How To Make A Bankers Tray Board Game


Examples of games that use the same principles as the Bankers Tray Board Game include Ludo, Backgammon, and Shut The Box. All three require some strategy and luck to ensure success. They also involve players taking turns to move pieces between boxes or areas around a board in order to gain points or reach a goal. In Ludo, for example, players must roll a dice and make strategic decisions about which methods of movement will help them reach their ‘home’ or win the game. Similarly, in Backgammon, players must decide where they should place their pieces and how they should move them around the board in order to gain points while being mindful of where other players place theirs. Finally, in Shut The Box, players have to make critical decisions about which numbers they choose to place together or separately on each turn in order to get the lowest score possible at the end of the round.

Materials Needed

To make a Bankers Tray Board game, you will need: several nesting boxes or shallow baskets, such as empty six-pack cardboard holders or plastic ice cube trays; game pieces like bottle caps, beads, shells, buttons, checkers, Lego pieces, wooden blocks or coins; a variety of small items for the board’s spaces such as paper clips, rubber bands, and paper balls; masking tape; scissors.

To begin upcycling materials to use in your game board, start by finding recycled materials around your home. You can use empty cereal boxes to create the individual play sections of the board. Cardboard egg cartons are great for making pits and adding depth to the center of the board; old envelopes can be cut into circles and used to mark each space. Finally, upcycled materials like bottle caps and other small containers can be used as game pieces that players must maneuver around the board. Masking tape can be used to hold everything in place during play and paper can be used for decoration. Scissors are needed to ensure neat lines when cutting upcycled materials. Have fun creating your very own recycled Bankers Tray Board Game!

Game Play

The Bankers Tray Board Game is a great way to encourage fun, competitive play amongst players. The game utilizes different pieces on the board, like dice and cards which are used to achieve the goal of collecting more money each turn than your opponents. This game is similar to other strategic games like chess or checkers in that it requires careful planning and thought for each position taken. Here are some examples of how this game can be played:

Board Games Cad Blocks

1. Quarters Mosaic – Players build a mosaic using randomly placed silver coins on their tray boards. By forming shapes, lines and patterns, players compete against each other by achieving the most points.

2. Layered Riches – Players attempt to create a “perfectly balanced” tray full of coins by adding various colors and sizes while trying to form symmetrical patterns on their tray boards.

3. Money Strength – Players must build stacks of coins by adding higher valued coins above lower valued ones in order to reach a predetermined height. The first player who reaches that height wins the game!

4. Banking Finance – In this game, players make imaginary investments throughout the course of the game using their coins as “stocks”. Players add more value to their stocks during certain turns so that they can eventually sell them off for a high price at the end of the game.


Making a Bankers Tray Board Game is a great way to have fun with family and friends. This popular game is often used in classrooms, at parties or just for fun within the home. Here are some tips on how to make your own Bankers Tray Board Game:

1. Gather Supplies – You will need a rectangular frame, cardboard trays, wooden beads, dice and pencils.

2. cut out squares on the surface of the frame – Make sure that the holes are big enough so that the beads will fit through them but not too large where they can fall through.

3. Attach Trays onto The Frame – Use glue or duct tape to attach your trays onto each side of the frame to create two sides.

4. Place Beads in the Trays ” Divide up an equal number of beads between both players and move them around inside their tray using the dice as instructions based on the game’s rules (link). To figure out what moves each player can make, write down all possible movements for each roll of each die and assign points depending on which squares are landed on (link). Players lose points every time they enter/cross over into their opponent’s territory as well as when they take from one another’s piles!

When Zombies Attack Board Game

Once you have created your game board, it is time to get playing! There are many websites available with variations such as different rules, extra activities and rewards ideas (links) to help you come up with interesting new ideas for game play every time you sit down to play! Have fun and enjoy this classic indoor game!


Making a Bankers Tray Board Game is an enjoyable, creative activity that you and your family or friends can enjoy for hours. Not only is it fun to make, but even more fun to play when you’re done! Crafting this game will bring everyone involved closer together with bonding conversations, competition, and lots of laughs. You’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. So go ahead and give it a try”it’s sure to be rewarding!



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