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Board games have been a popular pastime for generations, and recently they’ve seen a revival of interest. As the world has stayed home to socially distance and minimize the risk of COVID-19, people of all ages have sought out ways to stay entertained. Board games have become an ideal ludic activity – exciting, interactive, and not requiring any special equipment or instructions. This has led to a surge in sales of some tried-and-true classics as well as new entries joining the ranks.

From traditional fare like Monopoly and The Game of Life to recent successes like Catan and Ticket to Ride, here are some of the top selling board games that you can entertain yourself with. Monopoly is a classic game where players compete against each other in an attempt to buy as many properties as possible while avoiding being sent to jail or bankrupting their opponents. The Game of Life has players selecting life paths by making decisions about buying houses, getting married, owning businesses – all leading up to retirement. Catan is one of the newer smash hits on the market; it is a strategy game set on a fictional island where players try to collect resources in order to build settlements and transport routes. Ticket To Ride pits friends head-to-head in completing train routes across maps throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and beyond! Players draw cards based on which cities they wish their train route connects together, gaining points if they can make it between two cities without interruption from another player. Each game requires different levels of strategy and luck, so there’s something for everyone’s preference!

The Formidable Foe Monopoly

The Hasbro board game, Monopoly, is one of the biggest selling and most well-known board games in the world. It was initially created as an educational tool to teach economic principles such as buying, renting and trading. Today it allows two to six players to buy and trade properties with the aim to amass the most wealth and bankrupt their opponents. Since its debut in 1935, Monopoly has sold over 270 million copies worldwide in 111 different languages; making it one of the most successful board games ever created. Other top selling board games include The Formidable Foe from Winning Moves Games, which requires strategy and a luck of dice rolls to save a lost kingdom. Additionally, classic offerings like Chess also see great sales numbers due to its timeless appeal.


Risk is an iconic board game that has been around since 1959 when it was first released in France. Players assume the role of a commander and they must battle against their opponents while strategically expanding their empires by manipulating cards on a map. By building up armies, claiming territories, and wagering resources, players are able to conquer different countries and attempt to conquer the world. In addition to strategic planning, luck also plays a factor in determining who wins or loses each round; thusly making it an exciting game for players of all skill levels. While newer versions of Risk feature detailed graphics and modernized rulesets, Risk will forever remain one of the most recognizable board games in history.

Brain Teasers and Strategy Chess

Chess is one of the most acclaimed and bestselling board games of all time. Since its invention, it has become a classic strategy game that tests both your mental agility and critical thinking capabilities. Players take turns moving pieces on a checkered board in order to capture their opponent’s king. As the oldest game still widely played today, this timeless game continues to be incredibly popular among both casual and competitive gamers. In addition to being an international sport with big tournaments and professional players, there are multiple variants of chess available in order to mix up the game’s dynamics and add re-playability. Its popularity has seen it become the inspiration for countless other board games, such as 3Dimensional Chess and Star Trek: The Original Series Star Fleet Battles.

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Scrabble has been one of the top selling board games since it was first released in 1938. The game involves each player forming words on a board with tiles that feature letters from the alphabet. Players then score points for the words formed during their turn, the highest scoring word wins the game. Strategies can be developed based on which letters are used; players can combine crossword-style patterns and bonus squares to their advantage! There’s even a competitive aspect to Scrabble, with national and international tournaments that attract thousands of die-hard fans every year. Its enduring popularity over 8 decades shows just how timeless this classic game is. Newer versions, like Deluxe Edition, have also been made with special features such as a rotating turntable which make things even more interesting. Nowadays there are numerous appversions available; making it easier than ever to challenge your friends, family or even strangers all over the globe!

Faithful Friends Sorry!

One of the top-selling board games of all time is Faithful Friends. It was first created in 2001 by Milton Bradley and has been a fan favorite ever since. This game consists of four to six players that must work together to complete various exciting tasks. Through unique card play, players must collect points by completing activities such as catching butterflies, building houses and collecting treasure chests. As your team works together, you will gain rewards from completing these activities and rack up points towards the ultimate goal: saving an imaginary kingdom!

