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Valley Of The Kings is a unique and captivating table top board game inspired by the mysterious and exciting ancient world of Egypt. Players explore the Valley of the Kings by purchasing cards, forming hands, and using them to strategically compete with one another in a race to obtain the most points. Each player begins the game with five pyramids representing their mummified Pharaohs waiting to be buried in tombs, which they must accumulate cards to build. Players purchase powerful cards from a shared marketplace, attempting to complete sets while hoarding items they think are best for their own burial chamber. As soon as one player has placed all five pharaohs into their tomb, the game ends and that player is declared the winner!

The Valley Of The Kings board game is sure to provide an exciting experience for players of all ages. Its streamlined yet strategic gameplay makes it perfect for families looking for an entertaining time with friends and family members. For more experienced gamers, there’s plenty of opportunities to explore deeper levels of strategy. Not only does this game keep players engaged with its intense competition element, but its evocative writing style transports players back in time thousands of years ago creating an immersive atmosphere that captures your imagination throughout every thrilling round!

Overview of the Game

The Valley of the Kings Board Game is an exciting adventure for 2 or 3 players. The objective of the game is to collect as many tomb cards as possible in order to become Pharaoh and earn points before the game ends.

The board layout features 6 burial chambers arranged in a pyramid formation, each connected with pathways to its adjacent chambers. Dice are used to determine how far a player can move around the board. There are also tokens used to keep track of tomb cards collected.

In order to move around the board, each player starts each turn by rolling the dice. Depending on what number has been rolled, players move their pawns along corridors connecting the tomb chambers shown on their gaming boards at the beginning of their turns.

In order to receive points, players dig into each chamber which reveals an Egyptian mummy card and corresponding graveyard tiles that need to be collected during this turn – they may collect up to two cards and a maximum of two tiles per turn. The amount of points earned correspond with the amount of tombs collected during a single round by all players playing combined. Once all mummies have been revealed from each chamber, players must make their way back through the pyramid so they can get back out before time runs out!

If no one succeeds in doing so or if someone chooses pick up items outside those specified for acquisition, then all accumulated materials will be distributed evenly among any remaining players, who will also get bonus points as well. When all tomb cards have been taken from all six chambers ” which means either no more exist or all current active players have acquired five or more- then the game playable session is over and for every successful journey through any chamber that yielded one or more sets, bonus points can be added on top of already collected artifacts score too!

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Valley of the Kings is a game set in Ancient Egypt where players assume the role of Egyptian nobles vying for power and wealth. The game requires you to acquire and manage more and better burial artifacts in order to increase their value. In terms of techniques and tactics, the challenge here is to do this while outwitting competitors. Different strategies could include hoarding cards, defensive play, obtaining good sets quickly so that they can be exchanged for better ones later on, as well as building sets by collecting several cards of different colors over a period of time. Of course, players must consider their own holdings when making moves in order to ensure they have enough resources to complete their objectives; if not then planning ahead for turn points is essential. Furthermore, bluffing adversaries can be used tactically in certain situations where an opponent’s move could benefit yours; but this should only be done carefully so as not to reveal your own hand too easily due to competition from others who are competing over the same artifacts. Finally, managing your dwindling turn points efficiently by forgoing certain opportunities (potentially profitable) or taking risks should also form part of every player’s overall strategy.

Components Breakdown

The Valley of the Kings Board Game is composed of attractive and compelling components that both provide an enjoyable gaming experience and create a beautiful visual presentation. The board is made up of highly-detailed artwork, breathtaking landscapes and dynamic illustrations. Furthermore, the cards are printed on top-notch card stock with quality inks that bring to life their stimulating illustrations and historic references to Ancient Egypt. Furthermore, each game piece has been intricately crafted to represent iconic past civilizations like tombs and hieroglyphs for added realism. Additionally, the game set also comes with a guidebook containing detailed rules, helpful strategies and an array of alternate methods for play for players who want more challenges or variety. Finally, all these pieces can be easily stored in customizable boxes designed to protect the integrity of the components.

Social Interaction

The Valley of the Kings board game is an immersive and interactive experience that encourages collaboration between players in order to spur creative problem-solving. Players are challenged to take on the roles of Egyptian nobles struggling for eternal glory by collecting points from gathering artifacts and accomplishing tasks throughout the two-hour playing session. Players must work together to strategize, negotiate, and form alliances as they move about the Valley of the Kings in an attempt to gain the greatest number of points before the end of their adventures. With a multitude of options available, such as using special powers or deciding how best to outwit opponents, this game creates an engaging atmosphere ripe for collaboration and communication between players in order to ensure success. The creativity present among player’s mechanics with this game also helps foster ingenuity amongst game competitors as they maneuver through different scenarios and develop winning strategies. By providing collaborative problem-solving opportunities beyond its competition aspect, Valley of the Kings board game certainly expands on its entertainment capabilities far beyond simple competition.

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Variations & Expansion Packs

The Valley of the Kings board game was originally released in 2017 and has quickly become a favorite among knowledgeable gamers. It’s unique card-drafting mechanic and modular board design have kept things interesting and kept players coming back time again to craft their legacy.

While the core Valley of the Kings experience is great on its own, an amazing way to breathe new life into the game is with expansions. One expansion pack provides lots of new cards that can be added to the existing pool, which means more choices and a greater feel of variety within each play session.

This means that games remain fresh as there are more options available but not so many that it becomes overwhelming or too unbalanced. Expansion packs also provide further opportunities for experienced players to explore new strategies and tactics, thus increasing perfect replayability from game to game.

Moreover, there are new Pharaohs, Mummies, Artifacts, and Powers in each pack -all allowing for increased customization and adding smarter levels of complexity to challenge higher-level players. Expansion packs can often provide extended gameplay through rulesets such as cooperative play or bigger player counts-which adds even more variation and crucial longevity. Additional special Event cards create unexpected narrative turns during instant playthroughs which keeps things exciting-especially when someone is playing with friends! With all these features contributed by expansion packs, your Valley of The Kings gaming experience will never be dull!


Valley Of The Kings is an enduring, rewarding game for friends, families and gamers alike. It provides a thrilling, tactical experience that requires thought and strategy while still being relatively easy to pick up and play. With a large variety of cards, multiple strategies, and different ways to win, it has something to offer for all types of players. With the options to choose between fast-paced games or long term strategic matches, both novice and experienced players can find satisfaction in playing Valley Of The Kings. Plus, with components made of durable material that are easy to store and transport it becomes even more accessible for people who want to enjoy the game without having bulky items taking up space in their homes. All in all, this popular game remains timelessly enjoyable for anyone looking for excitement alongside other friends or family members alike.

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