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If you love football, odds are that you’ll love playing NFL board games. They’re a great way to simulate the experience of being an NFL player or coach and recreate the thrill of Sundays on a tabletop without ever having to step inside a stadium! Plus, they can be a great way to connect with friends and family around the game we all know and love.

When it comes to NFL board games, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a pure strategy game that simulates an entire league season or just want something fun and interactive for casual play among family or friends, there’s an option available for everyone. Classic cards and dice do-it-yourself homemade sessions with your own teams and players provide an easy form of interactive entertainment. Alternatively, more sophisticated simulations with customizable players and head-to-head matchups provide an intense level of gameplay for those who prefer strategic complexity in their gaming experience. Furthermore, you can even find solitaire versions that allow one player to compete against computerized opponents across various seasons ” perfect if you want to practice your coaching ability apart from any human competition!

History of NFL Board Games

The first NFL board game on the market was released in 1934. Named “NFL Pro Gridiron Action Game by Parker Brothers,” this was the precursor to long-running series of games based on NFL teams and players. Since then, many classic titles have been released featuring various teams and featuring miniaturized boards and figures that bring the action of the National Football League alive.

More recently, board gaming has been taken to a new level with advanced strategies, complex rulesets, custom-painted pieces, and digital versions that can be played online. Strategic minds are constantly dreaming up innovative ideas that make this much-loved hobby even more engaging for current and future generations.

Today’s football fans can enjoy a wide variety of options when it comes to gaming experiences. Classic versions with standard play remain popular among casual fans and enthusiast alike who prefer simpler options. There are also highly featured 3D replica stadiums and interactive video games which offer experiences more akin to watching a live football match rather than playing a board game.
Creative extensions such as trivia almanacs or team histories add fun twists while teaching players important aspects of the sport’s history that can help them become better informed players or knowledgeable fans. Finally, dice shooting games enable gamers to recreate iconic plays coined in earlier eras giving new life to previously tried-and-tested tactics. With such an abundance of options available now, it is clear that the world of NFL Board Games has come a long way since its birth in 1934!

Different Types of NFL Board Games

NFL board games have been incredibly popular for a long time, and the range of these exciting games has improved dramatically over the years. There are now a great variety of NFL board games available, including strategy games, dice & card games, and even trivia games.

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Strategy Games: Strategic NFL board games often involve players taking on the role of an NFL team coach or manager and guiding their teams to success by making key decisions during the game. These board games often feature playbooks and drafting strategies, allowing you to field your best possible team. Popular strategy football board games include Pro Evolution Football and Ultimate Strategy Football.

Dice & Card Games: Dice & card NFL board games involve rolling dice or playing cards representing various events in a football match such as touchdowns, field goals etc. These types of board game usually feature quick-paced and exciting gameplay with multiple layers of strategy to master. Popular examples include Pigskin Dice Football and Showdown Classic Football Game.

Trivia Games: Trivia NFL board games are designed to test players’ knowledge on everything from statistics to player records to rule anomolies. These sorts of boards games can be lots of fun for those who really love the sport and know the rules inside out! The best rated trivia boardgames include Puzzled By The NFL Trivia Board Game and Super Bowl Trivia Challenge Board Game.

Popular NFL Board Games

NFL Rush Zone: This children’s board game is based on the animated series of the same name, airing on Cartoon Network. Up to four players can join in on the action as they “rush” to complete individual missions and bosses before their opponent does. Players collect energy tokens from six powerful zones which they can use to battle opponents or choose to save them up and unlock additional game extensions. There are also special cards that can be used to change a player’s strategy, making it more difficult for their competition. The game also includes pieces like dice, Boss Cards, player tokens and power-ups.

NFL Monopoly: An older classic, NFL Monopoly still holds its ground when it comes to NFL Board Games. It is similar to regular Monopoly but with teams replacing properties and each team colored set pertains to one division. All purchases are made from stadiums instead of houses and hotels, which provide bonuses and special benefits. The objective is to purchase every team in a division and become the champion of that particular sector/division once all other boardwalks have been taken over by one single player at the start of the game. The goal is essentially the same as traditional Monopoly — create an insurmountable property empire by buying and trading teams between friends!

Features to Look For in a Great NFL Board Game

When choosing an NFL board game, it is important to find one with strong visuals that help enhance the atmosphere of the game. The boards and all components should be clearly labeled and easy to understand for a better gaming experience. The pieces and cards should also look professional and eye-catching, so that it looks like a professional product, not something home made.

Realistic gameplay is also key in choosing an NFL board game. The rules should be clear, concise, and easy to follow along so players don’t get confused or bored. Additionally, the rules should be balanced and versatile enough to create challenges as players advance through the game. Realistic elements such as points system or team salaries can bring the excitement of real football into your gaming experience.

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Finally, extra features such as SOLOs (Special Operations Locker Objects) options adds an extra level of fun to the game. These special items give players objectives such as achievements or special privileges that make their experience even more enjoyable. Many games also come with additional levels that add more difficulty and challenge as you go through the game further adding complexity without too much complexity for newbies just getting started in Football Board Games..

NFL Board Game Variations

NFL Card Games: NFL card games are a unique twist on the classic board game experience. These variations of the game involve collecting and trading a variety of cards representing various NFL teams, players, stadiums, and professional milestones. It can be a frenzied competition as participants attempt to assemble the best lineup from their collection. Card-based board games give strategists an opportunity to make unexpected moves that could result in huge gains or colossal losses.

NFL Dice Games: Another variation of the classic board game involves dice rolling action. Players must match their numerical results with those printed on their NFL boards in order to move ahead on the playing field. Easy to learn yet difficult to master ” these games often revolve around how lucky you are at guessing the right numbers each time plus adding a bit of luck for a touchdown! Finally, the time it takes to roll and match all 5 numbers may cause some delays during certain stages; making it undoubtedly unpredictable during tense situations!

Overall, both card games and dice games bring new exciting elements to traditional NFL board games making them interesting for avid fans of professional football as well as casual entertainment seekers alike.


NFL board games offer the perfect way for friends and family to enjoy time together. Whether it’s a pickup game or an in-depth tournament, these games can be found at both brick and mortar stores, as well as online platforms. Football fans, no matter their age or experience level, can find a game that satisfies their desire to engage with the sport they love. With realistic graphics, challenging game play, and countless hours of exciting and entertaining action, NFL board games are a surefire way to bond with friends and family while having loads of fun. You don’t have to be a huge fan of the NFL to enjoy these games as there is something for everyone ” from children first learning about football basics to experienced players ready for intense competition. If you’re looking for great ways to spend quality time with your favorite people this fall season, NFL board games are sure to hit it out of the park!

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