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The release date for Bloodborne The Board Game is fast-approaching. Fans of the popular video game will soon be able to experience Yharnam and the Chalice Dungeons in a brand new way. It’s a big undertaking, so let’s break down what we can expect from this exciting expansion into the Bloodborne universe.

Players of Bloodborne The Board Game can look forward to an action-packed cooperative game. As Hunters, they will explore Yharnam’s forgotten pathways and delve deep into the Chalice Dungeons. Drawing their weapons, they’ll battle horrific monsters, close-knit NPC allies, and powerful bosses. Each enemy presents a unique challenge that will require strategy and ingenuity to overcome.

The Bloodborne board game comes with pre-painted figures, detailed tome boards, hunting grounds tilesets, enemies on cards, as well as all necessary dice and tokens required for gameplay. You’ll have everything you need right out of the box; no painting or extra pieces needed! In addition to the playing cards provided are unique characters that represent enemies encountered while navigating Yharnam’s foggy streets and dank sewers.

Bloodthirsty players can look forward to testing their strength against more than 50 different monsters from the SoulsGame title along with some even more powerful bosses such as Vicar Amelia or Ludwig for those willing to search deeper into the board game world of Bloodborne. All in all this is an amazing game for fans new and old alike as it provides both an intriguing narrative experience and meaningful interactions with it’s strong mechanics system designed by Eric Lang and Michael Shinall from CMON & CoolMiniOrNot!

What is Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game is an officially licensed game set in the rich and immersive universe of Bloodborne, a critically acclaimed role-playing video game series created by FromSoftware, Inc. and Sony Interactive Entertainment. This board game puts players in the shoes of hunters who must traverse a gothic landscape full of monsters, facing off against fearsome bosses while gathering powerful weapons and evasive Items to survive. Players will have to rely on wits, information, and strategy as they explore randomly generated dungeons and rise up the ranks with Experience Points earned through combat. Featuring custom dice, rule cards, Action Cards, character tokens, an Investigator board and more, Bloodborne The Board Game offers 30-90 minutes of intense strategic play for 1-4 players age 13+. It has been revealed that the game is scheduled for release on May 21st 2021 in North America and Europe.

What is the Lore Behind Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game is based on a critically acclaimed Dark Fantasy Action Role Playing Game from SCE Japan Studio. Players are tasked with taking on the role of a Hunter in a dangerous nightmarish world riddled with beasts, monsters, and otherworldly horrors as they hunt for Paleblood to cure their affliction. Players begin their journey by entering the Horror-filled streets of Yharnam and must battle fearsome creatures along the way. With cooperation and strategy, Hunters can progress through multiple storylines and explore grim locale such as Byrgenwerth, the Forbidden Woods, Celestial Emporium and more while mastering powerful weapons they acquire through combat. As they venture deeper into the Hunter’s Nightmare they find themselves locked in epic boss battles against terrifyingly powerful monsters to unlock secrets that could save or damn them all.

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Who Created Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game was created by Black Pigeon and Eric M. Lang, in association with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio and CMON Limited. Eric M. Lang is a prolific creator of board games, who has designed such titles as Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest, Rising Sun and the original Bloodborne The Card Game. Black Pigeon are a Japanese design studio, who specialize in the development of horror-inspired tabletop experiences like this one.

The board game was released on June 19th 2020 through Kickstarter pre orders, but became available for general sale from October 22nd 2020.

What Are the Mechanics of Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game is a cooperative combat game based on the dark and demon-filled world of FromSoftware’s classic video game of the same name. Players will select one of six Hunters before entering a grim Gothic city filled with all kinds of undead monstrosities. As they enter dungeons, castles, and graveyards, players must work together to defeat powerful Bosses to gain rewards or advance their character progression. This all takes place in an ever-changing environment due to Evil Presence cards that continually shift the board layout and introduce new sounds, enemies, and challenges.

To win Bloodborne The Board Game, each player must stockpile items such as weaponry, armor and trinkets, avoid traps, heal wounds, learn secrets and complete quests during your exploration. Combat is intense and requires careful maneuvering around enemies while attacking with strategies to defeat them efficiently. Crafting will be needed to upgrade your gear while Spirit Emblems provide additional support; both must be carefully used when needed most. Increasingly difficult enemies and dynamic events test the hunter’s strength so it’s imperative that players stay committed to working together if they hope to face down the greatest challenges in Yharnam — The End Bossees!

What is the Goal of Bloodborne The Board Game?

The goal of Bloodborne The Board Game, released in February 2020, is to defeat horrifying bosses and uncover the secrets of Yharnam. Featuring deep customization, fast-paced combat and hard choices, players must establish their hunter with a range of stats and traits to fit their strategy. As they progress through the game, they will gain access to more impressive weapons and powerful runes. Throughout their journey, players must make tough decisions, manage resources efficiently and traverse deadly terrain all while avoiding death at the hands of the city’s many terrifying denizens. With three different modes of play as well as singleplayer and multiplayer options, this new addition to the fantasy horror in board games promises an exciting adventure for all levels of gamer.

What are the Notable Features of Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game is an immersive cooperative action-adventure packed with a challenging and engaging game experience. Players will explore the rich setting of Yharnam, battle dangerous beasts and eerie enemies, and cooperate to survive a terrifying nightmare. Notable features include multiple scenarios with different objectives, fully customizable characters with upgradable stats, a dense deck of hunter actions, an advanced upgrade system to increase the player’s chances of survival and victory, detailed enemies controlled by an AI system that alters their disposition during play, and a random setup for each game session for added replayability. Furthermore, Bloodborne The Board Game includes high-quality miniatures sculpted in detail specifically for this game. The release date for Bloodborne The Board Game is expected in late June 2021.

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What is the Expected Release Date for Bloodborne The Board Game?

At the time of writing, there is no official announcement of a release date for Bloodborne The Board Game. The game is scheduled to be released sometime in 2020 and more information will become available in the future.

What is the Cost of Bloodborne The Board Game?

Bloodborne The Board Game is currently available for pre-order with a retail price of $90 USD. There is also an additional shipping fee for customers who wish to have the game delivered directly to their home. Other than the retail price, there are no other charges associated with purchasing the game. The estimated release date of Bloodborne The Board Game is March 2021.


The board game adaptation of the popular video game Bloodborne is finally being released. After two years of development, a collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment, Japan Studio, and CMON Games will bring this exciting new version of the beloved world to life. Players will be provided with an illustrated map representing the city of Yharnam, surrounded by dark forests and mountains filled with ancient secrets and treasures. They will take on the roles of Hunters sent to uncover its mysteries and gain the power that comes with it. As Hunters explore the game board, they’ll battle their way through packs of beasts using their unique weapons and arcane magic. Their goal is to make it back to Yharnam alive while collecting both physical rewards they can use in future adventures as well as knowledge points that contribute towards unlocking powerful abilities or unlocking hidden locations or events.

The anticipated release date for Bloodborne The Board Game has been set for August 17th 2021 – marking a truly joyous occasion after two long years developing finally come to fruition! In anticipation for its release gamers everywhere have been expressing excitement for an opportunity to tackle its intricate mechanics, thrilling strategy gameplay, and immersive story content within their own living rooms. With promises from developers at hand (like branching decision trees), intense miniatures battles in store, an overwhelming depth of customization options tailored to each players style – whatever the playstyle; hours upon hours of entertainment await those who have set out on this daring adventure in search for power steeped in mystery!

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