Another classic board game that consistently ranks as one of the top sellers is Sorry!. The nostalgic game first appeared back in 1934 and continues to be an icon within the board gaming industry. This simple yet strategic game involves two to four players competing against each other in order to move their pieces around a board with the goal of traveling around the numbered circles faster than the others. The main catch? Every player’s pieces must be sent back to its starting position if they accidentally land on another piece along the way! With different strategies at play throughout each game, Sorry! is no doubt a worthy competitor among some of today’s popular board games.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit: Fun Facts to Delight is one of the most popular board games on the market. It’s a classic spin on the original version of Trivial Pursuit, which launched in 1979 and offered a bright, easy-to-use game board and life-like questions and answers that make for a fun, interactive experience. The new edition of Trivial Pursuit: Fun Facts to Delight not only offers those same benefits but has some special additions including trivia categories such as sports, science, history and entertainment so everyone can enjoy it. Additionally, there are several different ways to play such as ‘Solo’ or ‘Team Play.’ This updated version also includes an extra bedazzled die with two shiny gold sides created just for this board game. Players now get the chance to win double their points with every roll of this glittery game piece! Trivial Pursuit: Fun Facts to Delight provides endless hours of family fun and entertainment perfect for game nights. It’s no wonder it’s one of the top selling board games right now!

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is the top-selling board game of all time and a must-have for any gamer. It is a fast-paced, strategic card game where players draw cards until somebody draws an exploding kitten and loses the game. While some family members can often be put off by the idea of such a nail-biting conclusion, this game puts friendly opponents in control of each outcome. The card deck includes kitten based power-ups such as defuse cards, which allow players to avoid the dreaded exploding kitten, or reverse “cat” cards, which reverse the play order so that those who might be lagging behind can catch up. With adorable artwork , simple rules and varied strategies, Exploding Kittens adds plenty of laughs and hours of fun to any game night. Suitable for two to five people aged seven or older, it is sure to become an instant classic.

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Jenga is a popular tower-building board game enjoyed by both adults and children. It is composed of 54 precision-cut wooden blocks, which you have to stack in the beginning to create a tower. During each player’s turn they can only use one hand to carefully remove a block from any level of the tower and place it on top without toppling it. The bottom line is that, whoever causes the tower to collapse loses the game.

This family-friendly game offers hours of fun and competition, making it an ideal pastime for gatherings and social events among friends or family. With simple instructions, Jenga lends itself to being an immersive experience without depending too much on strategy. If you are looking for a reliable way to challenge your dexterity skills and get your heart beating fast with nail-biting intensity then this classic worldwide phenomenon won’t let you down!

Dungeon & Dragons

Dungeon & Dragons is one of the top selling fantasy board games in the world. Players assume the roles of adventurers who explore fantastic worlds and heroic characters, slaying monsters and gathering treasure. This exciting game takes place in a magical world where combat and magic use are a way of life. Players have to strategize by creating their own stories and experiences based on the provided rules of play. As characters progress in levels and acquire special skills, they gain access to an ever-expanding range of adventure. With each new challenge, your heroes will become stronger, smarter, and more experienced, taking on tasks others may not be able to complete. In this thrilling game of strategy, characters must outwit their opponents to survive epic battles and claim a legendary victory. Any party that ventures into Dungeon & Dragons find many wondrous places and people along their journey. It’s no wonder why this game has been so popular for over forty years!


Board games are becoming an increasingly popular type of entertainment in recent years. Whether it’s a family gathering, game nights with friends, or an individual looking for something to do to pass the time, board games are providing people with a fun way to bring out their competitive side and enjoy quality time with one another. With so many different types of games ranging from classics such as Monopoly and Scrabble, to modern hits like Catan and Jenga, it’s no wonder that board games have become so popular. They provide hours of entertainment and friendly competition amongst people of all ages.

The popularity of board games is only growing with each passing year, as new games continue to be released alongside old favorites. Increasingly creative mechanics and unique themes keep the genre exciting and engaging for both veteran gamers and newcomers alike. Furthermore, popular streaming services such as Twitch are helping promote this new wave of tabletop gaming by regularly hosting tournaments amongst skilled players who may even win cash prize pools in the process. This is demonstrating how versatile and entertaining boardgames can be as they bridge not only generations but also dive into unfamiliar areas with digital components and new ways to play traditional ones too!

Overall, it’s clear that playtime is taking over in form of board game entertainment! As more people discover the joys of gaming amidst friends and family gatherings, board game night has become a staple for many households across the world. With so many options for those looking for something fun to do on their evenings off work or days off school, it’s no surprise that more households than ever before have multiple shelves dedicated solely to holding their collection of favorite games!

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