Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game

Are you ready to embrace your inner villain? Look no further than Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared strategy board game. This wickedly fun game allows players to step into the shoes of their favorite Disney villains and scheme, strategize, and outmaneuver their opponents. Whether you want to play as Scar from The Lion King or Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective, this expansion pack offers hours of deviously delightful gameplay.

Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared is a thrilling addition to the popular strategy board game series. In this expansion, players can take on the roles of three new villains, each with their own diabolical objectives and unique abilities. With a combination of cunning tactics and careful planning, players will have to outsmart their opponents in order to achieve victory.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared, providing an overview of the gameplay and components. Additionally, we’ll offer valuable strategy tips for those looking to master the art of villainy in this game.

We’ll also analyze the distinctive abilities of each character, compare this expansion pack with others in the series, review the artwork and design of the game, and provide helpful tips for hosting a Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared game night. So grab your top hat or scepter and get ready to unleash some evil.

Overview of the Gameplay and Components

Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game offers players a unique and engaging gameplay experience, allowing them to step into the shoes of their favorite Disney villains. The game is designed for 2-3 players, with each player taking on the role of a different villain from the Disney universe. The objective of the game is for each player to accomplish their own individual villainous goal before their opponents can achieve theirs.


The gameplay of Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared revolves around strategic decision making and resource management. Each character has their own deck of cards representing allies, items, effects, and conditions that they can use to advance their villainous agenda. Players must carefully plan their actions, while also being prepared to adapt to their opponents’ moves.


The game components include a main board depicting various locations from the Disney villains’ realms, as well as individual player boards representing each villain’s domain. Additionally, players will use villain tokens and power tokens to track progress and resources throughout the game. The high-quality component design adds depth and immersion to the overall gaming experience.

Overall, Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared strategy board game delivers a well-crafted balance of thematic immersion and strategic gameplay. Each character possesses its own set of abilities, creating a diverse and dynamic playing experience that keeps players engaged through multiple rounds of play. This strategic depth combined with the iconic Disney villain theme makes Evil Comes Prepared a stand-out addition to the Villainous series.

Strategy Tips for Playing Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared

When playing Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared, it’s essential to have a clear strategy in mind to outwit your opponents and achieve your villainous objectives. The key to success in this game lies in understanding the unique abilities of each character and using them to your advantage.

One strategy tip is to focus on completing your own villain’s objective while also disrupting your opponents’ plans. This can be achieved by strategically placing Fate cards and using your allies to thwart their progress.

Another important aspect of gameplay is managing your resources effectively. Each character has their own set of cards, allies, and items that are crucial for achieving their objectives. It’s important to prioritize which cards and items are necessary for your goals and ensure that you have the right resources available when you need them.

Additionally, understanding how to best utilize your Fate deck is critical for success. Using Fate cards at the right time can significantly hinder your opponents’ progress while advancing your own agenda.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to stay adaptable and be prepared to adjust your strategy based on the actions of other players. Paying attention to their moves and anticipating their next steps will give you an edge in the game. Flexibility is key in Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared, as unexpected events can occur that may require a change in tactics. By staying adaptable and thinking ahead, players can increase their chances of achieving victory in this exciting strategy board game.

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Strategy TipsKey Points
Focusing on ObjectivesComplete your own objective while disrupting opponents’ plans
Resource ManagementPrioritize cards and items, manage resources effectively
AdaptabilityStay flexible, anticipate opponents’ moves, adjust strategies accordingly

Analysis of the Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Characters and Their Unique Abilities

Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared introduces three new villains to the game, each with their own unique abilities and strategies. In this section, we will take a closer look at the characters of Scar, Yzma, and Ratigan, and how their abilities can be used to achieve their villainous objectives.

Scar: The Usurping Lion

Scar’s objective in Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared is to become king of the Pride Lands. His unique ability allows him to move the Fate deck closer to his winning condition, making it easier for him to reach his goal. Players controlling Scar must carefully strategize on how to manipulate fate and ensure that Simba doesn’t stand in their way.

Yzma: The Power-Hungry Sorceress

Yzma’s diabolical plan in this expansion is to concoct a potion that will turn everyone in the kingdom into a llama. Her ability allows her to discard power cards from her hand in order to play powerful effect cards from her fate discard pile. This gives players controlling Yzma the advantage of using strong effects multiple times throughout the game.

Ratigan: The Sinister Rat

Ratigan’s goal is to secure his seat as supreme ruler of Mousedom through dastardly means. His unique ability allows him to draw extra cards from his fate deck when certain conditions are met, giving players controlling Ratigan more options for carrying out their villainous schemes.

Each character in Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared presents a different set of challenges and strategies for players, making each gameplay experience unique and engaging. Understanding how to utilize these characters’ abilities effectively is key to emerging victorious in this deviously entertaining game.

