Amazon Board Games For 6 Year Olds


When it comes to shopping for 6 year olds, finding the perfect board games can be a challenge. There is such an incredible range of games on the market that it is not easy to choose which one to give as a gift. From educational and creative games to family-oriented crowd pleasers, Amazon offers a variety of games that are both fun and age appropriate for 6 year olds. The best way to find the perfect game is by looking at reviews and getting opinions from other parents with similar aged children.

The wide selection of entertaining board games offered on Amazon provides plenty of choices for parents and children alike. Some boards are designed specifically for learning, offering educational content along with basic gaming skills. These types of Amazon board games could include classic favorites such as spelling bingo or virtual story time. Other options might include farm-themed boards where players must complete tasks to move pieces forward along the game board. For older kids, there are more complex offerings like Settlers Of Catan, Carcassonne, or Arkham Horror all provide intricate and long lasting play experiences,

For really young children who prefer simpler designs and gameplay, books like Eating Words: A Children’s Board Game Collection or Hapsburgs: A Wacky War Strategy Word Game offer amazing introductions into the world of tabletop gaming. With colorful pieces and simplified rulesets parents will feel comfortable introducing these sorts of titles to their children without overwhelming them with too many choices or unfamiliarity.

No matter what type of game you’re looking for , It’s never been easier to find something exciting on Amazon with quality reviews from other parents . With just a little searching you can easily find something special!

Benefits of Board Games

Board games for 6-year-olds provide a great opportunity for kids to develop cognitive skills. Playing board games requires strategic thinking and planning, both of which are essential elements in helping children learn how to problem solve. Expanding on the content in the game can also help build imagination and creativity. Additionally, since many of these games involve communication between players, they can foster an appetite for social interaction. When children share ideas and have the chance to work together on a shared pursuit, it encourages collaboration and teamwork. Board games also allow children to develop an understanding of values such as fairness and respect while they practice taking turns with other players. As a bonus, playing board games also gives parents the chance to be interactive with their kids while learning more about their personalities and preferences. With all its educational benefits, board games can be an incredibly fun way for children age 6 upwards to play and learn at the same time!

Popular Board Games for 6 Year Olds On Amazon

Amazon offers a wide variety of age-appropriate board games for 6 year olds. From classic favorites to exciting new releases, there are plenty of engaging options for parents and kids. With so many choices available it can be difficult to know which game best suits your child’s interests but all the games on this list are sure to provide fun and learning opportunities. Popular board games on Amazon for 6 year olds include best-sellers like UNO, Sequence Deluxe, Rat-a-Tat Cat, Busytown Eye Find It Jr., Exploding Kittens, Sorry! Sliders, Pass The Pigs – Giant Pocket Edition, and Pop & Spell. These games are designed specifically with the needs and skill level of younger children in mind; different games requiring memory skills, speed reactions, strategic thinking and more. Playing these age appropriate challenging games allows 6 year old children to practice important skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Each game also encourages social interaction amongst family and friends as the player explore unique adventures together.

Educational Board Games

When it comes to Amazon board games for 6 year olds, there is an abundance of options to help develop essential skills. Board games offer a fun and interactive way to practice problem solving, math, language and literacy, creativity, collaboration, and social-emotional competencies. Popular choices include puzzles, memory and matching card games, strategic planning and battleship-style games. All these types of games aid in developing critical thinking skills by allowing kids to make decisions and learn from their mistakes. Memory games are great for improving concentration and recalling facts such as numbers or letters. Math puzzles increase numerical ability by working with numbers or objects in specific ways. And battle-style board games emphasize strategy and planning as children must anticipate their opponent’s moves in order to win. By purchasing an Amazon board game for 6 year olds you can help foster important skill building while giving your child a fun recreational activity.

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Fantasy Board Games

Fantasy board games turn the idea of game play into a new reality. These exciting and sometimes interactive games provide hours of fun, allowing players to build their own world with beloved characters, creatures, heroes and villains. Players may have their fate set by rolling dice or casting spells as they go on quests and battle other foes in epic fantasy scenarios. Many board games for 6 year olds come with pre-made pieces and cards that provide detailed instructions on how to create characters, form parties and explore various lands. Some of these stories can be used to bring life lessons, intellectual banter and strategy building skills to young minds. Playing with friends will also engender important cooperative skills while they compete in some of the most popular adventures ever created.

Hands-On Board Games

Hands-on board games are a great way to provide fun, educative and interactive experiences for 6 year olds. These kinds of games help children develop their motor skills and physical coordination while honing in on memory development. Playing these board games allows kids to build a stronger muscle memory, which will help them develop the necessary mental connections made from practice and repetition.

Furthermore, board games can help with higher order thinking skills such as strategy and complex problem solving. They hone their math skills as well as decision making by understanding the importance of choices and consequences in game play. Other practical benefits include learning concentration and fostering cooperation between players which allows them to learn how to work together effectively. Lastly, they can also bring out a child’s intrinsic motivation through the rewarding experience of gaining points and competitive play. Through any of these engaging activities, each child is given an opportunity to excel while having fun!

