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Desolate is a board game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where players must strive to survive and build a settlement. The game features many interesting elements, including scavenging for resources, constructing buildings with those resources, and developing relationships with NPCs that can provide valuable help. Players also have to fend off threats from the surrounding wilderness such as dangerous animals and rival parties.

The object of the game is to establish a foothold into this new world by constructing a settlement before the other players do. Throughout the game, players must explore the ruins of cities and gamble with dice rolls to find resources necessary for construction, while simultaneously attempting to quell potential threats that could lead their settlement into chaos. Additionally, they must develop meaningful relationships with NPCs who will help them repair their stronghold or grant them valuable information about their environment.

By accomplishing these tasks and managing their resources carefully every turn, players can emerge victorious by successfully building an impenetrable fortress first. Of course, at any point during the game another player can take territory away from another or attack weaker settlements – so it’s important to stay vigilant if you wish to become the ruler of this Desolate world!

Overview of Features

Desolate Board Game is a unique board game that pits players against each other in a battle of strategy, intelligence and endurance. This game stands out from other board games because it features an immense gameboard with stunningly crafted miniatures, alongside detailed artwork and visuals. The uniqueness of Desolate Board Game lies in its intensity ” there are both cooperative and competitive elements at play which forces participants to construct tactical plans and make group decisions while keeping track of every card they draw or enemy they encounter along the way. Players must consider their resources carefully, as death looms around every corner! With a combination of narrative-based stories, dice-rolling mechanics and multiple objectives in each round players need to devise ingenious strategies and be always alert if they want to survive the ever-changing world of Desolate.


The setting of Desolate board game is a post-apocalyptic version of Earth long after the catastrophic events that ruined civilization as once known. In this new world, you are tasked with leaving your shelter, which is gradually losing its basic amenities, in search of resources and answers to what happened. You will be faced with harsh environments, intense weather conditions, and a host of mutated creatures as you cross paths with hostile bandits and desperate survivors. As you explore this world and re-unite its scattered pieces to uncover the hidden truth, you must build a community from fellow survivors, gather sustenance from a scarce land and other opportunities, fend off aggressors by forming tactical units, take risks for greater rewards but also suffer the consequences for failure.


Desolate is a board game with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players take on the role of survivors struggling to survive in a world where few remain. Understanding the characters and their roles within the game is essential for successful gameplay.

The player characters are varied, representing different survivors – an adventure seeker, scavenger, survivor, mechanic, psionist and leader. Each has their own highly individualized skillset and special abilities which they will use during the course of the game. The Adventure Seeker is an expert explorer that finds useful items while exploring or scavenging. The Scavenger specializes in finding resources in abandoned places like ruins or locations that were affected by the apocalypse. The Survivor relies on strength and endurance to get him through tough situations; he can also barter for better equipment or trade items. The Mechanic wields advanced technology to repair equipment and build helpful devices from found materials. The Psionist has mental abilities that are used to gain access to restricted places or learn information from others in socially awkward situations. Finally, the Leader motivates other adventurers, rallying them around his cause and leading them towards victory!

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The objective of Desolate is to be the first player to claim four Objective Tokens. During set up, each player is randomly dealt one of five different Aspiration Cards. These cards will disclose the details for how many of which type of Objective Token must be claimed in order to win.

Gameplay consists of alternating turns. During a player’s turn they have three actions they may take; Move, Explore and Claim.

Move ” When a player moves, they follow a determined path used by all players to circle around an island map board while selecting special items and landscapes along their journey

Explore ” Before claiming an Objective Token, players must explore it. Exploring requires the need to roll a die or two and match results with information listed on their Aspiration Card utilizing predetermined criteria

Claim ” For a claim to be valid, the explorer has to fulfill certain requirements disclosed on their Aspiration Card according to what kind of token it is. Once those criteria are achieved then the token is claimed and can no longer be used by anyone else


