Should I Use A Fulfillment Company For My Board Game

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Case Studies

As a successful board game company, you might be considering using a fulfillment company to help manage your operations and logistics. There are many precedent cases demonstrating the value of doing so:

In 2018, Space Cowboys, the makers of award-winning board game Scythe, started working with Fulfillment Europe to ship their games out to customers around the world. By using Fulfillment Europe’s international distribution network and ISO systems for quality control, Space Cowboys were able to reduce their delivery times in European countries by up to 15 days”which resulted in improved customer satisfaction (and likely more sales).

Board game manufacturer Asmodee used a third party logistics provider on a major launch in 2016. Prioritizing customer experience, they drastically reduced their lead time from 90 days down to 14 days while reducing overhead costs. This allowed them to focus on marketing and product development instead of spending excessive resources managing inventory and shipping.

Stronghold Games also achieved remarkable growth after splitting off from its parent company days before the COVID pandemic began in early 2020. Citing shorter lead times as being essential to their success during this time period, Stronghold brought on Indiana-based The WhiteFir Group for warehouse & fulfillment services that allowed them to enter new markets without taking away from their core operations & mission

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If you’re planning to create, sell, and store a board game, using a fulfillment company may be the ideal choice. Fulfillment companies specialize in warehousing, order fulfillment, shipping, customer service and returns processing for a wide range of products. When you outsource these tasks to a third-party supplier, it helps reduce labor costs and allows you to focus on other areas of your business such as product development and marketing.

When selecting a vendor to handle the logistics of your board game distribution, there are several factors to consider:

1) Price – The cost of using a fulfillment company usually depends on the size and weight of your products. Additionally, services that provide international shipping tend to cost more than those that offer domestic only. When selecting a partner, investigate their price structure for different services so you can compare costs before committing.

2) Location – If you choose an overseas fulfillment company or one located in another state, remember that shipping costs can get expensive if the distance is too far from where your customers reside most commonly. However, if you have customers all over the globe then an international vendor might be the way to go inorder to match demand throughout all regions.

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3) Services – You’ll want to review what types of services are offered by each potential partner before making a decision. Some will provide real-time inventory tracking so you always know how much stock is remaining while others may only offer order fulfillment and shipment via fixed delivery schedules. It’s important to choose one that matches your needs precisely otherwise it might become difficult for them to meet those requirements without additional fees or delays.

4) Flexibility – As with any business arrangement it’s essential to find a vendor who can handle changes quickly; from increasing orders due sudden spikes in demand or dealing with customer issues when something goes wrong during transit ” find out ahead of time how well each provider adapts rapidly to unforeseen circumstances when selectig which one works for you best!


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Customer service is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a fulfillment company to work with. Utilizing a fulfillment company that offers excellent customer service will help ensure customers receive their orders quickly, any issues can be handled swiftly, and everyone’s satisfaction remains high.

When it comes to selecting a fulfillment provider, review the satisfaction ratings from previous customers. Look for providers who offer clear communication and timely responses. Additionally, check out customer reviews and read up on the available customer support options and response time. For example, can you contact them via email or phone? Does the fulfillment provide offer live chat during operational hours? It’s essential to know what happens if there are problems with your order such as errors in shipping address or transit times. Ultimately, choose a team that puts your customer experience first!

Research shipping options

Using a fulfillment company is a great way to efficiently handle the many steps involved in selling your board game. It can be highly beneficial to research different companies and compare their services and costs before making any decisions.

Start by researching the shipping providers that each fulfillment company works with, determine which ones offer the best rates for domestic and international shipments and delivery speed. Shipping rates vary between carriers, so make sure you know what kind of package size your game fits into so you can accurately compare prices. Make sure to factor in additional costs, such as warehouse storage and packing fees. Also read reviews from customers who have used the service”this is a great way to get firsthand feedback on customer service, quality of packed boxes, and timely delivery of packages.

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Additionally, it’s worthwhile to look into how companies market themselves, since this could increase your chances of finding a fulfillment partner that can add value to your business. Look for companies specializing in certain types of products (for example: children’s toys) or offers other services such as assembly or custom packaging solutions”these can be helpful when marketing board games online or at events/retail locations.

All in all, researching different fulfillment companies and shipping providers is an important part of deciding whether a fulfillment company is right for handling orders related to your board game. You should open communication with potential partners, ask questions”and take time reviewing their policies regarding returns/exchanges””to ensure they provide the quality service you’re looking for before committing to any agreement terms.

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When deciding if you should use a fulfillment company for your board game, there are several tips to keep in mind. First, make sure that you have a clear understanding of the terms and services offered by the company. This includes researching their capacity for manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, customer service, returns and other special services that may be needed to manage your inventory. You will also need to consider how much storage space the company has and if they are able to accommodate any special packaging requirements of your product.

Additionally, make sure that they provide a reliable tracking system or features like temperature control so that you can know exactly where orders are at all times. Finally, research their reputation and customer reviews to get an idea of the level of satisfaction with their services.

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