Is The Original Home Improvement Game Board Worth Anything


The original Home Improvement game board is a special artifact of pop culture from the early ‘90s. First popularized through its inclusion on the iconic TV show starring Tim Allen, Home Improvement was soon picked up by Parker Brothers as an official board game. This game board has become a cultural relic in many eyes, a piece of nostalgia created at a time when trampolines were considered cool and collecting tools in your basement was seen as desirable. As its value increases to fans around the world, questions have arisen regarding whether or not this classic game board is worth anything.


The original Home Improvement game board is a collectible item that dates back to many decades ago. The classic game was produced by Milton Bradley, but underwent some design changes over the years. It features colorful scenes from Tool Time with Tim Allen, as well as realistic saws, hammers and other tools. The game boards were designed on cardboard surfaces and printed in vivid detail to complete the theme.

Pieces of the game were usually made of wood or plastic, depending on how the game was refreshed over time. Starting off with wooden pieces, the games were eventually constructed with plastic pieces which made them stronger and more child friendly.

The board itself measures around 18-inches long by 22-inches wide and has a handle on one side to store all of the pieces safely inside while transporting it. A roll of dice accompanied each piece as players navigated their way around the field collecting supplies and ingredients for their next home improvement project.

Due to its age, an original Home Improvement game board is quite valuable today ” but not if it is missing any parts or pieces, in which case its value significantly diminishes. Those who are lucky enough to own one in good condition may find that auction houses are willing to purchase such vintage items for fair market price.


Collectability – How collectible and rare the original game board is, as well as any similar or related items.

Condition – How sound the original game board is, as well as its cosmetic condition. Completeness – If the original game board retains all of its components (e.g., cards, spinner, etc.), this could affect its worth.

Value to Current Fan Base – The potential value to a current fan base of the Home Improvement game might be based on nostalgia and enjoyment of playing it in their youth.

Total Value

The original Home Improvement game board was produced in the early 1990s by Pressman Toy Company. Today, depending on its condition and completeness, it can be worth anywhere from $15 to $100. Factors that affect the value of a Home Improvement game board include its age, rarity, condition of the game board, box and all components like dice, players’ pieces and money.

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Individual pieces from the game are not particularly valuable, but some may still garner a few dollars for those looking to complete their set. For instance, three examples of more valuable tokens include the Al Borland token (which could bring around $10), a tool belt token ($5-$10) and a nail gun token ($3-$5). Furthermore, other components such as dice usually sell within the range of $5 to $20 per die. Lastly, card decks can bring their owners around $2 to $25 each depending on their availability and completeness.

Overall, The Original Home Improvement game board is worth something ” though typically only to someone who is looking for an incomplete or missing part for their own collection. Additionally, various auction houses might feature these games for more than what one could likely get away with when buying directly from a seller so be sure to shop around if you’re interested in acquiring them.

Collectible Rarity

Home Improvement is a classic game from the early 1990s, and certain vintage editions of the board game can be extremely valuable. Originals feature colorful artwork and designs depicting characters like Tim Allen as Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and include cards, tools, and a die-cast van that players move around the board while they compete in DIY challenges. While the standard game has some collectible value, if you come across an original Home Improvement Board Game sealed in its original box it can be worth quite a bit.

The value of a sealed game depends on its condition and rarity. Generally speaking, older versions are of course more likely to be valuable. Boxed sets with all pieces intact and in good condition tend to fetch higher prices than incomplete editions, so make sure your copy is complete before assuming it holds any sort of collectible worth. One example from 2020 is the 1994 edition which sold for $465 USD when sealed in its original package. Games with special features such as those that came with exclusive action figures are also highly sought after by collectors. Games produced for promotional use or those given away as store giveaways can also add to their value if undone display information on the packaging such as origin or intent. Additionally, rare promotional trading cards can add to the overall valuation of an item too!

Investment Opportunities

The original Home Improvement game board is very valuable for collectors, especially in the context of being a vintage piece from the early era of home improvement games. The entire set with pieces and game board can fetch significant prices from gamers and collectors around the world. Many are willing to pay top dollar for collectible editions or those that are still new and in their original package. There is also potential for investors who seek to purchase multiple sets or game boards at a discounted price and then sell them off on platforms such as eBay or Craigslist to earn a profit. Furthermore, there could be value in selling individual pieces such as building materials, tools, hardware, etc. due to their rarity and limited number available on secondary markets. With enough research and networking with passionate collectors, preferably engaging within online communities associated with home improvement gaming; there could be ample opportunity for earning profits off of one’s investments in the original Home Improvement game board set.

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Where to Find

Finding an original Home Improvement game board can be a difficult and tedious task. While values of the set vary, it is important to know where to look so that you can get the best deal.

One option is to look for the game board set and its pieces on online retailers like eBay or Craigslist, as well as local shops or hobby stores. In addition to physical store locations, collectors are known to frequent certain forums and specialized auction websites such as Joining a community of likeminded individuals is beneficial in obtaining information regarding availability, values, and even tips for negotiating price when trying to acquire rare or hard-to-find items.

It may also help to connect with people who have already purchased a Home Improvement game board set in order to learn about their experiences purchasing the item, what kind of pieces were included in the set, and how much they paid for it. Ultimately, the worth of an original Home Improvement game board depends on its quality – whether it’s in its original packaging and if all pieces are still intact. With careful research and due diligence you should be able to track down your own Home Improvement set at a fair price.


The original Home Improvement Game Board is a classic game and is highly coveted by collectors worldwide. It can fetch a high price among those looking to relive childhood memories and nostalgia, although relatively little money has been known to exchange hands between buyers. The game board is also still a favorite with many seekers of classic board games all over the world, so its popularity endures despite its age. In terms of collectible worth, the Home Improvement Game Board is definitely worth something ” it may not be worth an enormous amount, but it could fetch a small sum depending on its condition and who would be interested in buying it at a given time.

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