Desolate is a post-apocalyptic strategy board game designed to showcase the challenges of surviving an apocalyptic event. The game emphasizes the scarcity of resources and the need for collaboration and resource management in order to survive. The game provides an opportunity to explore the dynamics between different survivors in a desperate situation ” how they interact, cooperate, fight or even betray each other. It also looks at how environments shape behavior as well as survivor strategies when dealing with an unpredictable future. In its most basic form, Desolate encourages players to think about resource management, cooperative needs and interpersonal dynamics in a desperate environment – giving a very real “I’m not alone” feel. It strives to make people reflect on their own lives and on how they would cope if faced with a similar scenario. Aside from providing entertainment, Desolate is ultimately intended to be thought-provoking experience that allows players’ imaginations run wild while pushing them out of their comfort zones while they ponder the question “What would I do if this were my reality?


The Desolate board game features an immersive post-apocalyptic experience for players. This cooperative game contains multiple challenges that players must face as they progress further. The main objective is to reach the last marker on the game board alive and with resources.

Players must overcome a series of obstacles in order to reach this point safely. These range from failed experiments, alien adversaries, and creatures lurking in the shadows. Players must scavenge for resources such as food, water, and medicine, by searching abandoned buildings and wastelands for hidden caches. They then can use these resources to upgrade their equipment or increase their stats allowing them to better defend themselves against the dangers they may encounter.

Players are also faced with making difficult decisions that could make or break their chances of success such as whether to help strangers or pursue individual objectives, but all has consequences that could have unforeseen results later in the game. Additionally, players must work together efficiently using teamwork and strategy while combatting their foes if they stand a chance of victory.


The rewards and positive aspects of Desolate Board Game are that it helps to develop social skills, foster collaboration qualities, and encourages imaginative thinking. As players work together in the game, they will gain skills to be better problem-solvers as well as improved communication, listening and cooperation. Plus, working together with others is always a great way to learn new perspectives while developing a close bond of friendship amongst your peers. Desolate Board Game also encourages imaginative thinking by providing gamers with tasks that require creative solutions. It’s the perfect game for families or friends looking for a thrilling challenge!

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For a successful strategy, players should assess their starting position in the game. They should then try to identify any weaknesses they may have and aim to create a strong base first, before expanding into other areas of the game. They should be mindful of their opponents’ boards and anticipate potential moves they make.

Players should also try to build up as many resources as possible – both resources used within the game and resources outside of it that can help improve their situation on the board. This means ensuring that any resources gained are used wisely and continuously building up stocks so they do not deplete quickly.

Good strategies include gathering allies, developing a plan before making any moves, forming coalitions with other players, planning ahead for multiple turns in advance, bluffing or using false information to fool your opponents (if it would benefit you) and remain flexible enough to change plans if necessary. It is also important to remember when taking risks whether these risks will pay off or put you at a disadvantage in the long run – thinking through consequences of each move will help determine how successful your tactics are overall.


The final outcome of Desolate is determined by the players’ success in completing their individual objectives. The player who manages to complete their objectives, while at the same time denying their opponents, will emerge victorious! Depending on the specific game setup, this can range from building a powerful defense against outsiders or neutralizing a hostile environment. To win, the player must be able to take advantage of opportunities and create new ones that arise throughout the game, allowing them to gain strategic advantages against rival factions.


Desolate Board Game is a great choice for anyone looking for an immersive, thought-provoking game experience. The unique, post-apocalyptic setting offers a unique and challenging game that promotes strategic thinking and problem solving. The modular board allows you to change the layout of the game to increase its difficulty or create new challenges during your playthrough. Additionally, the variable player powers bring an element of replayability as players can try out different strategies to reach the top of the rankings at the end of the game. Furthermore, the components are highly detailed and of high quality and add a level of immersion to this unique world. The artwork also gives it depth and draws attention while reinforcing a sense of atmosphere throughout. Additionally, Desolate Board Game has solid rules and is easy to learn even for first time gamers. So if you’re looking for an interesting strategic board game with lots of replayability and immersive artistry – then Desolate Board Game makes for an excellent choice!

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