Burglar Board Game


Burglar Board Game is a family-friendly board game that requires strategy and skill. Players take on the role of burglars and must collect items from locations around town while avoiding getting caught by the police. The goal is to be the most successful burglar and have the most money at the end of the game. Players move around a 3D themed town picking up loot to steal, completing missions for more stuff, and utilizing various tools like lockpicks and vault combinations to access more lucrative locations. They must also evade police officers patrolling the streets by outsmarting them or being swift enough to not alert their attention. Players take turns, roll dice, and make decisions in order to accumulate wealth while also trying to stop their opponents from doing so at the same time! With exciting chases, thrilling gameplay, and plenty of loot on hand, Burglar Board Game is sure to charm both children and adults alike!

Overview of Different Versions

The Burglar Board Game has been around since the late 1940s, and it has gone through a few iterations since then. The game is still widely available today in many different versions. Here are some of the different versions you may find:

– Vintage Version: You can still find copies of the original version from the 1940s online and in second-hand stores. What makes the vintage edition so fun is that the cards and pieces included often have a unique charm that modern versions lack.

– Deluxe Edition: For those looking for an improved version, there’s a deluxe edition that was released more recently by Megablocks. It includes larger playing pieces with better graphics, as well as a higher quality board game design.

– Travel Edition: Also released by Megablocks is a travel version of Burglar where you can reclaim stolen loot while you’re on the go. This one comes complete with smaller playing pieces, and a pocket-sized board game complete with removable “loot” cards that join together like puzzle pieces.

– Electronic Version: ThinkFun Gaming also includes an electronic version of Burgler Board Game that allows players to use real life clues to discover hidden treasure. Players move around on an interactive map using their smart phones or tablets through an accompanying mobile app as they make their way around this digitally enhanced board game world. With this version, you’re connected online with other players who are also involved in your adventure!


Burglar is a classic board game for two to four players. The aim is to be the first player to successfully grab the most loot and return home safely”but watch out for alarms, police, and criminals along the way. Players must strategically navigate through a New York City-inspired map filled with challenge cards, tokens, and dice rolls.

To start, each player picks a character card and receives their own score pad and tally counter. Players then roll the dice to determine who goes first; the highest roller is the starting player. On your turn, you roll two dice ” one determines how many spaces you can move on the board; the other shows which direction (left or right) you can take.

Once on your new space, you draw an action card that may direct you to enter a building or steal loot without setting off an alarm. Depending on how many people are playing or what kind of luck you have with the draw of cards, this could tell you if there are any defenders in certain buildings so be careful! You will also receive reward tokens as rewards for successfully stealing loot ” earning more than your opponents will increase your score at game’s end.

If several players end up at the same location in this heist-filled world, any extra distance travelled beyond six spaces earns one extra point per space passed past that spot. Of course, if someone trips an alarm then they lose points instead! If a thief runs into a police officer it’s time for them to head back home immediately – but not before collecting all of their rewards from successfully completed jobs along the way. The first player who returns home with all of their rewards ultimately wins!


The objective of Burglar board game is to steal as many loot items as possible and makes your way back to the beginning location without getting caught by a patrolling police officer. Players take turns choosing movement cards that dictate how many spaces they move. The goal is to accumulate more loot than the other players, while avoiding the police officer with careful planning and strategy.

To successfully win the Burglar Board Game, players must think tactically and strategically to accumulate the most loot within their given moves. Careful observation, problem-solving skills, resource management, and good decision-making are all key components that will help you maneuver through the board effectively. Players should identify where the loot items are located and which routes are best for avoiding detection from the police officer. When collecting loot, it’s important not to place too much emphasis on just one item – rather spread out your resources across several items so that you can continue moving in order to collect other things along the way. Additionally, communication between players can help strategize against the police officer if there are multiple opponents playing at once.
Players may also need to use alternative paths or find hiding spots in order to overcome obstacles or increase their chances of escaping detection by the police. Thinking fast on your feet (or wheels) will certainly be necessary if you hope to achieve success!

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The main challenge in the Burglar Board Game is to accomplish your goal of stealing enough loot while avoiding being caught by the police. You need to be stealthy and clever when moving around the board, as you could get busted by the cops at any time. Planning smart routes that move through neighborhoods that are less heavily guarded can help you to avoid detection. Additionally, taking advantage of Environmental objects such as vaults, fences and ladders can help you to sneak around more effectively and quickly pick up loot without getting detected. You also need to watch out for any traps or special items that appear on the board which can either help or hinder your progress. Finally, making sure you save up enough money to bribe the cops when necessary is another important part of successfully completing this game.


The Burglar board game is a fun and exciting game for people of all ages. It consists of several components that allow you to explore your inner thief and complete the tasks necessary to become the ultimate burglar!

The first component of this game is a large game board which has been designed by professionals to look like an actual house. On one side of the board are rooms that have various objects such as safes and jewelry boxes, while on the other side are entryways and exits from different thieves. The board also features some interactive elements such as doors marked with different symbols or numbers which have to be matched correctly in order to dispense prizes for completing various tasks.

