Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game


Don’t Step On The Poop is a hilarious board game that teaches lessons of personal responsibility and how to avoid getting stuck in messy situations. Players take turns spinning the wheel, and if a player happens to get the “Poop” space, they must draw a poop card that directs them on how to get out of it without becoming a loser! As players are challenged with various tasks such as cleaning up their own mess or serving detention, they learn valuable life lessons in this game. What makes Don’t Step On The Poop unique is its ability to teach young players important skills while providing hours of comedic fun. Its colorful board design and entertaining characters make the game even more enjoyable. Players will be sure to have plenty of laughs on their way to becoming responsible citizens!

Origins and Background of the Game

Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game was created in 2018 by a family from Denver, Colorado. The game was designed to be a fun and kid-friendly way for families to bond and enjoy each other’s company. The story behind the concept of the game is that four cute woodland animals – a fox, duck, frog, and squirrel ” have gone on a picnic in the woods, but have accidentally left some poop behind them! As players navigate the board trying to get their animal back home safely, they must watch out for the “poop landmines” scattered around both paths. Players score points as they traverse paths and try to avoid landing on the poop landmines. Landing on any of these will cause players’ progress to start over again. If a player reaches “home base” without accidentally stepping in any poop along the way, they are awarded bonus points and declared the winner! Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game has become increasingly popular since its launch, with kids all over embracing it as not only an entertaining game but also as great way to build motor skills while making family time more enjoyable.

Overview of Gameplay and Essential Rules

Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game is a hilarious game for all families and friends to enjoy. The objective of the game is to be the first player to make it around the board without stepping on a poop. On each turn, players roll the dice, move their pawns around the board, and hope not to encounter any poop tiles! There are helpful items like boot tiles that can be used to avoid poops as well as send other players back to start. Additionally, some tiles have trivia questions which allow players to gain an advantage if they answer them correctly. It’s an exciting race filled with laughter and surprises along the way! As an added bonus the pieces double as conversation starters.

In order to play Don’t Step on The Poop Board Game, at least two people are needed but up to 4-6 players may join in on the fun. Before starting, make sure all of the pieces including instructions and dice are ready. Each person will then roll the dice one at a time in order from left to right as determined by who rolled highest previously; whoever has a higher number goes first. Players will moves their piece according to what number was rolled and if they land on candy icons or other helpful objects they can use them accordingly associated with those rules in the instruction manual. For example if a player rolls a five, his piece must travel 5 spaces forward unless he lands on something else requiring him or her otherwise such as getting stuck in mud or losing turns due other rules from corresponding game boards items . Once all players have made it through all sections of the map without stepping on poop they are declared winners.. The end goal is simple: be careful where you step and don’t get caught up with temptation – remember it’s very easy for someone else’s piece move ahead of yours if you pick bad tile locations!

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Strategies to Help You Win at Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game

One of the key strategies to keep in mind in order to win at Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game is to move methodically. Consistent and careful moves will allow you to get close to the winning finish line without bumping into obstacles. Whenever possible, try to take advantage of jumps or slides which will allow you to advance further with fewer moves. It’s also a good idea to remember your opponents’ reactions and movement patterns so that you can anticipate what they may do and adjust accordingly. As the game progresses, pay attention to shortcuts that open up – these could be your ticket for victory! Last but not least, when it seems like there’s nowhere else for you to go on the board remember that sometimes going backwards can be a forward-thinking move and can lead you closer towards the winning finish line. No matter what strategy or plans you have, don’t forget not to step on any poop along the way!

Highlights of the Game That Make it Epic

Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game is an exciting, fun-filled game for the whole family! It will have you and your friends laughing and screaming as you attempt to dodge the poop pieces on your way to victory!

One of the highlights of this epic game is the real life doodles that are used as poops! These doodles are drawn by a kid and put into use with this game. They bring a lively and funny atmosphere to the game while still being family friendly.

