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The City Of The Great Machine board game is an exciting new adventure game that challenges players to build and grow a vibrant city. Players will use energy cubes to purchase and connect buildings, while discovering powerful relics of ancient civilizations as they progress through the game. This gameplay video will provide an overview of the unique mechanics in City Of The Great Machine, with step-by-step instructions for playing.

We’ll begin by setting up the board, which features a 3×3 grid with nine buildings of various shapes and sizes. Before the start of each turn, each player takes one energy cube from the supply pile. Each cube is used for buying new buildings and connecting them together on the grid. The clues found on building cards can also be used for making new connections between buildings in your city.

Next, we’ll discuss how to win City Of The Great Machine. Points are awarded at the end of each round based on building placement and how much your network has connected over other players’ networks. As buildings become larger, they include bonus effects like freeing up additional resources or generating more points when strategic locations are occupied.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the special relics you can discover throughout your journey such as “The Gauntlet” or “The Crown” The effects they have vary widely depending on where they are placed in relation to your networks ” so make sure you have some spare cubes ready if you want to gain their full benefit!

So now you should be ready to experience all of the fun and excitement that City Of The Great Machine has to offer. So grab a few friends and get playing!

Expansion Sets

City Of The Great Machine Board Game is an exciting tabletop game that puts players in charge of designing a great city machine. It was already an engaging game experience when it released, and the availability of expansion sets provides more ways to enjoy it. The expansion sets provide new cards to collect and new levels with interesting challenges. With these expansions, players can construct different machines while they test their engineering aptitude in creative ways. Some expansions feature giant retrofitted robots towering over the table as they perform tasks like collecting resources or battling each other in epic duels. The additional content brings a fresh feeling to returning players and encourages veterans to bring others into their gaming circle. Ultimately, the available expansion sets deepen the immersive experience for City Of The Great Machine Board Game fans, inviting them to build upon their existing city machines and engage in nail-biting conflicts.

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Fun Facts

City of the Great Machine is a post-apocalyptic board game set in a world where machines have taken control. Players travel across an expanse of land, seeking out resources and allies to help them rebel against the oppressive machine rule. The players explore a world full of unknown dangers, creatures, survivors and factions while they build their own settlements and vie for additional power over the ever-changing landscape.

Players must work together in order to survive the harsh world and find a way to restore humanity’s freedom. One interesting aspect of the game is that it contains both cooperative play as well as PvP (player versus player) elements. Players must align themselves with certain factions or groups in order to increase their likelihood of success. Factions range from military groups such as Iron Shield, technology worshippers known as “The Syndicate” and religious sects who believe that technology should be denounced at all costs; all vying for control over the broken world.

Unique character cards add extra depth and synergy to playgroups with each character based on one of six archetypes (the Fighter, Technician, Survivor, Looter, Raider & Prophet). Each character has unique abilities that allows for various strategies when building settlements; helping your team survive the untamed wilderness or fighting against rival players if desired!

Finally, powerful relics are scattered across the land which can drastically alter any game state depending on what is acquired. Be it mysterious artifacts or ancient computers with valuable information stored within; items which could tip scales between opponents can be found just waiting to be discovered!


The City of the Great Machine Board Game is a tabletop game perfect for adults, teens, and even kids! It requires strategic skills, planning, and lots of fun. Players work to build a thriving city while avoiding obstacles such as warring factions and dark forces. The game’s components are vibrant and colorful and give a great tactile experience.

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Reviews of this board game have been overwhelmingly positive. People praised how easy it was to learn the instructions of the game, as well as its overall look and feel. They noted that the interactive elements were engaging and kept them interested in playing the game again. Many commented on how they appreciated the different difficulty levels, depending on the number of players involved. Other reviewers stated that they felt their strategic planning was tested with each decision they made while game-playing. Additionally, there was much appreciation for the amount of time needed to play; most people agreed that it often took around two hours or less, which made it ideal for fitting into busy schedules.


The City Of The Great Machine Board Game is an exciting game of strategy and discovery set in the world of Machinestad. Players take on the role of a citizen in this steampunk-inspired realm, where machines power the city and its people. You must strive to build up your own personal network and construct new buildings that will benefit your citizens. Gain resources and use them wisely in order to reach victory!

The visuals for this game are what makes it truly stand out – hand-illustrated maps, tokens and cards make the experience even more engaging. In addition to these illustrations, clear screenshots of gameplay elements such as buildings and resource collections can help give players an idea as to how their actions can influence the volatility of supplies within the game. Beyond basic visual appeal, these illustrations also allow for greater depth in understanding the rules and mechanics – making it easier for players to really get lost within this unique steampunk city!

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