Board Game Themed Wedding Invitations


Board game themed wedding invitations are a creative and fun way to let your guests know that you’re getting married. They show off your personalities and celebrate the timeless tradition of playing board games together. From classic titles like Clue, Monopoly and Scrabble, to modern favorites like Catan or Ticket to Ride, they’re sure to be conversation starters at the reception. Whether you want a serious design or something more whimsical, board game themed wedding invitations can make your ceremony just as unforgettable as the games themselves.

With a board game themed wedding invitation, couples are able to portray their quirky side while still bringing a touch of nostalgia and class to their big day. The great thing about this theme is that there’s something for everyone – from super-fans of specific games like Life and Battleship, to those that prefer the intricate details in Risk or Chess. There’s no lack of ways to personalize these fun invites too – from vintage font styles to colorful accents! Furthermore, it can be tailored for either intimate ceremonies or large fetes; whether you have few invited friends or a variety of family and friends in attendance, there’s always room for an amazing board game invitation design. Additionally, visitors who may not be familiar with traditional playtime staples will appreciate how unique these designs are compared to other traditional wedding invite options – making them truly one-of-a-kind. Finally, these eye-catching invites offer a wonderful reminder of your special day by providing your guests with an inviting ‘play again soon’ sentiment ” perfect for adding an extra sparkle or two!

The Benefits of Board Game Themed Invites

Board game themed wedding invitations offer unique and fun ways for couples to express their personalities. Not only will your guests be thrilled to see a creative, board game inspired invitation adorning their mailbox, but the theme is also sure to bring some joy to your big day by invoking games like chess, checkers, or even a simple card game. Board game themed wedding invitations can come in many forms- from detailed calligraphic invites that prominently feature the king and queen pieces of a chess set, to more colorful designs featuring beloved characters from classic board games such as Monopoly. The end result is sure to be both special and memorable.

Not only do board game themed wedding invitations help express the couple’s personalities and style, but they also promise an enjoyable event for everyone involved. After all, who doesn’t find at least some enjoyment in playing a rousing game or two? At the reception, you could build on the theme with fun activities such as speaking bingo or trivia nights centered around popular board games that everyone remembers playing as children. It’s important when selecting any type of wedding invitation or theme that it should match your own personality; this includes being able to express and enact that very same personality through festivities during your big day!

Creative Features of Board Game Themed Invites

Board game themed wedding invitations can offer a unique feature to any couple’s special day. Couples can express their love for board games in a fun and playful way by showcasing beloved board games on the design of their wedding invites. Popular choices for board game themed choices range from classics like Monopoly and Scrabble, to fun family favorites like Candyland and Trivial Pursuit. Some couples even choose to go the extra step and have creative elements like customizing the box, pieces or rules of the game! This allows them to customize something special that won’t be replicated on anyone else’s invite.

Other creative features of board game themed wedding invites are that they offer more variety than traditional designs. Along with having the option of classic designs such as Monopoly, couples can also find pixelated versions of their idols filled into video-game inspired boards or incorporate strategic themes taken directly from battle-based strategy games such as Risk or Stratego. Traditional photographs are often replaced with clever graphics made up of playing pieces pulled from various games”or instead incorporated onto playing cards or specially crafted character-like figures ” all brought together through elegant die cuts and origami folds. This leaves endless possibilities for couples seeking unique ways to celebrate their big day in an original manner!

Choosing the Right Game

When designing your board game-themed wedding invitations, start by choosing the right game to use for inspiration. Consider what type of game best reflects you as a couple: Are you puzzle enthusiasts? Do you love to laugh at classic party games? Or do strategy and classic board games speak more to your relationship dynamic?

Once you’ve identified the perfect game to represent your relationship, take into account the color palette from the board, any intricate details that stand out and how many components each design has. Break elements such as background pattern or primary color off a single-piece Board Game card for use in your invitation’s imagery or layout. Incorporate textured graphics such as constructed card corners to add a flourish of texture with minimal effort. Additionally, select fonts that match playing cards or dice found on traditional board games ” checkered or blocky typography evokes classic Monopoly boards while thin curves match off Yahtzee scorecards. Finally, subtle nuances give your invitation an extra oomph: Swap in artwork influenced by familiar characters or popular player pieces like Battleship’s “miss” and “hit” circles and paper clips, Clue suspects Mr. Green or Professor Plum, or draw guidance from chess pieces” all contribute can help bring your chosen theme alive on paper.

