King Of New York Board Game Strategy

Strategic play in the King of New York board game is essential for victory. Players take control of monsters as they try to capture and control boroughs in New York City. While there are different forms of strategies that can be employed, the primary strategy for most players should focus on direct conflict with other players. This involves fighting them directly or using special abilities to weaken them first while your monster gains power.

The Game – Rules & Abilities Each player chooses a monster card at the beginning of the game and takes 6 Die Ramp tokens, 4 regular Die (six-sided), 10 army soldiers tokens, a bag token containing 12 cube markers and all the related parts necessary such as figures, cards and tokens. The aim of the game is to obtain 20 points from either capturing a borough or killing an opponent’s monster, before any other player does so first.

However, many times it may be advantageous to obtain lesser points by gaining cubes instead of winning outright by capturing or destroying a monster if your power levels are low – but that only works if you have time to do it.

This is when utilizing the special abilities on each monsters comes into play; these specialabilities allow you to do more powerful actions such as move through walls freely or roll extra dice during attacks. Knowing when and how to use these effectively will give you an edge over your opponents and help you win more quickly.

Combat – Gear Up & Attack Knowing when and how to attack an opponent is essential for success in King Of New York Board Game.

How active one needs to be depends on their starting powers compared with their opponents’ stats, which can be found on the zone labels under each player’s chosen monster card in addition know exactly where they are located on the board since walking into certain areas could leave you vulnerable to attacks (as indicated by some zones being red or black).

As soon as an enemy enters a zone adjacent to yours then start gearing up for combat by equipping your army pieces with guns (roll) which increases your damaging potential when attacking opponents. Then move around gathering resources like cubes (to increase score) before launching an offensive against enemy players once you feel confident enough by rolling dice alongside one another, whoever scores highest wins.

Understanding the Mechanics

King of New York is a two-player board game, released in 2014. The objective is to fight off invading monsters and be the first player to become the new ‘King of New York’. Each player will accomplish this by using their army of monster minions to battle for victory in brawl-like combat scenarios.


The overall goal is to be the first player to earn 20 fame/star points through completing objectives. These can be gained through destroying buildings, battling other players’ monsters, or collecting victory cards for special achievements.


Players take turns rolling dice to determine which actions they can take (thoughtful strategizing is often necessary for success). Players can also purchase power cards during their turns to modify dice rolls, gain additional resources, or create fearsomely powerful monster-minion combinations.

Key Mechanics

  • Each turn you must roll six dice. After each roll you may take one action per color:
    • Red – Attack buildings or other monsters
    • Blue – Draw a card and place it in your hand
    • Green – Move your monster and collect tokens
    • Yellow – Roll an extra die
  • Battles are fought using varied methods such as critical hits or counter strikes between opposing players with deaths resulting in immediate removal from play.
  • Victory cards are collected when specific feats or challenges are accomplished which award special bonuses.
  • Power cards are purchased throughout play at various costs ranging from coins to stars/fame.

Planning Power Moves

The ability to plan power moves is an essential strategy skill in King Of New York. Knowing when and how to use each monster’s special abilities is paramount for successful play. The following tips will help identify which monsters and powers provide the most flexibility throughout the course of the game.

Godzilla – Stomp

Although ambushing opponents can be a powerful tactic for destroying their defenses or dealing direct damage, Godzilla’s stomp usually works best when used near other monsters. This allows the player to expand their field of control, both augmenting his or her own defenses while simultaneously attacking all within range of his or her reach. A good rule of thumb is that if Godzilla uses a stomp that encompasses multiple targets, then using a bonus roll afterwards becomes more profitable.

Mantis – Overrun

Mantis’ overrun can be devastating for opponents but requires careful timing for maximum effectiveness. When used to catch an opponent off-guard, Mantis’ overrun can wipe out multiple building cards, weaken their defense, and even allow access to buildings with expensive card rewards like Bank of Tokyo Tower or Central Park Zoo.

