Best Board Games You Can Play Solo


Playing board games alone can offer a unique and special gaming experience that encourages solo adventurers to try something new. The best types of board games for solo play are those that provide a challenging and entertaining solo mode. From classic tabletop strategy games like chess, to modern card-based adventure titles such as the critically acclaimed Gloomhaven, there’s something for everyone who chooses to venture on their own. Other popular titles include cooperative play ones such as Pandemic, where players work together against an unseen enemy while balancing the needs of the team ” even when just one person is playing. Even abstract puzzle games such as Qube take the traditional gameplay patterns and twist them into new configurations to create a novel game experience that works well in a single-player environment. For those looking for more dynamic action, video-game translations like Darkest Dungeon ” Dungeon Crawler offer a perfect combination of arcade classic dungeons and dragons-style combat. No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there’s certainly a type of board game that you can enjoy alone ” each providing their own mix of difficulty, challenge, strategy and adrenaline rush.

Benefits of Playing Solo Board Games

Playing solo board games can be a great way to stimulate your mind and enjoy some quality ‘me’ time. As well as being fun, these games offer several benefits that help with physical, creative and mental skills. Playing solo board games helps improve hand-eye coordination by providing a single visual focus on the game while also needing you to use both hands to play it” making it an ideal exercise for both the eyes and hands. Solo board games are also great for problem-solving skills as they require you to plan what steps you need to take in order to win the game. This involves analyzing different options and possibilities which encourages logical thinking. Furthermore, communication skills can be improved from playing solo board games as it guides players in writing rules and strategies that benefit their overall aims, helping them develop good concepts of communicative interaction.

Top Solo Board Games

1. Pandemic: One of the most popular cooperative board games in recent years, Pandemic tasks one to four players with curing four different diseases that threaten humanity across the world. Players can take on roles like a scientist or a medic to help coordinate research efforts and develop a cure before the diseases spread too far.

2. Carcassonne: A classic tile-laying game where you attempt to construct Medieval cities by strategically placing tiles. It’s easy to learn and stands out for its solo mode which lets you complete an entire city in thirty minutes or less.

3. Quadropolis: This modern game takes abstract city building principles and puts them into a euro-style strategy game where you build your custom metropolis while competing against the AI player.

4. Go: Also known as Weiqi, Go is an ancient abstract strategy board game for two players that dates back over 2000 years ago in China. While originally designed for two, it’s easily adapted for solo play where you test your tactical skill facing off against yourself

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5. The 7th Continent: Combination exploration and choose-your-own adventure style RPG, this unique offering pairs story-driven concepts with mechanics from traditional tabletop games. For soloed play, it shifts elements from the multiplayer iteration that focuses on specific characters with unique abilities to instead present you with singular stories posed as challenges for your strategic prowess

6. Chess: One of history’s oldest board games still played today due its incredibly deep level of strategy and skill requirements which involve careful strategic planning and big picture thinking alike

7. Dominion: A deck building game that incorporates mechanics found in collectible card games into Euro style gameplay where each player competes within their own personalized kingdom while attempting to gain Victory Points

8. Lords of Waterdeep: Set in Dungeons & Dragons’ Forgotten Realms universe players take on the role of a mysterious leader of one of Waterdeep’s hidden factions with the goal of collecting resources via covert means while attempting to achieve victory points through various strategies

Factors to Consider when Selecting a Solo Board Game

When selecting the best solo board game, there are several factors to take into account. Difficulty level plays a big role in how exciting or engaging the game might be. If you’re looking for something easy, you’ll want to select a game with either predetermined rules and/or automated engines that generate changes in gameplay. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more challenging, you can select games with levels that increase in difficulty as you progress. Another important factor to consider is the amount of time needed to complete the game. Some games require a longer time commitment and consistency, while others can be completed quickly, in shorter shorter periods of time like 30 minutes or less. Many games offer multiple levels of difficulty so depending on your free time, you may want to consider playing an easier level instead of only tackling hard levels at once. Finally, it’s important to assess how many levels a particular game offers; some games will let you play through multiple rounds or even change up the game pieces each time before starting over while others might have limited levels and options since they were made to be played by one person. Keep these tips in mind when selecting a solo board game and you’re sure to find one that is fun and stimulating without overstretching your leisurely activities!

Strategies for Winning Solo Board Games

When playing solo board games, you need to make sure that you look ahead and consider all the possible options that could arise in your next move. This will allow you to create an effective plan of attack so that you can capitalize on any potential opportunities that present themselves. Additionally, it’s important to educate yourself on the game rules as they usually have different guidelines compared to a regular board game that is played with multiple players. Knowing the rules thoroughly will help you anticipate what kind of moves your opponents can do and how best to counter them. Finally, one great way to gain an advantage when playing solo board games is to take advantage of any special elements that are present in the game such as special abilities or powers. These can be used to increase your chances of victory and turn the tides against other opponents even if they are more experienced than yourself in the game.

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2. The Ultimate Guide to Solo Board Games by Jim Musser ” Designed as an introduction for absolute beginners it offers insight into helpful tips on how to get started with solitaire board gaming as well as complete strategy guides for popular solitaire board games with in-depth analysis on gameplay mechanics, set-up instructions, tactics and more!


This blog post explored some of the best board games you can play solo. From classic card games like Solitaire to modern strategy games like Near and Far, there’s a solo game for every kind of player. Moreover, solo board games allow players to focus on honing their skills without the distraction or competition from other gamers. Furthermore, many solo board games are designed to be intellectually stimulating and help players develop problem-solving skills and analytical thought. For those who don’t want to battle it out against friends or family members but still want an entertaining board game experience, these play-alone options provide the perfect solution. In conclusion, playing solo board games can be a great way to stay entertained and master new skills at the same time – something that all gamers should consider adding to their routine.

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