How To Play Legends Of Chima Board Game

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The objective of Legends of Chima is for each team (Lions and Crocodiles) to gather the necessary pieces of Chi from the Falling river, before their opponents. Whoever collects all eight Chi first wins the game.


To play Legends of Chima you will need a game board, 8 stacks of chi pieces, 8 tiles that represent each character involved in the game, 40 cards (20 group attacking cards, 10 battle wheel adventure cards, and 10 hero challenge cards), two plastic spinners, four markers or figurines in the shapes of a lion and crocodile (optional), four battle wheel discs with corresponding character symbols on them, a die.

Game Play:
Players take turns to spin their spinner to decide which way they move around the board. If a player lands on an adventure wheel they pick up one of their group attack cards and roll the die to see who starts. Then both players place one their battle wheel disks onto their spinner and both players select one face-up hero challenge card from their set. The aim is for each player to collect as many heroes as possible in order to get enough power to rescue some chi from around avalanche fortress. Players must complete various challenges set out on their hero challenge card as well as reach different locations on the board such as The Lion City or Outlands Market in order to get more chi pieces for themselves. They can use their power ups in order to beat enemies on the board and go further towards rescuing chi from various destinations around avalanche fortress before arriving back at The Lion City where they must build there own tribe totem-pole full of all the chis that were rescued in order to win the game – The tribe who builds all eight totems wins!

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Legends of Chima Board Game is an exciting game for up to four players. The main objective is for one player to be the first to find the CHI and become ruler of Chima. To do this, each player must travel around the board collecting CHI-orb cards, which unlock secret abilities and actions such as creating an invincible and deadly forcefield or making your character move twice as fast. Players use CHI power-ups to boost their strength and speed and tokens to block paths and prevent rivals from moving ahead. By using powerful weapons like Eagle Blaster Staffs and Panther Spears, players can unleash special combat moves that can defeat their opponents. Players also have the ability to freeze time and build structures while their rivals are save on the other side of the board waiting for them out of action. Special Power Crates also offer exciting opportunities such as adding walls or unlocking extra powers depending on what they contain. Collect all three crown symbols at once on a turn and you’ll get a bonus Ruling CHI card with unique abilities! The first player who manages to collect enough CHI-cards across different lands is declared the ruler of Chima!

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Legends of Chima Board Game is a fun and interactive way to play with your friends. Here are some tips for successful game play:

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-Manage resources carefully. Resources (such as gold and CHI characters) are crucial to win the game, so managing them wisely is key. Make sure you keep track of your resources and plan ahead when it comes to spending them.

– Make strategic decisions. At each turn, consider all your options before you make a decision. Decide whether it’s more beneficial for you to spend resources on building weapons or helping build an animal stronghold.

– Collect trading cards. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to collect special trading cards with characters from Cartoon Network’s Legends of Chima series. Keep an eye out for these cards because they can add bonuses throughout the game!

– Work together with your teammates. Since this is a team game, working together is essential in order to be successful. Coordinate strategies and work together so that you can pick up CHI points faster than the other team!

– Have fun! This is a game after all, so don’t take it too seriously! Laugh and enjoy yourself while playing with your friends; making memories is half the battle!

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In addition to the standard Legends of Chima board game, there are variants which can help you customize your experience. For example, the Tribes of Chima variation (available as a separate purchase) expands on the game by introducing an additional element of tribalism and alliance-building. This variant allows players to become the leaders of the eight tribes and work together in order to save global balance.

Another way to customize your Legends Of Chima board game is by playing with house rules. This could include simplifying or adding complexity, increasing or decreasing the length of turns and playtime, or adjusting victory conditions. House rules can make for an even more unique experience ” perfect for when boredom sets in!

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The Legends of Chima Board Game has multiple ways to score. At the end of the game, players calculate their scores to determine who wins.

Players accumulate points from their character’s minifigures and from collecting CHI in each territory. They also gain points for having the most lizards and collecting collectible tokens throughout the game, as well as points at the end of every round. The number of points collected is based on a formula that includes all three sources of scoring: Territory Chi, Character Minifigures and End-of-Round bonuses.

At the end of each round, players that have collected CHI will receive five (5) points per value increments in addition to their token count related to said coins. For capturing Control Towers or completing Objectives each player gains two (2) extra tokens plus an additional point for each star they have claimed; this strategy actively bolsters a player’s chance to win by drastically increasing end-of-round scores. At the end of play, total score corresponds with Minifigure Card purchases and Token collections, sums up all other minor wins and concludes with Territories held containing CHI values multiplied by five points each. The player with highest overall total after all these calculations is declared winner!

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Legends of Chima is a board game for ages 6 and up, based on the popular cartoon series. The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 6 Amber stones from around the outer edge of the board.

To set up the game, each player takes one tribe crest board at random and places it in front of them. This will represent their home on the map. All players then place six 15-point crystals (Amber) around the perimeter of their tribal crest board in order to complete a circuit. Each player will take 5 Chima cards, 3 CHI cards and 2 Tribe Shields face down so they can’t be seen by other players.

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On each turn, players must move their figure around the board according to one or two dice rolls that determines how many spaces they can go forward or backward on the path closest to their home tribe crest. If a die comes up with a “No Move” option, then that means that your character stays put in his current position and you can’t move any further this turn. As your character moves around, he/she will land on amber pieces owned by other players; these pieces can be stolen if you battle for them with either CHI cards or Tribe Shields.

The winner is the player who manages to collect 6 amber stones before all other players.

Illustration: An illustration could be used to show an example of a map with different columns for each player’s home tribe crest as well as arrows pointing to various spots where different types of decisions are required (such as stealing relics/ amber stone pieces from others).

Video: A video could be used to better explain physical movement rules within Legends Of Chima such as how many spaces you can move based on dice roll results, etc… It could also demonstrate visually how battles between characters work using both CHI cards and Tribe Shields in order to capture amber stones from other players (e.g., showing an interaction between two players over an amber stone).

Outline advanced rules for experienced gamers

Advanced Legends of Chima board game rules focus heavily on strategic play, as well as exploring the world and characters of Chima.

In addition to the standard rules, experienced gamers should incorporate some new elements. These include:

1. Special Abilities: Each character has unique special abilities that can be used strategically to win the game. These may range from power-ups and special attacks to road-building or unlocking hidden location bonuses. Make sure to review each character’s card thoroughly before you begin playing.

2. Building Resources: Gamers should build resources such as tools, weapons, and ammunition throughout their explorations in order to prepare for upcoming battles. For instance, adventurers may create a road leading back to the hub so that they have quick access to more supplies and provisions when needed.

3. Advanced Movements: Experienced players should also better master their movements and positioning on the board. This includes avoiding blocked areas, utilizing long distances moves, or bypassing obstacles whenever possible. You can even use secret short-cuts if you are familiar with them! As with other strategy games, careful movement is essential if you want to stay ahead of your opponents’ moves.

4. Increased Difficulty: Try to increase the difficulty when playing advanced levels by tackling different opponents or scenarios simultaneously – this way you are constantly facing off against fresh challenges instead of just relying on memorization of strategies previously employed in the game! Also, introducing more dice rolls for each battle will force players to think about strategy without relying too heavily on luck in order to win the game overall.

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