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Board game tracking apps are a great way to organize and catalogue your board game collections. They make it easy to check for current rules, expansions, and updates for all the popular board games available today. Additionally, these apps provide users with recommendations of similar or related games in order to help gamers discover new experiences and stay entertained. You can also use them to track overall progress of a player’s experience with a particular game, create customized boards for specific occasions, view play stats for individual individuals or teams, and even join multiplayer battle tournaments. Board game tracking apps allow users to get organized and enjoy their favorite hobby like never before.


The benefits of using a board game tracking app are plenty. Firstly, it can save you precious time and energy. With the app, quickly and effortlessly monitor the scores of your favorite games and access past playthroughs with just the tap of a finger. You no longer have to worry about trying to remember past scores or painstakingly note them down on paper. Moreover, the app allows you to create wishlists so that you never miss out on new releases of popular titles.

Furthermore, applications such as these are extremely convenient because they allow you to take your entire library with you wherever you go. Whether you’re at home or traveling abroad, all your play records stay accessible in one place. Added bonus: they may even be used as a valuable resource while playing online with friends! Lastly, apps like these can save costs since you don’t need pieces of paper or record books anymore; all your records are stored within the app for future use (and for bragging rights!).


When shopping for the best board game tracking app, users should consider some important features. Before choosing an app, users should make sure that it has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate even for those unfamiliar with the use of applications. The design of the user interface should be intuitive and uncluttered, allowing you to easily navigate between pages. It’s also important to check that that the app is compatible with popular board game platforms. This ensures that it can track different types of strategy games, like Eurogames or war games. A board game tracking app might also have additional features such as support for social gaming networks, statistics and analytics for analyzing gameplay data, or the ability to generate turn-by-turn summaries. If these features appeal to you then make sure the app offers them before selecting one.

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Board Game Stats

Features: Tracks stats for games you play, including game length and completion date. Also offers filters to report on specific games/time frames.
Price: Free

Tabletop Tracker
Features: Offers detailed overviews of your games, personal stats, and collections management. Includes diversified ranking system plus user generated content like videos and reviews.
Price: $3.99/Month or $24.99/Year

Features: Built-in library with all sorts of metrics (win rates, win proportions, etc). Also includes an avatar generator to give players custom images plus dating back analysis over any selected period.
Price: Free

Features: Automatically logs plays with others through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity when participating in the same game session. Also allows users to customize their play board with pictures and adjustable score tracking options such as auto reducing points for tied games.
Price: $7.99/Month or $49.99/Year


Users can find the best board game tracking app for their needs by reviewing user ratings and comments. Reading through the reviews will help them to learn about the various pros and cons of each app, from ease-of-use to compatibility with different operating systems. Reviewers may give commentary on how the tracking capabilities provided by an app stack up against other offerings as well as provide feedback on customer service if applicable. Additionally, reading reviews can give users an idea of subscription fees or extras that come along with an app and if they are worth the cost. This way, users can make sure to pick an app that fits their individual needs before making a purchase or commitment.

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Final Thoughts

When looking for the best board game tracking app, it is essential to ensure that you are finding one that fits your needs and preferences. Many apps on the market offer a variety of features, from tracking game scores, keeping lists of games owned or wanted, providing mechanics and overviews of rules and more. With so many options available, it is important to carefully review the features offered in an app before committing to a download.

The best board game tracking apps strive to be both comprehensive and user-friendly, providing features that make it easier for users not just to track their games and scores but also to use their devices as an asset for game nights. Such app should also take into account ease of set up and navigation; often times these things get overlooked when creating apps but they can make all the difference in terms of user experience. Additionally, when selecting a boardgame tracking app users should ensure that there is adequate customer support should any issues arise with the app or its performance.

In closing, finding an appropriate boardgame tracking app can help users stay organized with their hobbies while optimizing time spent setting up and playing games. The right app will help them keep up with friends or opponents when it comes to keeping score or even introducing new people into groups; done right it can turn game nights into socially engaging experiences whether during physical meet ups or online gatherings. Ultimately there is a large selection of such apps available on the market meant for different purposes; ultimately those looking for such tools need to do their own research to find the one most suitable for them according the very specific needs each user might have.

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