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Working with Puzzle Pieces

Incorporating puzzles into your wedding invitation designs is a unique touch that evokes board game vibes and adds an element of fun. To pull this style together, you’ll want to focus on creating puzzle pieces that look like they fit together when layered or side-by-side. Start by customizing the shape of each piece. You can go wild with it; make a heart shape, add delicate curves or keep it traditional with squares, rectangles, and triangles.

From there, use different fonts and typography sizes to draw attention to certain words. A great way to do this is using one statement font for the event details and a script font for the names of the bride and groom. If you have room in your layout, you can also add simple shapes such as stars, circles, or dots for an extra detail within each piece of the puzzle.

For an even more creative element, add embellishments like foil stamping for sparkle or contrasts in color between each invite layer”a full package of individual puzzle pieces that come together in harmony. Once you have everything laid out just how you want it, glue your layers together onto standard cardstock so they’re ready to mail.

Crafting Your Own Board Game Themed Invitations

Creating board game themed invitations to your wedding is a great way to add a fun, interactive touch to your special day. To begin crafting your own unique design, consider some of the following tips and ideas:

1. Start by selecting a specific game as the basis for you design. It could be something as classic as Monopoly or Uno, or something more modern like Cards Against Humanity or Settlers of Catan – the important thing is that it reflects your personal style and the feeling of your wedding celebration.

2. Get creative with using game components on the invitation itself. Instead of using traditional fonts, think about using dice faces or playing cards as part of your message. Or maybe use custom-decorated meeples in place of regular return address labels!

3. Choose complementary colors to match with your chosen theme and build on them throughout other pieces in your stationery suite, such as save-the-date cards or thank you notes. Bright yellows and blues pair nicely with Monopoly invitations, for example, while greens and browns are perfect for Catan-inspired designs.

4. Add playful language that incorporates gaming lingo into the main message – “roll the dice” can symbolize taking a chance on love, for example – to make sure guests know this is unlike any other wedding invitation they’ve received! And for an extra special touch, include a photo from one of your top gaming sessions together and make sure to print copies to share at the ceremony too!

Making It Eye-Catching

When it comes to board game themed wedding invitations, you’ll want to make sure that all eyes are on your invitation when it arrives in the mail. To create an eye-catching look for you board game themed wedding invitation, consider adding vivid colors and bold designs. For example, a brightly colored cardstock with a colorful poster of your favorite game might be just what you need to make your invitation stand out from the rest of our guests’ mail. For additional flair, consider printing three-dimensional features such as dice or miniaturized figures into your invitation ” these would definitely be something unique! You could also add realistic touches like traditional woodblock elements along with abstract patterns inspired by real-life gaming scenarios. Finally, top off the look with metallic ink or laser etching that adds some extra shine and glam. By taking the time to find unique visual finishes for your board gamethemed wedding invitations, you’ll end up with beautiful stationery that all of your guests will love!

Attract Guests with Unique Ideas

Your wedding invitations play a crucial role in letting your friends and family members know that you are soon to be married. For couples who enjoy playing board games or want to add a bit of an edge to their big day, a board game themed wedding invitation can make all the difference.

These types of invitations are stylish, creative, and memorable. Depending on the type of board game you choose as inspiration for your wedding stationery, there can be plenty of options for making the design completely unique.

For instance, for those who are inspired by classic board games like Monopoly or Chess, the usual street signs, thumb pieces and properties on the boards can be worked into logos that can be printed onto unique paper types, such as locust bark paper. Something else to consider is how you could utilize old-school pieces as buttons for attaching RSVPs – these items perfectly combine form and function!