It can also be hot combined with Attack Die Rolls, allowing players to go on the offensive in target selection before deciding whether it’s better to keep moving forward or retreat back to safety.

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Gorilla & Griffon – Neutralize

Using the Neutralize attack wisely is important as it prevents enemies from simply rebuilding their defenses after being defeated once. Doing so at appropriate times increases chances of hitting previous targets that have not been totally destroyed and prevents them from claiming valuable territories again later on when resources start become scarce.

For example, hitting player 3 with Griffon’s neutralize now means player 1 won’t have an opportunity to do so two turns later when they start focusing on tougher targets like player 4 or 5 backed by solid defense zones.

Defensive Techniques

In King of New York, a competitive board game, the player who is able to successfully manage their defensive techniques can put themselves in an advantageous position to achieve victory. Defensive techniques involve understanding the importance and opportunities offered by key areas on the board such as boroughs and landmarks.

Using Boroughs to Strengthen Your Position

At the beginning of a game, each player will typically focus on gaining dominion over five boroughs in order to complete an action. As such, effective defense when performing actions within these boroughs is essential for long-term success.

If a borough contains an enemy monster, it is important to ensure that any action cards are used only in combination with available defense cards. It is also wise for players to regularly take stock of where monsters they control are located as this offer additional layers of defensive protection when attacking neighboring monsters.

Harnessing Landmarks for Strategic Defense

In addition to boroughs, appearing on the board are special landmarks which represent Manhattan’s renowned locations like Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park Zoo. When defending against powerful enemies it is best practice for players to attempt to move their own monster onto these powerful landmarks as each one has a special ability that gives the occupying monster an advantageous effect in battle (e.g+1 Strength or Immunity).

As such controlling such spaces can give players extra layers of defense against opposing forces.

Gauging Your Risk – Planning Your Next Move

This game encourages careful yet swift decision making in order to turn any disadvantage into one’s favor which adds an exciting level of strategy and forward thinking while playing ‘King Of New York’ ensuring not only intensity but replay value as well. This means every threat must be consciously assessed before acting; many decisions should be thought out and weighed up at once rather than haphazardly jumping from one move to another risking reckless losses and wasted resources.

Players must analyze their opponents carefully including their recently used actions/cards known positions throughout the board as well as how many dice each monster had rolled.

Offensive Strategies

  • Minimize the number of rivals in play: Try to eliminate opponents as quickly as possible by ambushing, bribing, extorting or stealing their power.
  • Gathering influence and resources: Focus on cities and boroughs that will give you maximum income from those locations. Strategically using this revenue can be used to purchase powerful items in the black market.
  • Get rewarding Deeds: Spend your turns wisely when buying Deeds such as Criminals, Bosses, Connections and Rewards to maximize your influence.

aragraph 1>: King Of New York is a board game for two to six players with an objective of becoming the King of the City by acquiring influence points. There are several tactics that can be used when playing. The main focus should remain on attacking and eliminating opponents as quickly as possible while simultaneously gathering influence and resources with which to purchase powerful items from the black market.

aragraph 2>: One effective way to keep other players at bay is to minimize the number of rivals by ambushing, bribing, extorting or stealing their power points. This ensures that opponents have fewer resources at their disposal with which to mount an attack against you.

Additionally, it is prudent to evaluate different cities and boroughs for potential rewards from different playstyles. This can be done by attempting to gather income from these locations which will eventually lead you towards purchasing powerful items in the black market.

aragraph 3>: Players should also pay close attention when buying Deeds especially Criminals, Bosses, Connections and Rewards since these are critical elements in maximizing your influence points throughout the game. Investing some time into managing these components could potentially swing the game in your favour since they tend provide great incentives when playing in large numbers.

Neglecting these elements could potentially cost swings entire games since gaining access to more influential characters could enable them to approach victory much quicker than anticipated.

Utilizing Saving Powers

The King of New York board game includes many special powers that allow you to save your forces from destruction. As a player, there are several strategies to utilize in order to maximize the effectiveness of these saving powers.

