Blasenheim (‘Growling Door’ roleplay blog), Noelle Lampert Mullaney (Dice & Debauchery podcast), Jay Dragon Ekneksi (Let’s Level Up Youtube channel) or Steve Matthews (Dragon Fists podcast) have all reviewed or commented positively about Alice Is Missing on their blogs/podcasts/youtube channels leading countless viewers/listeners to discover this gem amongst indie RPG games

All these elements have brought high visibility to Alice Is Missing on BoardGameGeek, which has attracted awareness from new players beyond its original fanbase – resulting in increased sales over time. By exploiting well-known influencers they were able to spread further word But most importantly they attracted attention from other groups such as queer gamers through themed events created around Alice Is Missing – increasing both loyalty among existing players while targeting new ones at the same time.


Alice is Missing is a modern-day murder mystery game lauded for its innovative gameplay and immersive narrative. Players take on the role of detectives attempting to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Alice Pine, while struggling against time and uncertainty. The moody soundtrack and artful visuals help to draw in players, while the clever mechanics provide a unique gaming experience.

The Board Game Geek community responded enthusiastically to Alice Is Missing upon its release, praising its gameplay creativity and narrative that managed to keep them hooked until the bitter end. Generally speaking, players find the mechanics of “guessing” or deductively reasoning out what happened to be extremely engaging and enjoyable. They also enjoy playing as detectives trying to make sense of all the evidence; they get a real sense of satisfaction when they have successfully pieced together all clues and solved the mystery. On the other hand, some may find that it gets repetitive after a few playthroughs due to how linear it is – there are numerous routes one can take but can feel predictable as it progresses towards an inevitable conclusion. However, many also point out that this game was designed for shorter playthroughs so replaying it more would not necessarily be necessary or desirable anyways.

Going forward, most players agree that Alice Is Missing has room for improvements: more varied puzzle pieces can help up their replayability factor; variable play times are also desired since some groups want only short sessions while others want lengthy mysteries; finally, additional content (either via modular components or expansion packs) could keep things fresh after several plays. All in all, no matter what tweaks are made in future editions of Alice Is Missing, this game is sure to be a hit among Board Game Geek enthusiasts who don’t mind spending long hours puzzling through codes and mysterious symbols at their kitchen table!

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