How To Make Origami Board Game Pieces


Making origami is one of the oldest and most popular forms of paper art. It can be used to craft simple objects like a paper cup, or more complex creations like a dragon. And while it’s useful in its own right, when you add origami to a board game, the possibilities suddenly become much wider! Board games are great at helping children (and adults!) develop hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and strategic thinking ” but with origami board game pieces, you can also let your imagination run wild.

Whether you’re making origami for traditional games like chess and checkers or creating pieces for original designs, shaping these colorful little creations can add another level of fun ” so why not make your own? With some basic supplies and a few easy steps, crafting paper game pieces doesn’t need to be difficult.

To help get you started crafting your own custom origami pieces for board games (or anything else!), here’s how to make four different shapes: cubes, cones, circles, and pyramids. Here’s what you’ll need:


– Square-shaped sheets of colored origami paper
– Scissors
– Glue/tape (optional)

For each shape below, start by folding the paper in half diagonally. Then unfold the paper and proceed with each step as outlined below:

Cubes: Start with a large triangle shape that has been folded in half diagonally. Take two opposing corners furthest from the middle point and fold them inwards on either side until they meet in the middle. Flip the triangle over and repeat this step on opposite sides. To create cube edges, bring in all outside corners into the center point until they meet together. For additional stability secure cube edges together with glue or tape if desired. You have now created an origami cube!

Cones: After folding the paper in half diagonally take two points furthest from the middle point on either side and crease inwardly towards one another at an angle until they meet at an apex point near one corner of the triangle shape. Flip over triangle shape onto other side and repeat creasing process in same way so both sides are symmetrical with each other when overlapping at their apex end points touching along inside center line made by triangular halves joining together against one another snugly here at their apex points formed along opposite side 7creses made inwardly towards one another by taking two points furthest away from central point located near halfway line between triangle halves meeting up naturally against one another here forming cone’s base cone peaked shaped tip which allows it stand upright.. This is an origami cone!

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Creative Inspiration

Origami board game pieces can add an unique and creative touch to any project. But in order to make them, you’ll need to know a few basics of origami first. Before getting started with making origami pieces for your board game, you should start by looking at some different examples of origami board game pieces. That way, you’ll get a better idea of the structure and design elements that are typically used in origami games.

By taking the time to look at photos or diagrams of pre-made origami board game pieces, or even instructions on how to make them from scratch, you’ll be able to play around with the different structures that are usually required for making these kinds of board games. This exploration of ideas will help give you a better understanding of which shapes and features work well for each piece based on their function within the game.

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Additionally, it’s important to consider the size constraints when it comes to making origami board game pieces. Most boards have limited space which means your pieces must fit within those boundaries so they can easily move around the playing field without cluttering up the area or causing problems with game pieces knock into one another during play. Once you have selected a design for your piece and measured out what size would be best suited for it, then you can begin cutting out your paper sheets so that they are ready for folding into perfect little figures!

Gathering Materials

Making origami board game pieces can be an enjoyable and satisfying activity. To do this, first you will need to gather the following items: origami paper, scissors, a ruler, a pencil, and crafting glue. The origami paper should come in a variety of colors, sizes and consistency; it’s best to decide on which type of origami paper you want to use before beginning your project. You may also choose to get some flat decorative stones, shapes or fun stickers to customize your pieces even further.

Now that you have all the materials needed for making origami board game pieces, it is time to start the project. Begin by cutting out the paper into equal squares using a ruler and scissors. Alternatively, if using smaller sheets of origami paper then simply fold them diagonally so that they end up as equal-sized triangles. Next, draw out your desired shapes using a pencil onto the unfolded/uncut pieces of paper (if desired). Once you have your designs ready, carefully fold each piece according to the instructions given in various origami books. Depending on the design chosen these will involve folding techniques like valley folds and mountain folds of varying complexity – if necessary one could look up videos online for guidance.

Once you have finished folding all your pieces satisfactorily into their respective shapes, apply crafting glue onto them (one at a time) which will help hold their shape in place after drying. This step is particularly important given that regular shapes are likely going to require an additional layer of support for longevity purposes. Finally you can add any extra décor items such as flat decorative stones or stickers in order to personalize each piece even more! One option is to add buttons to make eyes on animals or characters ” whatever you think would look best! Let your creativity go wild! Once everything has dried completely (this could take over night), start exploring and playing with your very own handmade Origami Board Game Pieces!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Origami Heart Piece

1. Begin by folding a square piece of paper in half from corner to corner twice, such that the top and bottom corners meet at the middle point of the paper.

2. Unfold your paper, then fold each side to the center crease. Then re-fold the paper along the original creases.

3. Now fold up one edge to form a triangle on the right side of the paper, then fold down and tuck it beneath itself on the left side of the paper to create the heart shape.

4. Turn your origami piece over, then fold up another edge to form another triangle on the left side and tuck it beneath itself on the right side of the paper – this should complete your origami heart!

5. To strengthen your piece you can use a glue stick or something similar to stick it together where they overlap (Optional).
6. Lastly, color and decorate both sides with paint, markers, or other materials as desired (Optional). Your origami board game pieces are now ready for play!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Origami Fish Piece

1. Gather your materials. You will need origami paper, scissors, a ruler or measuring tape, and a pencil.

2. Measure and cut the paper into exact 3×3 inch squares for each fish piece you want to make. If desired, draw a design on one side of the sheet with your pencil so these pieces stand out from the others.