    1. Plan Ahead: Evaluate the potential consequences of your current move and plan for the best possible outcomes. Make sure to account for consequences should one of the saving powers be triggered and factor it into the overall use of those forces so they can be consistently utilized effectively throughout the game.

    2. Know Your Opponent: Be aware of what kinds of abilities your opponent has that could potentially trigger a saving power, and plan accordingly to counteract their moves if they do activate it. It is important to understand how each power works and how different combinations could create more beneficial outcomes for yourself or put you at an advantage over your opponents.

    3. Weigh Risks & Rewards: Consider which risks may be worth taking when utilizing a saving power or deciding when to use them altogether. Always think about what rewards are associated with activating and using such abilities as well as what other opportunities may arise if such abilities end up being used inefficiently or not at all, taking into account both short-term and long-term benefits available through its usage or lack thereof.

Combining Strategies

King Of New York is a thrilling board game that allows you to explore different strategies and create unique experiences. It’s a challenging game where each strategy requires careful consideration before it’s put into place. There are many different strategies available but one of the best ways to maximize your success is by mixing and matching different strategies for maximum effect. Here are some tips for combining multiple strategies in the King Of New York board game.

Group Your Strategies by Outcomes

The first step in combining strategies in King Of New York is to group them according to outcomes. This means evaluating what goal you want to achieve with each strategy so that they can be grouped together logically – such as grouping all defense-oriented strategies together, or all income-generating strategies like Building cards and Money cards as another example.

Once you have broken down your strategies into groups it makes them easier to manage and it also helps you work out what combinations of cards will yield the greatest benefit during play.

Explore Synergy Effects

The second tip for combining multiple strategies in King Of New York is to explore synergy effects generated by using certain combinations of cards together. Many of the cards help trigger other events when used in conjunction, such as building effects being triggered when a Structure card is played, or increased damage when an attack card has been used alongside an experience card.

Exploring these synergies gives you an insight into how tying multiple powerful effects together can lead to a truly successful turn and ultimately determine victory over your opponents.

Go Beyond Your Comfort Level

Finally, don’t feel constrained by familiarity – go beyond your comfort level when testing out different combinations of strategy. Trying out unusual combos can lead to unforeseen effects which may yield unexpected results – gamble on strange combinations rather than playing it safe everytime, and reap the rewards of cunning tactics when no one was expecting them.


The King of New York board game strategy provides players with the tools they need to dominate the battlefield. The purpose of this strategy is to make sure that all players have a good understanding of how to effectively capture and control territory in order to achieve victory.

Each player is in charge of several characters who represent different districts within New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn. The objective is to defeat your opponent by taking control of as many districts as possible.

One key element of the King of New York board game strategy is that each character has his or her own unique powers and abilities. Depending on which character you choose, you will be able to use these capabilities to your advantage during battle.

For example, some characters have an “attack” power-up which allow them to inflict more damage on enemies while others have a “defend” power-up which make it harder for opponents to hit them with their attacks. Knowing which character roles best suit each situation can be essential for success.

In addition, knowledge on the different types of cards and tokens which exist within the game are essential. There are cards such as city landmarks which provide benefits when played on or around certain districts, as well as event cards that can alter the flow of the game. Tokens like stars and hearts also offer unique bonuses and rewards, making them key components when deciding what tactics to use on your turn.

Lastly, planning your turn ahead of time is another vital part of becoming a successful King Of New York strategist. By predicting how your opponent may attack or defend during his own turn, you can build up strategies that counter their plans while simultaneously advancing your own cause simultaneously. With careful consideration and resource management players can not only minimize losses but increase their chances for victory significantly as well.

The King Of New York board game strategy is designed so that no two games are ever alike, ensuring constant surprises and intense battles throughout every play-session. By utilizing various characters’ special powers, along with smart card usage players can outmaneuver their opponents in order to become victorious in this highly competitive title from IELLO Games.

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