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Board Game Con is an annual three-day convention held in various U.S. cities, most recently in Denver, Colorado. It is the premier event for tabletop gaming enthusiasts and offers attendees of all ages a unique chance to play as well as discover new games from established and upcoming designers. A variety of activities are available from demos, tournaments and open gaming events to panels and lectures by industry professionals focused on everything from game design to production and marketing. As the convention continues to expand each year, it has become the ultimate “playground” for anyone interested in board games; from novice gamers to professional players alike.

The 2021 Board Game Con will take place from May 28th through June 30th at the Denver Convention Center in Denver, Colorado which allows for plenty of space for vendors, artist alley displays, game tutorial stages and tournament halls. The conventions provides something for everyone whether your interests lie intabletop gaming or related products such as collectible card games, miniatures, RPGs or novelties like board game inspired apparel or accessories.

History of Board Game Con

Board Game Con (BGC) is an annual board game convention held in various cities across the United States. It has been held annually since 2003, and it was founded by Brady Sadler, who is still the owner today.

The first Board Game Convention, often referred to as BGC 1, was held in Nashville, Tennessee in 2003. Since then, the convention has since grown steadily each year – with attendance numbers approximately triple what they were at the first BGC in 2007. Brady Sadler stated that “the goal of Board Game Con really was just to bring together the board gaming community and share our love for tabletop games.”

Throughout the years, Board Game Con has hosted a variety of events such as tournaments and auctions, as well as different areas dedicated to purchasing new games and showcasing indie game designers’ creations. According to RTM Events Inc., who created and runs Board Game Con: “We have seen tremendous amounts of growth over the last few years and are very proud of how far we have come.”

To date, BGC continues to bring people together from all over the United States to celebrate their love for board gaming – creating memories and relationships that would not be possible without it.

Faces of Board Game Con

Board Game Con (BGC) is an event where attendees can explore the world of board gaming and connect with fellow gamers. People come from all stages and backgrounds, whether they’re a lifelong enthusiast or new to the community. The event includes tournaments, game demonstration, game play sessions, cosplay, workshops, as well as special presentations from prominent game designers, illustrators and manufacturers. Attendees also have plenty of opportunities to interact with vendors selling unique games and gaming accessories not found anywhere else.

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The personalities behind Board Game Con are just as diverse as the types of attendees. Highlights include interviews with game designers who have created fan favorite products such as Catan, Ticket To Ride and Pandemic; illustrators who have brought the iconic characters for Carcassonne and Splendor to life; manufacturers whose efforts help bring board games to tables across the globe; industry veterans who have been attending cons for decades; energetic organizers dedicated to making every BGC an enjoyable experience for everyone; newcomers looking to get in on this blossoming hobby trend; converts excited to find their first gateway game; serious hobbyists decked out in costumes from their favorite games striving for tournament victory; young children happily learning about a world beyond Candyland here at BGC… the list goes on!

Games & Fun

Board Game Con is the premier event for anyone who loves board games. Over the course of two days, attendees can experience a variety of gaming styles and activities like never before. From classic family favorites to trendy new titles, there is something for everyone to explore. In addition to playing plenty of board games, attendees can also join in on panels with industry professionals, pick up some rare items from vendors, and even participate in game tournaments!

At Board Game Con, board games are played in many diverse ways. There are often collaborations between players that involve two or more people trying to win the same game together. Attendees can also create unusual plays with alternate rules such as adding extra character powers or special scenarios not found in the original rules. This encourages creative team play as well as off-the-cuff competition that diversifies every game experience. Some events specialize in collaborative role-playing and problem solving brainteasers ” sure to challenge even the most experienced gamer’s skills! Finally, Group Play tournaments provide a fun way to show off each attendee’s personal strategy skills by playing against different opponents from around the country; several awards are up for grabs too!

Highlights from This Year’s Con

Board Game Con is one of the biggest and most beloved annual events for board gamers around the world. The convention takes place in different cities each year, giving it a unique flair and allowing attendees to explore new places and cultures. This year’s Board Game Con titled “Game Time!” promises an exciting line-up of activities and events that will be sure to tantalize all attendees. In addition to discussing any new offerings and changes in the layout of the venue, there will also be a spotlight on some of this year’s newest games including featured tabletop titles from Titan Forge Games, Indie Tabletop Games Company, and Eon Magazine’s game-of-the-year winners. Attendees can also look forward to panel discussions with top game designers about their creative process and insights on developing successful gaming experiences as well as an epic nightcap slot featuring a variety of popular competitive and cooperative titles. Additionally, Board Game Con will feature two live tournaments: a classic card game tournament hosted by La Leche League that provides an opportunity to learn new strategies while competing against some of the best players in the world; plus a cosplay tournament held by Danger Kitty Cosmetics that encourages creativity while providing guests with a chance to win great prizes. As Board Game Con continues its tradition of excellence in gaming content, attending “Game Time!” may very well be one of the premier gaming event experiences available all year round.

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Conventions & Culture

Board Game Con is an annual convention celebrating all things board games! It brings together players, designers, and publishers from around the world to enjoy and learn about hundreds of different board games. In addition to this amazing opportunity to play and learn, attendees can take a deep dive into gaming culture.

At Board Game Con, attendees can become immersed in discussions about various collectives and in-jokes that new players may have never heard before. There are even tournaments for those hoping to test their skills against others who have plenty of experience with the game. Since facing off with other enthusiasts makes the event extra special, many veteran players come back year after year looking for a challenge. With each game’s strategic elements continuously changing from year to year due to expansions or new versions, it is easy to stay up-to-date on trends within the hobby at Board Game Con.

The presence of Board Game Con is becoming more prominent in pop culture as well. Many YouTube creators now host videos reviewing board games before they are released so you can see how they play right away. Twitch Streamers similarly give viewers a look into what their favorite traditional or Tabletop RPG looks like early on by hosting casual playthroughs featuring incredible production values. With such representation, it’s no wonder the community surrounding board games continues to grow and create even more buzz each year!

Wrap up

Before attendees leave board game con, encourage them to post pictures and reviews of their experience on social media. Ask them to share their favorite aspects of the convention and tag other friends that should attend next time. Taking pictures of the different events, cosplays, panels, and booths is also a great way to show others what Board Game Con has to offer. Additionally, have people review the overall experience – What did they like or not like? Did they connect with or learn something new from any vendors? Using keywords such as “board games”, “games convention” and other related terms will help promote the event even further. Positive feedback from guests in the form of photos, reviews and comments can go a long way toward generating interest for future conventions.

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