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When it comes to writing the names of board games, capitalization plays an important role. Depending on which style guide you use, there are different standards for how game titles should be capitalized. Generally, all major words should be capitalized in a title and any word after a colon or hyphen is also typically capitalized. Additionally, publications may choose to write the entire title in uppercase or lowercase letters; the choice depends on their particular house style. Capitalization rules may also apply to differently-formatted versions of popular board games, such as video game editions or mobile applications. This article provides an overview of the various conventions used to capitalize titles in board games, with examples provided for each case.

Rules for Capitalization in Board Game Names

When you are referring to board games by name, it is important to use the correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Board game names may be in title case (capitalizing each word), or all capitals, depending on how they were originally published. Many board games have unique names that should not be changed.

Why do we include proper capitalization? Capitalizing game titles is important because it helps signify what words go together and ensures accuracy and clarity when discussing different titles. Proper capitalization clarifies the title and highlights specific words that are part of the name so readers can quickly identify the board game being mentioned.

How do we properly capitalize board game names? Use conventional rules for capitalization such as always capitalizing the first word of a sentence and proper nouns. Look closely at the way board games are typically written; companies usually have standard practices they follow when titling their products. For example, Monopoly is officially written MONOPOLY, with all caps ” not just Monopoly or monopoly. The game Sorry! Is written using title case with an exclamation point at the end of its name; not sorry or SORRY!

Common Misconceptions Regarding Capitalization of Board Game Names

When it comes to board games, there are many misconceptions surrounding capitalization of the names. Some people may think that all board games should be written in all caps, regardless of the proper spelling. Others may assume that the words in a game’s title should always be capitalized if you’re referring to it within a sentence. In fact, neither assumption is correct. Whether or not you need to capitalize a board game name depends on how it is being used and where it appears in writing.

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In general, when using game names as nouns or titles ” like “Monopoly” or “Scrabble” ” they should always be capitalized no matter how they appear in text (e.g., beginning a sentence, mid-sentence). However, when using them descriptively (such as “I played a game of Monopoly”), they should only be capitalized if they appear at the start of a sentence. Additionally, common adjectives associated with board games – such as “trivia” or “puzzle” – should never be capitalized unless they are part of the title itself. This can often get confusing; if unsure whether or not to capitalize a specific word, looking up its definition and determining its part of speech can help clarify things.

Differences between Uppercase and Lowercase in Board Game Names

Whether or not to capitalize the names of board games is largely a matter of stylistic preference. Generally, when writing a formal essay or paper, official titles should be capitalized. Other publications such as board game websites and manuals often offer less formal guidance for proper capitalization and require readers to determine their own standards. Examples of common variations that may be accepted include:

• Capitalizing all important words in the title (including conjunctions), similar to academic guidelines. For example: Monopoly, Jenga, and Risk.

• Capitalizing only proper nouns (i.e.: nouns that name particular people, places or things). In some cases this implies no capitals being used at all even for board games with combined words in the title like Guess Who?

• Capitalizing just the main word in longer titles as opposed to each word. For example: Settlers Of Catan rather than Settlers of Catan.

Regardless of which style an individual chooses to follow, it’s important to remain consistent within a given context and use the same format throughout all references within an essay or paper. Additionally, it’s important to bear in mind that most other different forms of material containing design elements such as print advertising, packaging or logo artwork rarely adhere strictly to English grammar conventions when employing capitalization and do not always provide reliable sources for determining attributes such as case formatting when using part”word naming conventions like Crossword etcetera.

Guidelines for Correctly Capitalizing Board Game Names

When referring to the title of a board game, it is important to capitalize all nouns that are part of its name. This includes both proper nouns (like Monopoly or Scrabble) and common nouns (like Risk or Catan). It is also important to note that board game titles should not be placed inside quotation marks as this implies they are not the official name. Finally, remember to italicize any words that you may add around the title”such as when discussing a specific version (e.g., “The Marvel Edition of Monopoly”)”in order for them to appear correctly in documents or publications.

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How Brand Names of Board Games are Capitalized

When it comes to board games, each brand name of the game has its own rules for how it should be capitalized. Generally speaking, most board game names are written in all capital letters with all other words in lower-case. For example, popular titles such as Monopoly and The Game of Life would be spelled out as MONOPOLY and THE GAME OF LIFE respectively. There can also be exceptions – older versions of Parker Brothers games often have the first letter after a hyphen or slash (such as Risk/Strategy) capitalized. Additionally, some board game companies prefer to use their own internal style guide which may differ from conventional writing standards. For example, Hasbro requests that Settlers of Catan and Pandemic Legacy be written with initial caps (Settlers of Catan and Pandemic Legacy). Therefore, it can be beneficial to double check the manufacturer’s website or look up the terms on a reliable source before deciding on how to capitalize a particular board game title.

Examples of Proper Capitalization in Popular Board Games

Yes, you should capitalize names of board games. Proper capitalization of board game names is important when referring to them in writing. For example: Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Go Fish, Clue, Battleship, Jenga, Uno and Candy Land are all correctly capitalized board game titles that demonstrate the accepted standard for appropriate capitalization. Additionally, where relevant, words in sub-titles of a game usually follow normal sentence guidelines (such as the first letter in each word being capitalized). Examples include such popular titles as Ticket to Ride: Europe and Operation: Kung Fu Panda Edition.


Yes, names of board games should be capitalized according to basic English grammar rules. This means that all nouns and proper nouns should be capitalized regardless if the name is used as a common noun or as a title. When writing about board games, it is important to capitalize the first letter of each word in a title, including any prepositions or articles like “a” and “the.” Using this rule of thumb can help ensure that titles are properly capitalized when discussing them with others.

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