How To Play King Of Tokyo Board Game

Introduction to King of Tokyo Board Game

King of Tokyo board game is a two to six player game created by Richard Garfield in 2011. It is a fast-action dice game that plays much like a mix between Yahtzee, Magic The Gathering and Monster Brawl. The goal of the game is for you and your opponent(s) to battle it out as one of six giant monsters until one monster is left standing, and the winner is crowned King of Tokyo!

In the box you will find 66 cards, 6 sixteen-sided dice and tokens. There are also 12 energy cubes with different colored silhouettes to denote each deck’s energy reserves (green for plants, yellow for soldiers etc.). In the center of the box, there are 6 special Tokyo monsters – one each in green (Plant), yellow (Soldier), blue (Laser), purple (Cyborg), black (Mutant) and red (Alien) – all gazing hungrily upon Tokyo as they ready themselves to battle it out in downtown Tokyo!

The objective of King of Tokyo board game is simple – have the most Victory Points at the end of the game. Players can accumulate Victory Points by destroying buildings, rolling dice and attacking other monsters. Whoever reaches twenty Victory Points first or has the most victory points at the end of 8 turns wins.

The game can be played with fewer players or an additional team version that supports up to eight players instead. Additionally, it has several different editions released over time such as Halloween Edition, Power Up Expansion Pack, Anubis Edition and Dark Edition.

Overview of King of Tokyo Gameplay

King of Tokyo is a fast-paced board game for 2-6 players, designed by Richard Garfield with art by Adrienne Ezell. It takes around 30 minutes to play. Players take on the role of giant monsters, trying to claim control over Tokyo and become the King of Tokyo.

Gameplay consists of turns in which each player rolls six dice up to three times in order to make various card effects take place (e.g rolling three hearts grants healing). Each player can also buy power cards that grant special abilities. The game ends as soon as one monster has accumulated enough Victory Points (VP) from their dice rolls, or when one monster manages to win two successive battles for control of Tokyo City.

Players start the game with 20 health points and 0 Victory Points (VPs) and must strategically decide how best to manage these resources throughout their turn. In the first part of your turn, you roll the 6 dice up to 3 times, looking to match sets of symbols while trying not to fill your own attack slots and taking damage from everyone else’s attack slots in the process. Rolling three matching symbols will cause a particular effect related to that symbol: 1 claw will cause an attack on another player; 3 lightning bolts will allow you to purchase Power Cards; 3 hearts will give you health; and 3 energy symbols will allow youto bank victory points (VP’s). The second part of your turn is used for buying Power Cards and banking any VP’s you earned during your dice rolls. Finally, at the end of a turn each player gains 1 VP if they are outside Tokyo or 2 VP if they are inside it – unless someone else has taken Tokyo away from them!

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You need strategy, luck, and well timed attacks in order win in King Of Tokyo!

Strategizing and Winning the Game

At the start of the game, each player selects a monster. There are 6 characters in the base game, and new ones available as an expansion. Each character has specific abilities which need to be taken into account when selecting one – some are more suited for quickly accumulating points, while others have attack bonuses.

Once the monsters have been chosen, play begins with the person who’s birthday is most recent going first. Each turn consists of 3 phases: rolling dice, executing actions, and buying cards (if desired). During each roll, players take turns rolling 6 dice and then deciding how to use their results.

The most common rolls consist of 3 or more matching numbers, awarding either Victory Points (1-2), Energy Cubes (3-4), or destruction icons (5-6) in that order. Players can opt to re-roll certain numbers up to two times during this phase. The destruction icons can be used to inflict damage upon other monsters who share Tokyo City with them.

Players also gain access to special powers throughout the game which they can use during the action phase – these extra powers often grant bonus Victory and Energy Points as well as allow attacking other monsters–or defending themselves from their attacks.

Points are accumulated by either destroying other monsters or by simply collecting Victory and Energy Points during play – generally speaking it is best for a player to try and accumulate as many points as possible before attempting any aggressive actions because if another monster destroys them then all their points instantly become zero again! However, if a player does choose to engage in military strife with other monsters then caution should be taken since dying too early might prevent them from having enough time for gathering resources for a powerful endgame surge!

Different Ways to Play the Game

There are several ways to play the King of Tokyo board game. Optional rules can be added to make the game more unpredictable and strategic, such as allowing players to re-roll a dice if all of them show the same result or creating aggressive combos such as rolling 3 or more consecutive hearts to gain points and heal themselves. Reducing the length of the game could involve setting time limits for rounds, while raising the difficulty might include reducing starting health or increasing monster point values.

It is also possible to combine with other games if desired, such as matching two different monsters within each game. This can open up new strategies, as each monster will have a different power set which can affect how you approach battles with other players. Additionally, it is possible to customize cards or create unique character abilities for even more creative gaming options.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Q: What do I need to play King of Tokyo?
A: You will need the game board, plastic monsters, dice, Power cards, and any additional expansion packs if you decided to add them.

Q: How many players can play King of Tokyo?
A: King of Tokyo is designed for 2-6 players.

Q: What are the basic rules for playing King of Tokyo?
A: The aim of the game is to be the last monster standing in Tokyo or have the most victory points when the game ends. On your turn, you roll 6 dice. Depending on what dice are showing, you will gain points for destruction (1 and 2), healing (4 and 5), energy cubes (6) and more depending on which monsters you have acquired. All other monsters must be attacked during your turn. Once a monster has been destroyed it cannot return. Points are gained by staying in Tokyo, while attacking other monsters and using power cards. After actioning your dice results each turn the player can buy power cards to give them an edge in their fight against other players or stay where they are and rebuild their points before deciding to reenter Tokyo or stay out with a huge attack bonus!

Ranking Board Game

Q: What strategies can I use when certain dice rolls are encountered?
A: One strategy that some players use includes trying to collect as many sets of three matching symbols as possible on each roll in order to maximize points from destruction (3 matching 1’s), healing (3 matching 4’s) and energy cubes. Additionally, focusing on either getting health back while outside of Tokyo or collecting enough energy cubes to purchase powerful cards can also form a viable strategy when playing King Of Tokyo.


King of Tokyo is an exciting board game where players strive to be the first to become the ruler of Tokyo. During the game, players take turns rolling dice to gain new abilities and attack their opponents. The goal is to be the last player standing while crushing your enemies and collecting as much Victory Points as possible — either by stomping on or scaring them away! Players can also use powerful cards to help their cause, increase their chances of success, and accumulate extra points.

At the end of a game of King of Tokyo, whichever player has the most Victory Points wins! It’s an enjoyable game for both adults and children with strategic decisions that make for a different experience each time you play. With more than ten years since its launch date, King of Tokyo remains to be one of the most popular tabletop experiences in existence!

To conclude, King of Tokyo is an exciting game with multiple strategies that increase replayability. Combine card combos with dice rolls and outwit your opponents – victory will be yours if you can gain enough points before any other player. Start gaining Victory Points early on with attacks whenever necessary; getting into Seoul will guarantee additional ones, but watch out for other players trying to beat you to it too! Experiment with different options available and master this thrilling monster virtual battle system that provides hours upon hours of fun for people aged 8+ – no gaming experience necessary!

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