Comparison With Other Disney Villainous Expansion Packs

When comparing Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared with other expansion packs, several key differences and unique features stand out. Each expansion pack introduces new villains, game mechanics, and strategies, offering players fresh and engaging gameplay experiences. Here’s a closer look at the comparison between Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared and other expansion packs:

  • Characters: One of the main differences among the expansion packs is the introduction of new villain characters with their own distinct goals and abilities. Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared features iconic villains such as Scar from The Lion King, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove, and Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective. Players will find that each villain presents a different set of challenges and strategies to achieve their individual objectives.
  • Gameplay Mechanics: Each Disney Villainous expansion pack introduces new gameplay mechanics that add layers of depth and complexity to the game. For example, Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared incorporates unique Fate cards that can disrupt opponents’ strategies or provide advantageous opportunities for players. Understanding how these new mechanics interact with existing ones in the base game and other expansion packs is crucial for developing winning strategies.
  • Artwork and Design: While all Disney Villainous expansion packs maintain the same high-quality production values, each one offers its own thematic artwork and design based on the featured villains. From character tokens to detailed player boards, every element of the game is carefully crafted to immerse players in the world of their favorite Disney villains.

In summary, Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared distinguishes itself from other expansion packs through its roster of villains, exclusive gameplay mechanics, and captivating artwork. Whether players are familiar with previous expansion packs or are just starting their journey into the world of Disney Villainous, they can look forward to a fresh gaming experience with each new addition to the series.

Review of the Artwork and Design of the Game

One of the most striking aspects of Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared is its artwork and design. The game features beautifully illustrated cards, game boards, and player pieces that bring to life the enchanting world of Disney villains.

Each character’s deck of cards is intricately designed to reflect their unique storyline and personality, adding an extra layer of immersion for players. From Scar’s menacing glare to Yzma’s eccentric expressions, every detail in the artwork captures the essence of the beloved villains.

In addition to the stunning artwork, the game’s overall design is both functional and visually appealing. The player boards are organized in a way that makes it easy to keep track of various game elements, such as power tokens, allies, and conditions.

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The components are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability for countless game nights. The attention to detail in both artwork and design elevates the gameplay experience, making Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared a treat for both Disney fans and board game enthusiasts alike.

Furthermore, the thematic consistency in the artwork and design adds an immersive element to gameplay that truly sets it apart from other strategy board games. Players have expressed great satisfaction with how well the visual aspects tie into their overall experience playing as Disney villains. This attention to detail is a testament to Ravensburger’s commitment to delivering a top-notch gaming experience for players who are delving into the world of Disney villains.

ArtworkBeautifully illustrated cards reflecting each character’s unique storyline and personality
DesignFunctional and visually appealing player boards; high-quality materials used for game components
Thematic ConsistencyThe thematic consistency adds an immersive element that sets it apart from other strategy board games.

Tips for Hosting a Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Game Night

Hosting a game night centered around Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game can be a thrilling and entertaining experience for everyone involved. To ensure that the evening goes off without a hitch, follow these helpful tips:

  • Set the Scene: Create an immersive atmosphere by decorating your gaming space with sinister and villainous elements. Consider using dark and moody lighting, eerie background music, and themed decorations to transport your guests into the world of Disney’s most notorious villains.
  • Refreshments Fit for Villains: Prepare snacks and drinks that align with the theme of the game. Whether it’s “poison” apples, themed cocktails, or other villain-inspired treats, serving these refreshments will add an extra layer of fun to the evening.
  • Provide Clear Instructions: Before diving into the gameplay, take some time to explain the rules and objectives of Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared. Make sure all players understand how to play the game and are familiar with their chosen characters’ unique abilities.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared game night is memorable and enjoyable for all participants. Creating an immersive atmosphere, providing thematic refreshments, and ensuring that everyone is clear on how to play will contribute to a successful evening filled with strategy, competition, and Disney magic.


In conclusion, Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game offers a unique and engaging gaming experience for both Disney fans and strategy game enthusiasts. With its carefully designed gameplay, diverse characters, and stunning artwork, this expansion pack adds depth and complexity to the overall Villainous game. The strategic elements of the game, from managing resources to outmaneuvering opponents, make it a challenging and rewarding experience for players of all levels.

The addition of new characters such as Scar, Yzma, and Ratigan brings fresh abilities and challenges to the table, offering players the opportunity to explore different play styles and tactics. The dynamic gameplay keeps each session feeling fresh and exciting, ensuring high replay value for Disney Villainous fans.

Whether playing with friends or family members, hosting a Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared game night can be an enjoyable social event that fosters friendly competition and strategic thinking. The beautifully crafted components and artwork also add to the overall immersive experience. Overall, Disney Villainous Evil Comes Prepared Strategy Board Game is a must-have addition to any board game collection, offering an exhilarating blend of beloved Disney characters and strategic gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Easiest Villain to Play in Villainous?

The easiest villain to play in Villainous is often considered to be Prince John from the Robin Hood expansion. His mechanics are straightforward and he doesn’t have overly complicated strategies, making him a good choice for beginners.

Is Villainous Board Game Worth It?

Whether or not Villainous board game is worth it depends on individual preferences. If you enjoy Disney villains and asymmetrical gameplay, then the game can provide hours of fun and replayability.

Is Disney Villainous Hard to Play?

Disney Villainous can be hard to play for some people, especially those who are new to strategy board games or don’t have much experience with complex game mechanics. However, with practice and familiarity, it becomes easier to understand and enjoy the game’s depth.

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