Another exciting aspect of Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game is the fact that it introduces an element of skill to playing games. You have to physically move around the board in order to avoid touching any poops while you move towards victory. This adds something truly unique compared to most board games which only rely on rolling dice or drawing cards.

The game also features a number of items like extra lives, bonus turns, and skip turns which all enhance the gaming experience, adding more depth and variety than traditional board games. This provides plenty of opportunities for strategic play, making it even more thrilling when someone wins or makes an impressive move!

Tips for Strengthening Your Play Technique

1. Start by making sure you know the rules of the game before attempting to play. It is important to understand the different actions that can help or hurt you during the game. You can find this information in the instruction manual or developers website if needed.

2. Spend some time exploring the board layout and strategizing your best moves for each turn. Think about where you need to move to stay away from certain squares, which spaces will give you bonuses, and how close you are to victory.

3. If playing with other people, use good communication and cooperation skills while playing. Work together with those around you to move strategically and try to win the game as quickly as possible without stepping on any poop!

4. Don’t be afraid to take risks when playing Don’t Step On The Poop! Knowing when taking a risk can benefit your chances at victory is essential to becoming a master of this game so be sure to consider all potential options before deciding on your action each round.

5. Think ahead before you take your turn and see what patterns emerge in the player’s movements throughout the game, pay attention to which way they move from square-to-square, what strategies their pursuing, etc. This advance planning will help anticipate their next move so you can plan accordingly for yourself and those around you too!

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6. Practice makes perfect! The more you play Don’t Step On The Poop, the better your skill set and understanding of how it works will become. After each game is completed review any mistakes made or areas in which improvement could be made, then incorporate that into future plays!


Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game is a great way to have fun with family and friends, but there are many things you can do to make the game more interactive. Here are some popular accessories and strategies that players can use:

– Customizing the board: Players can customize the board and cards with markers, stickers, stamps, and even glitter for a truly unique game experience.

– Adding new rules: Adding new rules can spice up the game and make it much more challenging. Examples of rule additions could include points varied based on which type of poop your piece lands on or setting obstacles such as ladders or bridges that require players to take two steps back if they land on them.

– Releasing characters: Releasing fictional animal or monster characters at different points in the game can add an extra dimension of excitement as players try to get their pieces past or around them.

– Blocking techniques: Developing techniques for blocking other players from advancing towards the finish line by strategically placing poops in certain areas on the board will challenge more experienced players and provide an extra layer of strategy during gameplay.

– Custom die: Customizing dice with numbers, letters, symbols and other fun options will add an additional layer of wacky surprises during every turn!

Summary and Best Tips for Playing Don’t Step On The Poop Board Game

Don’t Step On The Poop is a fun and funny board game that’s perfect for playing with friends, family, or kids. In this game, the goal is to keep yourself from stepping on the poop while making your way around the board. To do this, the players must throw a die to determine how many squares they can move in one turn. Once someone lands on a square that has been marked with an X (which indicates there is poop present), they will have to put one of their pieces back to home base and start again.

To play Don’t Step On The Poop, each player should select one piece such as a cookie-cutter or game spinner or anything similar where it can be distinguished from other pieces. Then the players take turns making their moves based on the outcome of throwing their dice and advacing across the board, avoiding stepping on poop along the way until someone reaches homebase. All players should reach homebase at exactly the same time in order for anyone to win! Additional pieces may also be added as rewards when landing on certain squares and even add bonus points throughout the game.

One of the best tips for playing Don’t Step On The Poop is strategy! Thinking ahead about what other players might do in order to not land on any poopy spots is important in order to stay ahead of your opponents! If a player lands on an X spot and places one piece back at home base, they shouldn’t feel discouraged because there are plenty of ways to try again up their strategy to reach homebase faster than others! Additionally, pace yourself and plan accordingly so you aren’t too far behind other players- often racing too quickly around the board can work against you if it leaves another player with more options than you had anticipated them having! Lastly, try different strategies each round; see what works and adapt accordingly.

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