Chop Suey Board Game


The Chop Suey Board Game was created in 1929 by Edwin S. Lowe and Jack Strauss. It is believed to be a Canadian-American invention based on an old Chinese game that was played with small stones. The game became very popular in the 1930s and 1940s and is still played today. It is a favorite of both children and adults alike. The game involves players rolling dice, collecting cards, building restaurants, and trying to control the most valuable pieces of real estate. Players score points for their restaurant chains, money collected during play, investments made in other restaurants, victories over competitors, and money earned from taxes.

How to Play

Chop Suey is a board game that can be played with two to four players. The object of the game is to get as many colored stones around the board as possible before the other players do. Players take turns rolling the die and moving their pieces around the board. Along the way, they will pick up cards from different chop suey related categories, like Food, Not Food, Culture, or Anything Goes. After collecting seven cards of different categories, they must move their piece to the central home base and shout “CHOP SUEY” ” whoever shouts first and correctly can win an extra turn! As each player accumulates stones by correctly answering questions about their collected cards, they must take them back to home base and shout “CHOW MEIN!” Whoever shouts first and correctly puts their stone in front of themselves also earns an extra turn. If a player receives all seven stones at once by either asking or answering a question correctly they are announced as ‘the Winner!’ Play continues until one player has completed their collection of seven stones becoming Chop Suey Champion!.

Benefits & Drawbacks

The Chop Suey Board Game is an interactive and fun game that encourages team play. With this game, friends or family work together as a team to try to be the first to build their own Windmill. Through cooperation, players can brainstorm ideas and strategize with each other in order to win. This type of cooperative play helps players think more critically and benefit from the collective strengths of the team.

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At the same time, coordinating strategies may be challenging in this game. As teams discuss and decide on strategies, there may be different opinions among each other that could slow down progress and cause frustration among teammates. Ultimately, it is important for all players to remain patient, work together towards one common goal, and maintain an open-minded attitude when discussing strategies in order for everyone to have a positive experience playing Chop Suey.

Strategy & Tactics

The role of luck in the Chop Suey Board Game is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, luck can provide an advantage to players who draw cards that give them extra points or allow them to move around the game board faster. On the other hand, those same cards can be disadvantageous if they must be shared with another player. Thus, it’s important for players to have strategies to overcome the luck of the draw.

One way of overcoming luck would be by predicting when and where certain pieces are likely to land on the board by using mathematical probability or deduction. In addition, having knowledge of how other people are playing can also help make better decisions on which spots to move ahead toward and maximize your score. Another tactic could involve focusing on collecting ingredient cards rather than trying to hit jackpots on single spaces ” this strategy gives more control over when and how you score big points, since you’re able to build up a decent amount through multiple card draws throughout the game. Finally, it would be beneficial for players to develop a basic understanding of patterns in order recognize best moves and stay ahead of their opponents.


The Chop Suey board game can have different degrees of complexity and variety depending on the version being played. For example, when playing a basic version of the game, there will be fewer pieces and fewer rules to follow, making it suitable for younger children or newcomer players. On the other hand, a more complex variation could include additional pieces as well as additional rules and objectives to keep track of. This could make the game more challenging and engaging for experienced players by introducing an element of unpredictability or strategy. Similarly, different versions of the game can also offer greater variety in terms of character goals or rewards. For instance, one version might feature special reward cards that affect how points are scored at the end of each round, while another might feature more diverse characters with differing abilities or statuses in order to make the gameplay more dynamic and strategic.

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“Playing Chop Suey is one of the most exhilarating experiences I have ever had! It is so much fun, and I love the feeling of getting into it. The game has different levels and complexities that keep you on your toes. You can easily spend hours trying to master each level.” – Professional Gamer

“I’ve been playing Chop Suey for a while now, and I love it! It’s a fantastic game with tons of strategy involved. Every turn you have to think outside the box and come up with clever ways to use the tiles in your favor.” – Professional Gamer

“Chop Suey is definitely a challenging board game, but it is also incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of it. The layers of strategies that can be implemented are pretty impressive, making for an intense yet thoroughly enjoyable experience.” – Professional Gamer

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