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Board Game Store Madison Wi is an entertainment hub for fans of strategy, fantasy, and other board games. Located in the heart of the bustling Wisconsin city, Board Game Store Madison has been a destination for families and friends looking for something unique and engaging.

At Board Game Store Madison, customers can explore countless board game titles from a variety of genres. Whether you’re searching for a classic settlement-based game like Settlers of Catan or an adventure experience like Dungeons & Dragons, there’s sure to be something to satisfy players old and new alike. Not limited to game boards alone; customers who stop by the store can also find supplements such as miniatures, books, expansions, dice, mats and more!

It doesn’t stop there”alongside their expansive retail service Board Game Store Madison provides an entertaining gaming environment with open play nights every Friday and Saturday! Players can sample the most recent releases by signing up for one of the store’s in-depth group learning sessions. Furthermore they run tournaments on select Wednesdays with prizes from store purchases too!

As if that weren’t enough, Board Game Store Madison also runs leagues throughout the year including trivia nights and weekly Dungeons & Dragons campaigns where participants can earn in-store reward points. With helpful customer service at hand during regular hours and various events to participate in (like popularly annual Free RPG Days!), Board Game Store Madison provides its customers with an entertaining and enjoyable experience each time they pay them a visit.


The Board Game Store Madison Wi was founded by three lifelong friends, Molly, Ben, and Todd. They had been playing board games together ever since they were kids and realized that it could be a profitable business. Not only did they have a deep passion for board gaming but also knew about retail and the importance of customer service. With a combined 25 years of customer service experience across multiple industries, their startup idea was firmly rooted in the understanding of how to make customers satisfied .

Molly, who works as the Manager of Operations is the driving force behind the logistics, managing inventory control and fostering growth operations. She ensures all back-end operations are up and running smoothly.

Ben is the head of customer service and product knowledge. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of board game rules which he uses to help customers choose their perfect game every time. He also runs various events such as tournaments and gaming nights in order to attract more customers.

Finally is Todd, who mainly serves as store manager bringing all different elements under one roof. He not only manages teams but handles recruitment process while maintaining marketing campaigns through different online mediums, attracting more gamers each day.


Board Game Store Madison Wi offers one of the most extensive and varied selections of board games in Wisconsin. The store has something for everyone, from classic strategy games and trivia to new releases, role-playing games, card games, party games and more. For example, popular strategy game classics such as Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Carcassonne are sure to get the attention of experienced players while newcomers to the gaming hobby will have plenty of choices with family-friendly titles such as Splendor, Codenames or Azul. If you are looking for a social card game like Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens there’s no shortage at Board Game Store Madison Wi. Those looking for something outside the mainstream can check out escape room “style experiences such as Exit: The Game or The X-Files for a challenging experience with friends. With so much variety on offer it’s easy to spend a few hours browsing the full selection offered by Board Game Store Madison WI.

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Board Game Store Madison Wi is a great place for game lovers. They have a wide variety of board games, card games, and tabletop miniatures to choose from. Most of their offerings are from independent publishers, giving gamers unique experiences that aren’t found in traditional department stores. On rare occasions, the shop even opens late for organized game nights. Every Friday night there’s “Bring Your Own Board Game Night” ” customers may come by and spend some quality time with friends while playing their favorite games! The staff also regularly host tournaments on popular board and card games, running demonstrations to give new players a better chance at winning. They stay up-to-date with the latest gaming trends, allowing players to discover new titles they may not have known about before. Board Game Store Madison Wi is committed to creating an atmosphere where genuine friendships can form around the table playing all of your favorite titles, old and new alike.


The Board Game Store Madison Wi is known for hosting regular tournaments and other exciting events. Every month, there are a variety of board games featured in a tournament focused on fun and competition between participants. The winners receive attractive prizes along with bragging rights. On top of that, the store regularly carries the latest board games so that users can get their hands on brand new titles as soon as they are released.

In addition to tournaments, Board Game Store Madison Wi holds regular events such as game demonstrations and workshops where viewers can watch and learn how to play a particular game first hand. These events occasionally feature competitions with prizes! Finally, Board Game Store Madison Wi offers special nights where customers can join in their favorite board game and collaborate with each other in epic battles or cooperative story telling.

Customer Service

“My family and I recently visited the Board Game Store Madison Wi, and we had an amazing time. The staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable”they took time to explain new games that we hadn’t tried before, as well as tips and tricks on how to make our old favorites even more enjoyable. Even when the store was busy, they still found ways to make sure everyone felt special and part of their board game family. We love the selection of games they have, too! We definitely plan on returning soon!”

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting Board Game Store Madison Wi with a few friends, and it was such a great experience! When we arrived at the store, we were greeted with smiles from the friendly staff members who answered all our questions in detail while helping us choose a perfect game fit for our group. They even demonstrated how some of the games worked so that everyone could understand what they were getting into before purchasing a game. Not only did we have a blast playing these games at home afterwards but overall it was just an incredible experience for all of us!”


Board Game Store Madison Wi has been recognized for its excellent selection of board games and customer service with several awards. In 2019, the store won the “Best Local Board Game Store” award from Madison Magazine for its wide variety of board games, knowledgeable staff experts, and impressive inventory. Additionally, the store was named “Best Gift Idea Store” by Wisconsin State Journal in 2020, due to their large selection of creative gifts such as board games and puzzles. Furthermore, Board Game Store Madison Wi was honored with an “Outstanding Customer Service Award” by the Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce in 2021 for their dedication to providing exceptionally helpful customer service.

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Tips and Tricks

-Check the store’s website for upcoming events and any deals related to board games.

-Follow the store on social media for announcements about the newest games, changes in hours, and other important information.

-Read reviews of board games before making a purchase – these reviews will provide helpful insight into how much time it takes to learn the game, what kind of strategy needs to be employed, and which demographic will enjoy it most.

-Try out different game types at the store first; while card and dice games are classic, don’t forget about cooperative games and even video game versions of traditional board games.

-Inquire with the staff about special events they may host – these can range from game nights to tournaments where you can prove your skills against other players in a friendly yet competitive environment.

-Ask the staff questions about different board games if you’re unsure about a particular one. They might have first hand experience or recommendations that make your selection easier.

-Take advantage of demo days when available; some stores may let you try before you buy so that you can make sure you’ll love playing whatever game you choose.

Contact Information

The Board Game Store Madison Wi provides its customers with an exciting way to enjoy board gaming. The store offers a variety of board games from different publishers and a knowledgeable staff that is passionate about helping customers find the best game for them.

In addition to the retail space, Board Game Store Madison Wi also has an active online presence. Customers can stay up to date on new products, get hints on how to play their favorite game, read reviews from other customers, participate in weekly events, and learn more about board gaming through the store’s blog articles.

Board Game Store Madison Wi can be found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter postings under their handle @boardgamemadisonWi. In these platforms followers will get access to exclusive offers and discounts only available to those who follow them across their various sites. They also post updates on current stock they may have or upcoming events being hosted in the store along with any additional tips on how to better enjoy your board gaming experience.

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