How To Play Bastion Board Game


Bastion is one of the most exciting and strategic board games of recent years. It is a classic example of Euro-style gaming, which emphasizes depth of play and multiple paths to victory. Players assume the roles of capes (the defenders) or villains (the attackers) on their quest to take control of the city. The game board and cards are beautifully designed and engaging to use, with the aim being to accumulate gold before the other players so that you can capture Bastion City’s most valuable districts.

Bastion was designed by renowned designer Ignacy Trzewiczek ” founder and head of Portal Games in Poland ” and as such offers highly acclaimed illustrations from celebrated Polish artist Roman Kuczkowski. The unique mix of strategy, luck and theme combine to create an enthralling game experience for all ages. From strategically manipulating pieces on your turn to responding swiftly when interrupted by a sudden attack from another player, there always seems to be something happening! Every move is incredibly important as it can determine who will ultimately emerge victorious in the endgame. Alliances may be formed but no one can be trusted as betrayal lurks around every corner – a feature which adds greatly to the suspenseful atmosphere throughout!. Furthermore, different scenarios provide variety which keeps each game fresh even if you are playing with experienced friends who know the basics well. You will have hours upon hours of fun while playing Bastion.

Gather Your Friends and Materials

Before playing Bastion, you’ll need to gather the necessary components. This includes having a group of 2-4 players and an assortment of materials, such as a game board, character cards, meeples, tiles, cards, guidebook, dice and tokens. When everyone is ready with the equipment in hand, you can begin playing the game.

Start by Setting Up the Board

Bastion begins with all players coming together to set up the board. Each player will start by selecting one of the four colored character cards they want to play as throughout their game session ” these characters determine unique skills and exploits that must be taken into account while making decisions during each round. The included tile pieces should then be placed in a pile at the middle of designated board area. The piles should consist of neutral tiles (used for scoring and as performance-enhancing bonuses), hazard tiles (which restrict certain ability options) and stronghold tiles (which can offer special effects when activated). Players must also shuffle their corresponding deck of action cards before randomly drawing six from it ” these will be used in lieu of dice movement throughout the game session. Once everything is in place, each player can take their individual meeple pieces and deploy them into their designated starting positions on the board.

Start Playing

The actual gameplay revolves around competing teams frantically racing to reach objectives displayed on tile pieces scattered about on the board ” however reaching these areas won’t always be easy as progress may stunted due to hazardous areas or locked strongholds hindering overall progress. During each turn a single player must roll two dice and then use their drawn card set instead of using traditional routes within game” thus carefully picking which combination ability best fits overall situation at hand” awarding points for successful choices made along way. As rounds pass through turns continue until someone has successfully met initial goals placed upon board; thus accounting for both points based results along with those earned via other side activities which were linked to actual movement within current round’s movements” awarding first player reaching goal declared winner!

Setting the Stage

Bastion is a popular fantasy-themed board game that can be played with two to four players. Before the game can begin, you will need to assemble the board according to the included instructions. The main components of the Bastion board include the four Bastions (each represented by a color), 24 Guardians (also divided into four colors corresponding to each Bastion), and 6 territory tiles that make up important strongholds within the kingdom of Bethos.

To assemble the board, start by locating the main square tile that has all four Bastions printed on it at its center. This is known as “The Throne” and serves as the core of your game board. Next, arrange your territory tiles in a perimeter around The Throne, with blue on one side, red on another side, yellow on another side and green on another side. Once your territory tiles are placed around The Throne, set up four Guardians of each color at each corresponding Bastion located around The Throne. This will help players identify which area is protected by which color guardian. Finally, place one Guardian of each color at any remaining spots around The Throne for strategic purposes during playtime.

Once all pieces have been properly placed and assembled according to instructions, you’re ready to commence with gameplay!

Becoming Familiar with the Rules

The Bastion Board Game is an exciting and strategic game that can be played by two or more players. It involves a complex set of rules which may seem intimidating at first, but can be mastered with some practice and understanding. Knowing the rules of the game beforehand can help you understand how to play it, as well as give you insight into the strategies and certain advantages enjoyed by certain players.

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Before playing Bastion Board Game, it is important to familiarize yourself with all the necessary information. Each player has their own unique set of pieces defined by color, making it crucial that each player knows what pieces are theirs and which are someone else’s. Understanding how each piece moves in relation to Board positions and other pieces on the field is also highly important. Once a player becomes familiar with this information they will be able to begin focusing on strategy over memorization.

Another key component to playing Bastion Board Game is understanding how you interact with your opponent’s pieces. Knowing how your pieces can affect or block your opponent’s movement can drastically change the outcome of a game and produce interesting scenarios for both sides. Additionally, knowing when an attack or surprise move can happen depending on what spaces are available can deliver great payoffs during play. Learning about these interactions is critical for becoming successful at the game and mastering strategies for victory.

Understanding the Different Phases of Bastion

Bastion is a truly unique and challenging game of strategic resource management. It can be enjoyed by experienced gamers and novices alike. The game is set on the continent of Fylum, whose four major nations are vying for control over its resources. Before starting the game, it’s important to understand the different phases that Bastion has to offer players.

Building Phase: During this phase, players will construct buildings on their farms which can provide benefits including an increase in population, gold production, and prestige points that can be used to make strategic decisions. Buildings such as town halls and workshops can also provide special abilities depending on where they are located. This is a great way for players to build up their economy and prepare for future turns.

Conflict Phase: During this phase, players must prepare for battle by building troops and moving them around the map in order to claim resources from other players or fight enemy forces. Players will then be able to gain land from hostile neighbors by either negotiating or declaring war on them if necessary. This phase requires two types of resources; food which is used to feed troops and gold which can be acquired through taxation or trade with other nations.

