B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game


B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game is a strategic, historically-accurate game that allows players to simulate the dangerous missions flown by Allied forces during World War II. Every time you play, you’ll get an authentic taste of what it was like to risk life and limb for victory in the skies over Europe as you fight for control of strategic terrain both on land and at sea. By choosing from one of four aeronaut groups to lead into battle ” each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses ” players can use their skill and tactical know-how to achieve victory.

The game uses real-world scenarios across different locations, so there’s plenty of variety in the way it can be played out. Developed by designers who are passionate about history, B 17 features stunning visuals and mechanics which replicate actual WWII aircraft in revolutionary ways. As such, B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game boasts detailed pieces that provide an immersive historical atmosphere complete with planes, blimps, ghost ships, submarines, landing craft and much more. Accompanied by a full playmat featuring a vivid landscape backdrop, these pieces bring an almost cinematic level of realism right into your home.


B 17 Queen of the Skies is a strategic tabletop game designed and made in Germany. It has an interesting background story that is based on the WW2 air combat missions by the bomber fleet of the United States Air Force during World War II.

Players assume the roles of B-17 bombers that are sent across Europe as part of Operation Pointblank, which was launched in 1943 with a goal to cripple the economic and military power of Germany’s industry. The game allows players to experience a realistic B-17 mission, providing them with a good grasp on what life was like for these brave bomber crews during those times.

The game itself consists of three phases: Preflight, In flight and Completion. During each phase, players will have to make decisions on various aspects regarding their mission such as speed and altitude level, defensive strategies or what kind of payload they want to drop. Players have access to an array research material such as historical images, photographs and newsreels from WW2 to aid them in making important decisions throughout their play session. Additionally, voice actors recreate audio clips from actual missions giving it an extra layer of authenticity for each player independently or when playing with friends in multiplayer mode.

The design philosophy behind this game ensures that it follows the original aviation standard as closely as possible while still providing enough freedom for initiative and tactics so gamers can fully enjoy its complexity while facing down adversity.

Game Components and Materials

B 17 Queen of the Skies is an exciting and immersive board game that takes players on a thrilling journey over the skies of enemy-occupied Europe and Germany during World War II. The game recreates the experience of a B-17 bomber crew flying the perilous mission into enemy territory. Players take turns assuming the roles of commander, pilot, navigator, engineer, bombardier, radio operator and gunner as they try to complete their mission and survive the war.

The game features intricate components designed with high-quality materials. At first glance, it looks like a standard board game with tokens representing pieces on a map grid. But lurking beneath its top board is a detailed background storyboard filled with individualized character cards complete with colorful artwork to help add dimension to each unique mission scenario. The storyline comes alive as players build their dream team from the cast of characters who can join them on their improbable quest for victory. Combat cards allow gamers to anticipate varying levels of difficulty throughout the game while decision points offer strategic points that can open doors to new rewards if navigated correctly. Other features include dice roll modifiers including luck rolls which can lead to target acquisition and efficient damage control strategies once an enemy has been spotted or successfully destroyed.

Object of the Game

The B-17 Queen of the Skies Board Game is an exciting vintage World War II themed combat game
in which players act as the commander of either a USAAF command, task force or bombing raid.
The goal of the game is to successfully maneuver and drop bombs on enemy installations and factories,
eliminating their ability to produce materiél for use against the Allied forces in Europe. Players are awarded points for each successful bombing mission. The player with the most points at the end of all twelve bombing runs wins.

In order to achieve success in this game, players must develop a strategy and use tactics that enable them to navigate through enemy territory without being shot down. Some strategies may include avoiding key radar stations and anti-aircraft fire, taking advantage of terrain obstructions, flying at different air speeds and altitudes, timing missions around weather conditions and optimizing plane directions between target coordinates. Tactics might involve reaching strategic locations before the enemy can set up their guns, avoiding placing targets in heavy defended areas or temporarily disable an enemy installation by outflanking it instead of right attacking it. Both skillful strategizing and tactical maneuvering are essential if there is to be any chance of success over the German Luftwaffe defenses while attempting to complete the missions with minimal losses.

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Setup and Launch Your Mission

The B 17 Queen of the Skies Board Game is a great game for aviation enthusiasts and those who love strategy games. It allows players to recreate a US 8th Air force bomber mission from 1942 – 1945. Setup of this game can be confusing as there are numerous pieces, while also understanding rules and concepts of aerial combat will require some effort.

For players looking to setup and launch their mission in this strategic board game, here are some tips and advice on getting started:

1. Read the Rule Book: Carefully read through the instructions included with B 17 Queen of the Skies Board Game to learn how to prep the game components, setup the board, and understand basic gameplay rules. Pay particular attention to explanations regarding fighter squadron set-up, aircraft status sheets, playing intelligence cards and movement rules.

2. Organize Components: Get familiar with all pieces of the game including eight plastic bombers with painted crew figures, six reference cards, fifteen battle mapsheets, eighteen wooden control markers, two hundred double-sided action cards (for pilots and ground crew), die cutting templates for card elements such as bombs and AA artillery guns. Also make sure to print out additional material you may need from their website if you opted for a digital version of B17 Queen of the Skies board game.

3. Assemble your Products: The rule book should provide guidelines on how products are assembled for play ” rolling up map sheets into tubes for easy presentation; studying airplane characteristics off plastic bombers; organizing action cards according to category (mission task cards or pilot expertise). Set aside sufficient time when assembling components prior to starting your mission!

