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The Choice Words Board Game was created by the game designer, Richard Moore. After spending 30 years in the advertising business, Moore had a realization that the way words and phrases were used could determine how successful communication between individuals would be. Based on this belief, he developed an amusing yet enlightening board game that focuses on improving people’s ability to communicate effectively by choosing the right words for any situation. The goal of the board game is twofold: it encourages players to pay attention to their language and how it affects language towards others, while also providing a fun and thought provoking experience. Players must roll dice, correctly answer trivia questions, draw cards and notice patterns in order to advance around the board. They must then come up with “choice words” in response to each situation they encounter as they make their way around the board.

Exploration of Gameplay

Choice Words is a fun and engaging board game for two to four players. To play the game, each player takes a turn placing colorful word cards of varying complexity in the center of the board. The object of Choice Words is to be the first player to complete an entire row of seven words that are connected by either their definition or usage. If a complete row cannot be made with the provided cards, players can trade in one of their cards to draw a new one from the pile instead.

To keep track of turns, all players should fill up their corresponding bingo game boards when it’s their turn on their turn card. When a word card has been placed in the middle, all players have five choices to make: match its color/shape pairing; create a matching adjective and noun combination; match two objects; position two words on either side of two other words to make new phrases; or form three words with any mix-and-match possibilities.

In order to get ahead in the game, players must plan out their moves carefully and practice correct spelling and grammar rules. It’s also wise for players not to give away too much information about what color/shape pairing or phrase they are attempting to match in advance, as this can give an advantage to opponents who might try copying their moves! For those who like friendly competition, there are also alternate rule sets which allow for strategic point scoring systems based on each completed word arrangement.

Board Game Help

New players should remember that playing Choice Words requires commitment but more importantly creativity! Once you understand how each piece works together you will be able to strategize and adjust your plans accordingly if needed. With practice and patience, Choice Words can be mastered!


The Choice Words Board Game is a great way of improving cognitive skills, increasing creativity and fostering engagement. The game is designed to help individuals develop problem solving skills, boost critical thinking and inspire creativity. Through the use of logical reasoning, players make decisions and create solutions with ever-changing outcomes. Additionally, playing this game allows people to engage in conversations while they take mental journeys as they learn more about each other. As an added bonus, the game encourages cooperation over competition in problem solving and introduces different perspectives on how to approach situations. In sum, playing the Choice Words Board Game can assist individuals in improving their communication and decision making abilities, as well as their overall creativity.

Player Reaction

Customer Reviews:

“I love Choice Words Board Game! My family and I had so much fun playing it. It’s great to play with a group of people, but you can also just play 1-on-1. The characters are all really interesting and it’s a great way to develop your vocabulary. My kids especially enjoyed the bonus rounds which test their knowledge of grammar and word usage.”

“My friends and I often get together on the weekends and play board games. Choice Words is one of our favorites now! It’s vibrant, easy to understand and has tons of replay value. We laugh a lot when we’re playing it. Highly recommend!”

“I’m so glad my son purchased this board game for us! It helps us learn about words in an enjoyable way. The game is challenging – at times I’m even stumped! But that’s part of the fun – it keeps me on my toes. Definitely worth the purchase.”

Interesting Facts

The Choice Words Board Game was created by Edward Biles, a graduate of McGill University in Montreal. It is designed to teach children 3-12 years old the importance of being conscious about the words they choose and how those words affect others. The game was designed with the help of dozens of grade four students from an elementary school in Ontario as well as classically trained speech pathologists from Toronto. Edward claims that his board game is one of the most successful additions to teaching English as a Second Language within Canada.

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Choice Words Board Game is a fun and easy-to-learn word game for all ages. Developed by Hasbro, the board game has a 6×6 grid of tiles that feature different words with four or six letters on each tile. Players take turns sliding one of their own tiles onto the board to create new words. The objective of the game is to use your letter tiles in combination to create longer words and score more points than your opponent.

This fun and family-friendly board game has been widely rated and reviewed among critics and customers alike, with many reporting hours of enjoyment from the strategy involved in making clever combinations. In addition, Choice Words Board Game is perfect for kids who are learning how to read and creating compound words as well as perfect for adults who want to test their vocabulary against other players.

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Choice Words Board Game is an exciting and innovative way to improve your vocabulary. Through interesting tasks, mini-games and imaginative play, players increase their language proficiency while having fun. If you’re looking for a creative way to engage with language learning, Choice Words Board Game is the perfect solution. With vibrant visuals and a thoughtful design, this board game encourages cooperation and builds confidence in learners of all ages. So take your pick, add Choice Words Board Game to your collection”you won’t be sorry! To purchase or gather more information about the board game, visit

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