Problem-Solving Board Games

When it comes to board games for 6-year-olds, problem-solving board games can be a great way to help foster their development. Such board games in this age group usually involve setting up and solving simple problems through the use of game pieces. For example, a game might include a maze that needs to be navigated by rolling a dice and moving game pieces accordingly. Through this sort of trial and error process, young children learn important cognitive development skills like problem-solving and critical thinking. Additionally, they also gain an appreciation for strategic thinking and strategizing as each move is carefully considered before it is made. Such board games may also require some level of cooperation among players in order to win the game, fostering an appreciation for team work as well as social skills such as taking turns and following rules. Problem-solving board games provide 6-year olds an opportunity to apply their wits in testing situations while having fun at the same time!

Strategy Board Games

Amazon board games for 6 year olds are a great way to introduce your child to strategy and decision making. Board games can provide hours of fun while also teaching important skills like critical thinking, planning ahead, problem solving, cooperation, taking turns and patience. One of the most popular examples of such a game would be Settlers of Catan. It involves two to six players trading resources in order to build settlements, cities and roads that will help their civilization grow. Through this activity, children learn about probability and its effects on the game’s outcome ” when does it pay off to make a risky move? Which alliances are more likely to be fruitful? In this way, 6 year-olds get an insight into how choices can affect the consequences and how decisions need to be made with respect for our environment and fellow players.
Another great example is Pandemic which revolves around teams of players working together to contain four diseases before they spread across the world. Here players have to be aware of time pressure while they plan out their moves accordingly in order to save humanity from certain extinction. This teaches kids the importance of collaboration and coordination as well as looking at scenarios from different perspectives in order to figure out the best course of action.
Additionally, there are many other Amazon board games for 6 year olds that focus on improving decision making skills such as Forbidden Island or Scotland Yard which involve multiple layers of strategy so that players must stay one step ahead throughout the game play. All in all, purchasing a few fun Amazon board games for 6 year olds gives your child access not only hours of entertainment but also valuable learning opportunities that will teach them real life skills that they can use going forward!

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Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative board games are a great way for 6 year olds to learn the importance of teamwork. By playing these types of games, 6 year olds can gain an understanding that working together as a team is necessary to achieve success. The premise of such games encourages players to collaborate with each other to reach the common goal, which in turn helps foster the spirit of cooperation amongst young children. Amazon offers a variety of cooperative board games suitable for 6 year olds: Animal Upon Animal, Cauldron Quest, Hanabi, and Zoo Escape offer fun and challenging game play that not only encourages collaboration among its players but also teaches six year olds how to problem solve in group settings.

Playing cooperative board games provides 6 year olds with important foundation skills such as communication and collaboration when dealing with others within a group setting. In addition, they can also develop decision-making skills through strategizing and coming up with innovative solutions when faced with challenging tasks. Furthermore, they can hone their creativity while they devise up new ways to overcome obstacles or come up with ideas on how best the group should approach a particular situation in order to achieve victory. All these combined provide 6 year olds with the tools needed to become successful leaders in later life situations or relationships.

Beyond Board Games

In addition to board games, there are many other types of games suitable for 6 year olds. Educational card games such as flash cards, matching games, and alphabet bingo can help young kids practice counting, basic math skills, and even begin to learn reading comprehension. Puzzles are a fun way to practice problem-solving and promote motor skills development. Board books with popular characters or stories can be used for kids to draw their own stories, discuss storylines with friends and create new worlds in a creative and imaginative way. For older 6 year olds who have mastered the basics of counting and math facts, strategy board or card games like chess, checkers or Uno provide an outlet for quick thinking, cognitive processes, and healthy competition. Interactive video game systems create an environment where kids can learn technical literacy while playing educational based content. Finally, physical movement activities like scavenger hunts will keep any 6 year old engaged in active play while they search for the next location or item in the hunt.


When it comes to looking for the perfect board game for your 6 year old, Amazon is a great place to start. Not only does Amazon have an incredible selection of board games available for children in this age group, but they also have excellent customer reviews and descriptions so you can find the right game for your little one. Many of these games are designed to be played with 1-2 players, making them ideal for younger children who may not have as many friends or family members to play with. Also, most of these games are made with engaging storylines that will keep young minds entertained, such as creative building challenges and knowledge tests. With so many different options available on Amazon ” from logic puzzles to jumbo-sized playing pieces ” your 6 year old will be sure to find a game they love! This wide selection can lead to hours of fun, while also aiding in cognitive development during childhood. So when you’re looking for the perfect board game for your 6 year old, remember: Amazon provides excellent selection and quality assurance that’s sure to bring plenty of entertainment and engagement into their lives!

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