Another component of the burglar board game is a set of cards with crimes listed on them, each with a different reward. Players use these cards to try and complete heists around the house while also attempting to avoid getting caught by police officers patrolling the property. Some rewards are small amounts of money while others may include rare items such as jewelry or antiques. Lastly, there is typically a few pieces of equipment provided such as lock picks, flashlights, crowbars, etc., which helps players gather clues throughout their exploration.


The Burglar Board Game is a unique and exciting way to bring people together for a group activity in a fun, immersive and interactive environment. Burglar provides a thrilling game experience without requiring expensive equipment and setup. Therefore, it is ideal for households with limited space or those who don’t have room for the typical board game setup. Players of all ages can appreciate this game as it requires strategy and skill to succeed at the game’s objective while players pass through an exciting heist-style play environment. Players also learn social skills as they practice working together, strategizing and problem solving during their rounds. Additionally, players gain an understanding of reward systems as they navigate their way through the levels to success. Overall, the Burglar Board Game is an excellent way to bring together diverse groups of people for entertainment that encourages new ways of interacting with each other to gain the ultimate reward.

Tips and Tricks

1. Study the board: Pay attention to how the game works and study the board carefully. Knowing exactly where all of the pieces are and what they do will help when planning strategy.

2. Strategy is key: Think ahead before making a move. Consider your options, inlcuding what your opponent’s next moves could be, to gain the most reward from each turn.

3. Avoid overconfidence: Don’t overestimate yourself or underestimate your opponent and make sure you’re always one step ahead. Even if you think you have a winning strategy, never underestimate how smart and cunning your opponents can be.

4. Gain allies: If there are other players involved, building alliances with them may be beneficial as they can help protect your assets while providing valuable resources to further your goals. Just be sure to choose wisely which players you trust as some may not have your best interests in mind!

5. Be alert: Keep track of what every player is doing throughout the entire game so that you’re not caught off guard. Also keep an eye out for opportunities where you can take advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or missteps and come out ahead in the end.

6. Take risks: That being said, don’t be afraid to take chances; sometimes a little risk-taking can pay off big time by netting a big score! Depending on the situation, it might even be worth it to sacrifice some items or parts of certain strategies if it means getting closer to winning in the long run ” just make sure that any risks you take offer a higher reward than cost!

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The Burglar Board Game is a great way to challenge your gaming skills and have loads of fun. Players become burglars who are stealing valuables for their own personal gain. It’s an exciting game that everyone can enjoy with two or more players.

The game is set up with a board, five obstacles, four random objects, and six burglars. Each burglar receives a card that determines the next move they can make. On each turn, the player must decide whether to take a risk or keep to their plan by moving forward or backward on the board. Players must be careful not to get caught by one of the obstacles which act as police forces trying to stop them from stealing. If they reach the other side of the board before getting detected, they will successfully steal all four of their randomly drawn objects and increase their score!

The overall experience of playing Burglar Board Game is one full of thrilling excitement and competition! The main goal is to be one step ahead of everyone else and reach your treasure without getting caught or making any mistakes along the way. Players must plan out every move efficiently in order to survive and reach the final destination. With crucial decisions made every turn and a winding path full of danger around every corner, Burglar Board Game provides fantastic entertainment for all involved!


Burglar Board Game is similar to traditional logic and deduction board games such as Clue or Scotland Yard. In these types of game, players work together to quickly check rooms and try to uncover clues to solve a mystery. Burglar Board Game puts a unique spin on the format; instead of solving a mystery, players take on the roles of burglars trying to break into a home and make off with as many treasures as possible. As an exciting twist, players must use their wits to outsmart each other while working together against the security guard.

Unlike Clue or Scotland Yard however, which deals primarily with logic and deduction-based play, Burglar Board Game hones in on strategy and planning skills when it comes to outmaneuvering your opponents. Players must carefully construct paths around the house while also taking care not to leave themselves too exposed or vulnerable where they could be caught. Similarly, players must creatively think up new strategies such as splitting up into teams so that they can cover more ground during one turn or distraction tactics that allow them to move about more freely without being noticed by the guard patrolling the premises. This aspect makes Burglar Board Game an engaging puzzle for all ages!

Final Thoughts

The Burglar Board Game is an exciting and thrilling game for all ages. It’s easy to learn yet difficult to master, making it a great family game night activity. The object of the game is to be the first burglar to collect all the loot money from each location and make it back safely to your hideout, without getting caught by the police. With its exciting approach, unpredictable outcomes and hidden surprises, this board game is sure to keep everyone on their toes with anticipation!

With so many different strategies available, the Burglar Board Game provides a great challenge for players of all ages. There are always new schemes being developed and tested as people come up with more creative ways of outsmarting the police while still making it back to their hideouts in one piece! This level of interactivity allows players to really engage in the game while staying on guard – you never know when a police officer will suddenly turn up or pull up next them. Additionally, different crew members also require varying combinations of successful rolls and strategies in order for them successfully complete their mission. All these elements add up for even more meaningful play sessions as each person works together as a team or decides to go solo against their opponents and try to steal as much loot money from around the city as possible!

The Burglar Board Game is a fantastic way for families or friends to spend some time together creating fun memories and sharing stories about adventures gone by – after all, that’s what being a burglar is all about! With its combination of luck, challenge and problem-solving skills required for play, this board game ensures that there’s something for everyone involved who wants in on some cheap thrills!

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