Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game


Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game is an exciting and immersive game experience that captures the intense action of this thrilling video game series! Players build their own version of the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, craft their characters, complete missions, and compete in battles against robotic dinosaurs.

Players begin by choosing a character from the cast of Aloy or one they create on their own. From there, they can explore the post-apocalyptic world, measure their strength in battle against ferocious Wonders (a variety of robotic dinos), face enemies from the world like bandits and beasts, make unique choices to shape the story as it unfolds”all while earning rewards such as resources that can be used to power-up weapons and armor for combat.

No matter your gaming level”beginner to expert”Horizon Zero Dawn “The Board Game” provides an enjoyable experience for all ages. The board game includes over 120 cards, 80+ tiles representing several different environments from which players can choose their starting location and progression paths, an instruction book and various other components for customization.

Whether you’re looking for an engaging solo adventure or a group activity with friends or family, this amazing board game is sure to provide hours upon hours of enjoyment! With its visually stunning pieces and intense gameplay, Horizon Zero Dawn “The Board Game” offers something special to any gaming enthusiast looking for a high-stakes experience that puts them right in the middle of the action.

Historical Context

The development of Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game began in early 2020, when the game’s publisher, Steamforged Games, began assembling a creative team from throughout the gaming industry. This team comprised members from various parts of the industry including developers, graphic designers, sculptors and product testers with expertise in developing board games. Once assembled, the team got to work researching and recreating Horizon Zero Dawn’s world via playtesting, concept designs and game feature brainstorming among other tasks.

Once the concept was solidified, it was passed off to the design team that specialized in creating physical pieces for the game. Elements such as cards and pawns were self-made through careful consideration of gameplay mechanics while figurines featuring key characters were commissioned from outside sculptors. Throughout this process extensive playtesting was undertaken which then paved way for tweaks to be made before beginning production on the final product.

In April 2021 after roughly 12 months of hard work and dedication, Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game was released to critical acclaim and has since gone onto achieve numerous sales landmarks.


Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game is a cooperative game for 1-4 players. Each player takes the role of one of the characters from the game including Aloy, Erend, Erran, Varl and Sigurd. These characters each have unique stats and abilities that help them battle machines, solve puzzles and explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn. Each character also has a unique resource to manage, such as Focus which increases after defeating some machines or Shards which can be used to buy upgrades.

The objective of the game is to complete a set of objectives by gathering components to create your tribe’s Totem and ultimately vanquish the threat of HADES. To achieve this there are several mini-games that involve exploring ruins, fighting machines and interaction with other tribes.

Exploring Ruins involve searching for components or shards in the environment by completing simple tasks such as matching symbols or finding hidden objects. As these locations are filled with dangerous threats such as machine attacks it’s important for players to plan well before venturing out into them.

Fighting Machines takes place on a grid map based on each machine’s weaknesses and strengths as described in the game. Once battle has been initiated each player rolls dice according to their attack stat in order to gain maximum damage from their weapons during combat. However even if no casualties occur each machine damaged still awards XP points needed to level up your character so they can progress through harder missions.

Interaction with other tribes occurs during these missions where players attempt to persuade other tribe members to help them fight against HADES without tipping off their own position or upsetting neighboring villages who don’t want disruption in their territories. Negotiations must often be done via bribes or promises, offering bonuses but making sure not too many resources are given away otherwise you risk poverty among your own people in order save those you want to help!

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With an array of subtle nuances present in every minigame and character interaction through conversations, puzzles or exploration – Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game offers hours of tactical drama and problem solving goodness!

Game Board

The Horizon Zero Dawn Board Game is a tabletop strategical adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization has been overrun by robotic creatures. It features an intricate game board, complete with stunning artwork of a futuristic wasteland and the machines that inhabit it. The board features two sides: on the left is a main map of the game’s territory, while on the right are rules and instructions that can be consulted as players progress through their quest.

The main map consists of hexagonal tiles arranged in concentric circles around an ancient stone ruin in the center. These tiles represent various types of terrain, such as grasslands, deserts, tundra, and mountaintops. Spread out across the map are robotic creatures which need to be outwitted or challenged in order to gain resources needed to build a tribal settlement or defeat enemies who threaten it. Scattered within these areas are also loot chests which provide weapons and armor for players to use in battle against their adversaries.

Throughout the game players will collect various pieces such as cards and tokens that represent different resources or actions within the world. They must strategize how best to move their character among these tiles using dice rolls and build structures like lairs, armories, Bastion Pylons (which they need to protect), and workbenches which all serve unique purposes. The board also includes more detailed instructions on how these structures interact with each other”such as trading, fighting against forces of corrupted machine beasts”as well as an explanatory graphic designating damage types depending on attacks used by characters. The final goal is to amass enough points ” referred to as “Tribute” ” by completing tasks (or fighting) the machines on the tiles and building up settlements around them. With its high replayability value due to strategic depth and multiple levels of endgame scenarios tailor-made for cooperative play, this highly customizable game promises many hours of entertainment for video game fans!