Growth Phase: Once conflicts have been resolved during the conflict phase, it’s time for players to grow their empires further as they continue advancing their technology level and gaining access to new magic powers within the game. This involves constructing new buildings, researching technologies unlocked through fights, prospecting resources in nearby regions, building walls around settlements, trading commodities with other nations etc.. In addition, players may join guilds that provide bonuses such as increased gold generation or reduced construction costs when building upgrades.

Victory Phase: The final stage of Bastion determines who has won the game by tallying each player’s population count, number of available buildings constructed throughout the game as well as prestige points awarded earlier on in the victory phase (called Prestige Victory). Additionally, there are several conditions that a player must meet in order complete a Bastion victory; these include having control over several continents or large portions of them along with dominating particular locations through force or trading advantages gained from negotiations with other factions/nations (Seafarer’s Victory). Ultimately Bastion encourages its players’ creativity above all else – allowing each individual to create unique strategies within each round – guaranteeing engrossing battles regardless of one’s gaming experience!

Aim for Victory

Bastion is a strategy board game that requires quick decision-making and a sharp mind. To stand the best chance of winning, players must develop strategies to build an impenetrable wall of defense, prevent opponents’ pieces from entering their territory, and capture as much of the enemy camp as possible. Here are some tips to become an expert in Bastion:

1. Select your pieces wisely: The most important pieces in Bastion are the wooden towers, which act as barriers blocking pieces from crossing boundaries. Therefore, it’s essential to plan where each tower should be placed and decide which pieces should inhabit them based on when and how they might need to defend your camp.

2. Have an offensive plan: Just like with any game of strategy, having a good offense can help you easily gain the upper hand. Figure out where you can quickly and carefully advance your pieces around the board without leaving too much open territory for your rivals to advance into. Use your “Encourage” tiles ” special game features that allow you to take control of nearby spaces ” to increase your chances of victory and neutralize potential threats.

3. Keep an eye on your opponents: The first step towards any successful defense is knowing where enemies have moved their pieces and how they might possibly attack or deploy their resources against you. Be sure to closely monitor enemy movements so that you anticipate attacks before they happen and protect yourself against sudden assaults or surprise tactics by other players. You may even consider forming alliances with other opponents if it could benefit your own progress ” just remember not to put all your trust into them!

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4. Think ahead: Since Bastion involves numerous layers of complexity, it is essential for players to continually plan two or three steps ahead if they want to win consistently. This means considering all possible pathways for attack and actively analyzing how rival actions might interact with each other in order to determine the best moves that support their ends goals while setting themselves up for success in later stages of the game

5. Adapt with changing conditions: Tactics that worked well on one turn may be ineffective on another due to changing conditions on the board caused by rivals’ movements or newly acquired cards that grant new abilities or changes in rank during battle rounds between soldiers; therefore, adaptability is key when playing Bastion in order keep up with adjustments imposed upon players throughout gameplay. Having a flexible approach allows participants alike determine what works best at any given moment so they can take advantage of powerful opportunities coming their way without fail during each bout!

Adding Your Own Creative Twist for an Extra Edge

Bastion is an entertaining and engaging board game for players of all ages and backgrounds. To start, each player will choose what faction they’d like to play with, gathering the pieces unique to that faction and setting up their kingdom on one corner of the map. To win in Bastion, your goal is to conquer enemy territory while defending against enemy raids.

Though playing Bastion in its traditional form can be a lot of fun, there’s no harm in adding your own creative twist to the game. One great way to give your games a unique touch is by creating original objectives or scenarios as you play. For example, try challenging yourself to only use certain types of pieces during a given game; this can be a fun but surprisingly difficult way to test your strategy skills! You could also experiment with different geography for the map tiles or alter any other rule – use whatever you feel comfortable with! Additionally, if playing with multiple players, encourage each person to come up with their own individual goals within the game; these could even involve cooperating with one another instead of competing! Remember that this is just a starting point; there are numerous opportunities for each player or group to make Bastion their very own. By coming up with special objectives or scenarios while playing, everyone has a chance to experience something unique and ripe for repeat plays!

Enjoy the Fun and Challenge of Bastion with Your Group

Playing the Bastion board game is a great way to bring friends and family together for some fun and challenging time. Before you begin, you’ll need to assemble the game pieces according to the rules. The game is divided into five sections, which consists of four playing boards (for two or four players), a castle tower, four resource tokens, and 15 cards. Each player has a matching set of four colored cubes that represent their armies.

To begin the game, each player places one cube in each of their five sections. On each turn, players will take their resource tokens and move one section at a time across the boards claiming resources along the way. When a player has accumulated five resources they can attempt to build an upgrade in any section by spending the necessary number of resource tokens to upgrade it. There are also six attack cards which offer players special advantages during battle.

Physical combat takes place when 2 opposing player’s armies meet in either individual or combined battles where players may use their attack cards in order to inflict damage upon each other’s armies attempting to capture territory by taking control of other sections or gain ground by increasing their presence on multiple boards. The aim is for a single player to have control over all parts in order for them to build their Bastion castle tower within one turn and win the game!


Playing the board game Bastion provides its players with a range of benefits. Socializing is key in the game, as it requires cooperation from players to achieve a common goal. This encourages communication and teamwork, both of which are invaluable skills when dealing with any kind of problem in life. It also helps foster healthy competition among its participants. In addition to improved social abilities, Bastion can also help hone cognitive abilities by forcing users to think critically and strategically. Players must ponder which characters should be used and how to best use their available resources throughout the game. Furthermore, Bastion can improve problem solving skills, since those playing will often face difficult situations that require careful consideration before taking action. By constantly putting these mental faculties under stress, Bastion helps to strengthen them over time. All in all, playing Bastion is not only enjoyable but beneficial for everyone involved!

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