Using double-sided printing techniques or multi-layered designs with ribbons and laces may help you create elegant photo invitations with images from your engagement shoot that capture the spirit of your beloved game. Some people also like incorporating excerpts from rules on their cards – this creates not just something that looks great but also educates guests about their favorite hobby at the same time!

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You can even go further with attractive fonts that evoke different times – think 1930s/1940s style fonts inspired by Victorian board designs which have been used in various movies! Finally, use brightly colored envelopes to ensure every invitee receives a cheerful greeting they won’t forget!

Practical Considerations

When planning a board game themed wedding, there are many practical considerations to take into account. One of the most important is the timeline. You will want to make sure your invitations are sent out in enough time that all your guests are able to make it or provide their apologies.

To ensure your timeline stays on track, you must first finalize all details behind the scenes. This means making decisions like what type of board game style invitation you want and then ordering those invitations. Be sure to allow for adequate lead time for designing, printing and shipping them out to your recipients. It’s also important to include an RSVP card or website RSVP link with each invitation, so that you can properly plan for seating arrangements, catering, etc. Once your invitations have been sent out and responded to, create a guest list and send this information along with other important details (start time, dress code and location) to any service providers that are involved in the wedding ceremony or reception (e.g., florists, caterers). Being organized and timely on these items will help ensure the success of your board-game-themed wedding celebration!

A Complete Wedding Setup

Board game themed weddings combine the love of games with a memorable and unique celebration. With a complete setup, couples can construct a romantic atmosphere reminiscent of classic board games like chess, Scrabble and Monopoly. Whether they choose a retro look or modern take, they can style the wedding invitations to match their board game theme, as well as highlight all the details leading up to the big day!

To provide inspiration for couples looking to embrace board game themes at their wedding, we have compiled example photos or videos of complete board game themed weddings. Couples are encouraged to scroll through each image or watch the video for ideas on how to recreate everything from decorations, color schemes and outfits inspired by actual board games.

The bridesmaids may be dressed in black and white checkerboard dresses with handmade crowns crafted out of iconic card icons like diamonds and spades. The groomsmen could each don sailor caps with coordinating suspenders featuring dice accents. Together the couple could pose for photos in front of colorful backdrops fashioned after famous European landscape tile sets from movie moments like The Settlers of Catan series.

Guests might make their way through customized Arches-style gates”each adorned with chess pieces”to navigate inside where their tables awaits them. For entertainment between courses, guests may get engaged in remote-controlled car racing around floral checkerboard tracks designed around each table. As favors go out at the end of the night, scissors barrettes decorated with Greedo pieces emblazoned along checkered fabric will surely do the trick!

Where to Buy

If you’re looking for the best source of materials to create board game themed wedding invitations, look no further than online stores or craft shops. There are plenty of places that specialize in supplies for board games, such as card sleeves, felt dice trays, and counters. Additional materials such as card stock, stickers, stamps and die-cut design pieces can also be found in most art and craft stores. If you prefer to shop online there are sites dedicated to gaming supplies which offer great discounts and a vast selection of items including game boards. There are also websites offering custom services so you can get exactly what you need for specific designs and requests. Whatever your style or preference is sure to find all the elements for making your own beautiful board game themed wedding invitations.


When selecting a board game themed wedding invitation, there are several online galleries of professional designs available for inspiration. These digital templates provide couples with stylish, high-quality invitations based on popular board games such as Monopoly, Sorry!, and Life. The templates come with easy-to-follow instructions and can be modified to meet personal preferences in order to make each invite unique. You can also browse through custom sketches or graphic images inspired by classic board games and create a one-of-a kind invitation that fits your personality and style. Themes often include game tokens, spinner icons, vintage playing pieces, illustrations of the infamous thimble, boot and wheelbarrow, colorful dice sets ” even whimsical images of life sized versions of popular board games like CandyLand or Clue! With all the creative possibilities a board game themed invite has to offer ” you can personalize them with your own special touches such as heartfelt quotes or photographs that represent your favorite childhood memories – this is sure to add just the right touch of sparkle & nostalgia to capture the essence of your joyful day!

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