3. Fold one of the squares in half both vertically and horizontally, creating four even triangles with intersecting lines along the middle of each triangle section. These folds create what is known as “mountain” or “valley” folds which create definition in origami figures when they are opened up or pushed together respectively.

4. Pick two corners of opposite sides of any given triangle and fold them toward each other so that they meet in the center like two hands pressed together (also known as a “diamond” fold).

5. Flip that figure over to the back side and press down where the center creases now meet (otherwise known as an ‘inversion’ technique). Your figure should now look more like an open heart shape at this point.

6. Take one of those points which created the heart shape from Step 5 and turn it outward about 90 degrees so that it looks like half a diamond in front of you again (this time with just two sides instead of four).

7. Take those same points from Step 6 and fold them inwardly again towards your body, this time completely encasing those initial mountain/valley folds to form both top & bottom fins for your fish piece (you can also do some fin styling here if desired).

8. Finish by running your finger along all edges & seams of your new fish piece to crisp up & secure all folds were necessary, then repeat Steps 2-7 until you have enough pieces for your board game!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Origami Ship Piece

The origami ship is one of the most popular origami board game pieces to make. Making this particular piece requires a piece of paper and two minutes of your time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make an origami ship.

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Step 1: Start by taking a rectangular sheet of paper and folding it in half twice, both lengthwise and widthwise. This will give you 4 even squares on the paper.

Step 2: Unfold your paper and then place it in front of you so the fold lines are horizontal and vertical, forming a cross shape on the paper.

Step 3: Take the top-left corner and bring it down to meet the bottom-right corner, making sure that you create a point at the center as well as crease along both sides. Repeat this again with the top-right corner and bottom-left corner to create another point at the center (*NOTE* make sure all creases are visible).

Step 4: Now you can push up the points at each end to form masts for the ship (One side should be flat, while masts for both sides stand upright).

Step 5: Add small details like sails or flags with some extra pieces of paper if desired.

And there you have it! A simple but enjoyable way to easily create your own origami ship game piece! Have fun!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Origami Dragon Piece

1. Start with a square piece of origami paper, colored side up. If you don’t have any origami paper you can make your own by cutting a square out of regular paper and folding each corner into the center.

2. Fold the paper in half to form two rectangles stacked on top of each other. Unfold and set aside to use again later.

3. Next, fold the bottom right corner up to make a triangle shape, then fold the bottom left corner up to create another triangle that’s slightly smaller than the first one. Unfold both layers again afterwards.

4. Turn the paper over and fold both top corners inwards so they overlap each other, forming a diamond shape. Unfold.
5. Finally, refold using your previous steps until you have an Origami dragon piece suitable for your board game!

Step-by-Step Guide to Making an Origami Butterfly Piece

Creating origami board game pieces is a fun and creative way to give your favorite board game a unique touch. You can create a variety of origami pieces that can be used to replace or enhance the components of the games you play. To begin the process, gather paper in any size or color that you want.

Step 1: Start by folding the paper diagonally so it takes on a triangle shape. This will be used as the base for creating your butterfly-shaped piece.

Step 2: Take each top corner and fold it towards the center of your triangle, creating a smaller triangle shape from the larger one you have created.

Step 3: Flip this new triangle over and sew down both sides by folding them back towards each other.

Step 4: Pinch both ends at the small point to create two wings for your butterfly piece. Make sure to leave some space between the wings so there are no creases in your origami design.

Step 5: Now it’s time to make antennas for your butterfly! Take two long strips of paper and curve them around themselves to create an antenna shape before attaching them to each side of its head using glue or tape.

Step 6: Finally, customize your butterfly by adding jewels, beads or colorful stickers for decoration if desired. Your origami game piece is now complete! Enjoy playing with your totally unique game piece!

Customizing Your Origami Board Game Pieces

Customizing your origami board game pieces is a great way to add a personal touch to your game. There are several ways you can go about this, depending on the type of board game and the materials you have available. To begin with, you can use different kinds of paper to create different shapes and effects when folding. For example, watercolor paper gives a more textured look to your pieces, and cardstock is more durable for handling wear-and-tear during gameplay. Furthermore, you can use colored pencils or markers to draw designs onto your origami pieces after they’ve been folded. This adds another layer of customization that makes your pieces one-of-a-kind. Another option is to buy or print out patterns and symbols that give your pieces an even more individualized look. You could also add stickers of various sizes and shapes, or attach small beads or buttons, giving each piece its own unique character. Finally, try using ribbon or string to tie multiple pieces together in a creative way. Whatever methods you use for customizing, just remember it’s all about having fun!

Final Thoughts

Making origami board game pieces is a fun and creative way to add an element of playfulness to your next game night. All you need to make your own set of origami pieces is paper, a few tools like scissors and a ruler, and your own two hands. Choose any type of paper that you prefer ” construction paper, computer printer paper, or scrapbook papers are all great choices! Begin folding the paper into various shapes and sizes such as pyramid-style pieces or even folded cubes. The options are endless! For added flair, decorate the finished pieces with markers, paint, glitter, ribbon ” whatever suits your style! With these personalized origami board game pieces in hand, no matter what game you choose to play at your next gathering, adventures await!

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