The objective of Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game (HZD) is to become the most powerful tribe and gain control of various resources. Players take on the roles of characters from the game, exploring a post-apocalyptic open world filled with robotic creatures. However, all those robotic creatures aren’t just for fun. As the player moves through the game, they’ll have to collect relic cards and unlock additional story arcs in order to progress further and acquire more resources to build their tribe.

At each turn, players roll an Attribute Dice which will help decide outcomes in battle or whether they successfully retrieve a Relic Card or not. During these rolls, depending on which character you are playing as you are able to modify the attribute dice by using the predetermined abilities your character has been given – thus allowing more strategic play.

Winning then becomes a matter of tactical decision making; do you take on a larger robotic creature this round and risk losing lots of power or is there a smaller enemy you can easily defeat in order to increase your chance at gaining more Relic Cards? You only receive rewards if you make calculated risks and weigh up these action against what rewards you can expect for making them. Each race also holds distinct weaknesses that must be noted on your journey so one mislaid attack strategy will send your restful victory hooping down into an abyss of failure! Good luck

Character and Enemy Types

Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game has multiple playable characters and enemies. Each type of character and enemy have different abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

The playable characters in the game are the machine hunters. These characters specialize in fighting against machines in battle. They have skills such as using traps to slow down or disable machines, resource gathering, and equipping more powerful weapons. They are relatively strong combatants with decent armor stats but cannot deal great damage on their own – they need their allies to help them out in combat.

The other enemy types you will encounter include Watchers, Shell-Walkers, Glinthawks, Corruptors and more. Watchers are fast-moving scout machines that can detect your movement from a distance; Shell-Walkers are heavily armored machines capable of tanking lots of damage; Glinthawks can be pesky aerial enemies that swoop down quickly; and Corruptors often poison players or restrain them using energy fields.

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Players must utilize each of the characters’ strengths to defeat those enemies – for example, equipping the machine hunters with heavy weapons to counter Shell-Walkers or using traps to corner fleeing Watchers can make all the difference. Ultimately, no one character is stronger than another – it depends on how they interact with each other and how they respond to the enemies they face.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is a cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players. Treasure and adventure await as players travel to the wild lands of the mysterious world of Horizon Zero Dawn and fight off robotic creatures known as the Machines.

The game’s mechanics revolve around explore, combat, and collection objectives. To win, one must complete all three of these challenges against increasing difficulty.

Exploration consists of keeping track of the area map while avoiding Traps and other obstacles placed on the board. When reaching an obtainable item or revealed objective marker, players must take an appropriate action such as battle or crafting in order to gain access to it.

Combat consists of each player taking turns attacking the Machine hordes in order to build up their Courage points which act as currency for buying upgrades or items, or saving survivors found along the way. Attacks are resolved through roll-based combat, where different types of weapons can be used during each turn with modifiers based on available resources gathered from scavenging locations.

Collecting objectives involve gathering valuable items from looting environments using Lore tokens that provide information about threats present in different zones throughout the board, allowing players to strategize accordingly when deciding what route to take during exploration.


Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game is a highly replayable game, offering both campaign and multiplayer experiences from the same box. In campaign mode, the game supports up to four players as they explore the world of Horizon Zero Dawn together, seeking to make strategic alliances in an effort to restore balance in the valley and ultimately defeat their enemies. Players explore the board using their individual character cards, unlocking new abilities over time as they progress through each mission. Once all missions have been completed and the enemy defeated, players will be rewarded with rewards cards and tokens representing earned achievements.

In contrast to the campaign mode of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game, multiplayer mode provides a distinct experience. Multiplayer games can be setup with each player controlling multiple characters designed to collaborate or compete against one another ” allowing for deeper tactics and strategies as players seek to acquire more rewards than their opponents within defined time frames. Rewards are shared amongst the group equally at match end, encouraging gamers to work together in order to maximize returns overall rather than pursuing competition for personal gain at any cost.


Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game is a cooperative strategy game based on the world famous video game of the same name. The game features stunningly detailed pre-painted models representing different characters from the video game and other robotic creatures to fight each other. Players take control of their respective characters in order to complete various objectives set out by the enemy tribe on their way to destroying their ancient robot adversaries. Players can customize their character’s abilities, loadout, and strategy while they attempt dangerous missions across vast open terrains or tactical skirmishes within dilapidated ruins. The game also includes deep campaign mode which allows players to craft a unique story through their cooperative gameplay.

Overall, Horizon Zero Dawn The Board Game offers fans of the franchise an engaging and immersive experience that stays true to its source material. With its deep squad-based combat system and detailed campaigns, it delivers hours of strategic fun for those looking for a challenge. Whether you are new to this franchise or an experienced player of it, Horizon Zero Dawn should provide an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

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