4 Gather Players: Your ‘squadron’ needs at least two people but preferably three or more participants that also understand basic concepts of aerial engagement such as dogfights”when one craft maneuvers airspace advantage over another by either blocking forward progress or attacking vulnerable zones like wings or engine block”and other tactical matters specific to B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game’s unique setting.

5 Establish Objectives: Establish what each team’s objective would be preceding gameplay so everyone has a grasp on final goals during mission execution phase when all crew members work together towards completing an assault within assigned mission parameters (i.e targeting enemy supply routes or destroying radar systems along enemy coastlines). Also explain specific victory conditions as part of objectives just so every invited player understands when they have won or failed a scenerio they deploy themselves in!

Rules and Strategies

B 17 Queen of the Skies Board Game is a game based on World War II era bomber combat. Players take on the role of crew members aboard a B-17 bomber, relying on their skills and abilities to survive devastating enemy attacks. This exciting game requires players to plan strategic missions, collect resources, and purchase upgrades for their aircraft in order to emerge victorious against their foes.

The success of any mission in B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game depends upon several factors. Understanding the different resources and how they interact with each other is essential to achieving victory. Collecting Gold points allows players to purchase upgrades and new aircraft parts, such as additional engines, armor plating, or anti-aircraft guns. Fuel points are used as currency when selecting missions and undertaking combat maneuvers during each engagement ” the more fuel consumed, the more challenging the mission becomes. Mission Cards provide valuable intelligence regarding upcoming tasks ” including bombing runs, escort missions and intercepts ” while Experience Points can be applied towards increasing your pilot’s rank or unlocking unique “Power Up” abilities.

Each stage of a mission must be carefully plotted out and executed with precision for success – from gathering resources to activating repairs after each enemy attack – every move matters! Players must also work together to ensure that all crew roles are filled effectively; depending on such roles as Pilot, Navigator, Bombardier, Engineer and Gunner dictate what actions can be taken at any given time. The choices made drastically influence both the immediate outcome of battles as well as long-term results ” making skillful strategies paramount in attaining victory!

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Game Play and Mechanics

The B 17 Queen of the Skies board game is based on the famous WWII bombing campaign against Germany. Players take on the role of either strategic planners or bomber commanders as they launch sorties against targets across Europe. Specifically, each player will be tasked with managing a squadron of bombers, plotting the squadrons’ flight paths and making decisions about weapons and defensive tactics during simulated air combat.

Players first establish goals which relate to different bombing missions and have time-sensitive objectives that must be met in order for them to be deemed successful. Then players look at their tactical maps and use their resources to plan how to attack their targets with precision-guided munitions such as bombs, rockets, and torpedoes while also eliminating any enemy fighter cover protecting them. On each turn, players can adjust their altitude in hopes of avoiding enemy fire while being careful not to accidentally collide with other friendly aircrafts while attempting these maneuvers.

Once combat begins, the board shifts from a strategic planning mode into a more active, battle-oriented display where all members are encouraged to contribute ideas and strategies for how best to proceed through an aerial encounter with Axis forces. During this phase, skills tests come into play as players roll dice to determine successful or unsuccessful attempts at attacking hostile planes or gaining protection from enemy antiaircraft fire. As battles progress over multiple turns, players will assess whether or not they have successfully completed their mission objective before deciding whether or not it’s best to break off and head back home. Upon completion of a task players return back to base where they receive rewards based on the success level score attained in combat scenarios as well as incentives depending on specific successes accomplished along the way.

The Thrill of Victory

B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game is a classic strategy game with a simple premise that provides hours of exciting entertainment. It tests players’ tactical skills and analytical thinking. Players must raise funds and securities for their own warplanes, manage resources to maximize returns, and outsmart the enemy in order to win. The game also encourages cooperation amongst opponents, as players must strategically coordinate their actions in order to maximize rewards and minimize losses. There are multiple strategies available for victory; however, no matter what the strategy employed, success requires precision planning and an understanding of basic economics.

Players can learn valuable lessons while playing B 17 Queen Of The Skies Board Game ” one being the importance of diversifying investments in order to minimize risk. By investing in different planes through bonds and stocks, players can ensure that any potential losses can be offset by gains in other sectors. They will also develop an understanding of supply-and-demand economics. If a plane is produced too quickly, or if its market value grows too high or low compared to its operational cost, it could risk becoming inefficient or obsolete over time due to excess supply or lack of demand respectively. Furthermore, players gain practical knowledge on how changing diplomatic relations between nations affect economic activity as buying plane equipment becomes more expensive when there are trade wars between two nations with conflicting interests and ideologies.

Final Thoughts


The B-17 Queen of the Skies board game is a wonderfully detailed and balanced wargaming experience. The gameplay strikes a good balance between realism and playability, with plenty of options for both strategic depth and tactical excitement. It includes realistic aircraft models, weapons, terrain features, and special rules to capture the unique features of bomber missions. The components are beautifully crafted, offering great visual appeal as well as durability.


The B-17 Queen of the Skies board game can be complicated at times for beginners due to its large number of rules and intricate details. Additionally, its price tag may be too high for casual gamers who are looking for lighter wargames that only require a few hours or less to setup and play through. The bulky size of the box may also make it difficult to transport over longer distances or store easily in tight spaces.

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