How To Build Washers Game Board


Washers Game, also known as Washers Toss, or Texas Horseshoes, is a popular yard game that originated in the South of the United States. Players compete by throwing washer boxes or boxes containing horseshoe-shaped metal washers at a target. The goal of the game is for each player to toss their washer box so it lands in the hole or on the target at the other end of the court. This can be done solo, in teams, or with multiple players competing against each other.

The benefits of playing Washers Game are endless and include strengthening hand-eye coordination, increasing accuracy and focus both mentally and physically, and providing an opportunity for social interaction and friendly competition among friends and family. This game encourages teamwork, communication skills, physical agility, problem-solving skills, strategy planning and decision making.

There are many different variations of this game depending on your preference. These include different size courts (6’x10′, 8’x10′, 12’x12′, etc.), different size holes/targets (3” for 1 box at each end vs 4″ for 2 boxes), various spacing between hole positions (12” apart vs 24” apart), various numbers of thrown washers per round or inning (2 vs 3), etc. Some variations even include smaller distances between holes to allow for more difficult shots during gameplay.

It’s important to note that when building a Washers Game Board there are several key elements to consider; board material(s) such as wood or plastic composite boards or synthetic grass that will hold the targets securely in place; number & placement of targets; total measurements & dimensions based on desired game variation being played; tools such as saws and drills needed to build board components; paints & stains to customize your finished product; plus additional items needed to keep your Washers Game playable including waterproofing sealants. Proper construction techniques should also be utilized throughout the building process which may require assistance from another person depending on complexity level desired.

Materials Needed to Build a Washers Game Board

If you want to build your own washers game board, the materials needed are fairly simple and affordable. Each board requires 2x4s, plywood or composite decking, galvanized screws or lag bolts, washers, some sandpaper and a saw to cut the wood.

When purchasing the lumber it is important to get good quality boards that won’t warp over time. The 2x4s will form the sides and legs of the frame, while the plywood or composite decking should be large enough for both playing boards. Galvanized screws are suggested for added durability against rust and will ensure that your board won’t come apart over time. While you can use regular washers, outdoor-grade stainless steel washers are suggested for added strength and longevity. Sandpaper should also be purchased in order to smooth rough edges on cut surfaces before painting or staining your completed frame and board.

You can find all these items at hardware stores such as Home Depot or Lowes if available near you. Many items such as the 2x4s and sheet of plywood will vary in price depending on what grade you choose, but typically a full set should come in at less than $50 dollars before tax. Online sources such as Amazon can also be useful when looking for deals on supplies like galvanized screws and stainless steel washers as well as other specialty items like paint or stain if desired.

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Step-by-Step Instructions on Building the Board

Step 1: Cut Your Wood and Measure
The first step in building a washers game board is to again cut your wood. You can purchase a sheet of plywood or wooden planks from your nearest hardware store and use saw or miter box to cut the wood into 2 pieces of 24-inch width (or whatever size you prefer) by 48-inch length. With one piece, you should then measure 1 foot sections onto the 24-inch side and mark them with a pencil.

Step 2: Join the Pieces Together
Once you have all your pieces cut and measured, you can now join them together to start constructing the board. To do so, grab at least 3 short screws that should be wide enough to attach the two sides of 48-inch length together securely. Also make sure that the screws are countersunk so that they don’t stick out from the top of the washers game board surface once it is complete.

Step 3: Paint and Customize
Now for the fun part, painting! Depending on what type of look you want for your board, you can either apply just one color or multiple colors to really personalise it. You can also choose different shapes for each hole such as circles as well as include artistic designs like flowers or waves on either side of the board just for an added touch. Once completed, let your paint dry before attaching any additional items such as legs or handles which will help make sure your new “game ready” washers board stays stable while playing.

Tips and Tricks to Making a Quality Washers Game Board

1. Insert Rod Frames ” To make your Washers Game Board more durable, insert thin metal rods into the corners of the board to form a frame. This will help keep the plywood boards from warping or separating from each other over time.

2. Add Carrying Handles – If you plan on transporting the Washers Game Board frequently, adding carrying handles on each side will make it much easier to transport and set up. You can use simple handles cut out of sturdy plastic or wood, depending on your particular design and budget.

3. Weatherproofing – Protect your game board with weather-resistant paint or sealant if you plan to take it outside often. This will prevent any water damage as well as provide UV protection to keep the wood looking good for years to come. It’s best to apply an additional coating after any scratches or dents occur in order to protect against further damage.

4. Sand & Refinish – If you’ve built your Washers Game Board using raw lumber or plywood, make sure to sand down all rough edges for a nice smooth surface and finish it off with a protective sealant such as polyurethane or varnish for extra protection.

5. Accessorize – To make your Washers Game Board extra special, consider adding some accessories like cup holders, scorecard slates, waterproof markers/cleaning supplies, non-slip playing mats, towel racks/hangers etc…the potential is endless!

Options for Customizing the Washers Game Board

Painting and staining the Washers game board are an easy way to customize it. Use a paint brush to apply different colors to the boards, such as blue, red, or green. When finished painting, consider adding some type of finish that will provide protection from weathering and wear-and-tear. After painting or staining the entire game board, you can use your imagination to add shapes or other designs such as stripes. One idea is to use washer stencils to create stars or other themed designs on each individual square panel.

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Adding a personalized touch is also possible with the game board. Consider having names painted on the washers boards either with stencils or freehand. Once painted onto the boards it can be sealed for long lasting protection.

One unique option for customizing the Washers game board is to build it in a folding style so that it can be more easily transported for games held away from home. If building a folding version of the game board using ¾ inch plywood, be sure all of the boards fit securely together when folded up and measure correctly once opened up flat on top of two barrels or other designated stands before securing permanently with hinges, bolts, screws etc..

Lastly make sure all hardware pieces used in building and attaching the Washers game board are lead free so that they will not contaminate food or drinks during gameplay!

Closing Thoughts

The Washers game is a great way to have fun and get some friendly competition going with friends, family, and people of all ages. Building your own washers game board is surprisingly easy if you follow the instructions outlined in this blog post. The first step is to choose the right materials for your project, such as wood for the frame, MDF for the backboard, and metal washers. Then, use boards to create an 8×8 grid that will be used for mounting the board on its stand. Next, determine where to drill holes so that you can insert eye screws to connect the frame and create a net-like structure. Measure out how big your overall washer will be by using pieces of pipe cut into two equal length segments. Finally, assemble all pieces together by screwing them into the structure’s edges.

Overall, building a Washers game board does not require any high tech or skillful carpentry skills”only time, patience and determination! Whether you plan on starting from scratch or purchasing already-made parts from an online store or workshop, it’s important to make sure that your board adheres to official rules outlined in competitive playbooks of the American Cornhole Organization (ACO). By doing this, you’ll ensure that you have chosen the right game board for your needs. With a little bit of effort and creativity”and maybe even some help from friends-building an entertaining Washers game can become reality!

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