Conquest Strategy Board Game

Conquest Strategy Board Game is a classic strategy game that involves the conquering of territories on a map. This game has been around for centuries as it was first mentioned by Emperor Claudius in 46 AD and was known as ‘Latrunculi’. Players start off with their own set army pieces at each side of the board, they then move their pieces along pathways to strategically outwit their opponents.

Depending on what version of the game you play there are typically two kinds of rules when it comes to conquering spaces. One option is for players to use predetermined attacks with set numbers of pieces needed to take over a certain space, and another ruleset allows players to pick up and drop pieces to manipulate positioning against an opponent.

The origins of Conquest Strategy Board Game have been traced back to ancient China and India along with other places such as Africa. In China historical records state that Emperor Wu conquered key territories around him in 605 BC using similar strategies found within this game.

In India originals were even found from 1500 BC depicting some form of this liked game which included moving pieces across the board multiple squares at a time very similar to our modern rules today. No matter where it came from or how old it is one thing remains true; this game remains just as popular today as it always has been.

This board game has transcended its own cultural boundaries and continues to be played all over the world from Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South Americas, Africa etcetera. It’s easy enough that folks can pickup quickly while complex for those looking for an added challenge.

When comparing similar games like Risk or Stratego they both share similarities but also have noticable differences too such as which types of pieces are used – Stratego makes use of “spies” insteads of real army units while Risk uses cards build decks upon battle commencement rather than having pieces preset upon starting like in Conquest Strategy Board Game makes us unique in comparison too.

Another big difference between these games is how attacking works too; can’t just attack any foe in sight but rather must follow predetermined paths like rivers or lines connected between different lands which spices up tactics quite a bit more compared closer related games like Stratego and Risk.

Overview of the Rules and Objectives with Examples

Conquest Strategy board game is an exciting strategy game that offers hours of entertainment. The objective of the game is to conquer the most land, eliminate opponents and build an empire.

Players must control their armies as they expand their territories by attacking neighbouring rival lands. Different strategies and troop combinations can be used as players aim to maximize output while minimizing cost. For example, using cavalry, infantry or scout troops in combination can make some units more powerful than others when it comes to attack power or defence strength. Furthermore, resources such as food and money can be used for recruiting troops, constructing buildings or strengthening castles.

Winning Strategies

In order to win Conquest Strategy board game, players must have a keen eye for detail when constructing their empires. Using the right combination of troops and leveraging resources can give players a significant advantage over rivals whilst managing cost and losses of troops. Forecasting which provinces are vulnerable to attack and deciding which units to prioritize in certain situations are just some examples of strategies that make the difference between winning and losing.

Attacking enemy provinces requires great discretion from players as they must weigh up whether attacking holds any benefit for them or if the gains outweigh potential losses by sacrificing parts of their army in combat. Additionally, it’s also important not to forget about defending your own provinces too.

Neglecting defences at home will leave you weak against attackers so no matter how strong you may feel on offence you should always prioritise securing your empire before making any further expansions through conquest.

Endgame Victory & Final Score

At the end of a turn-based session there will be one winner who has conquered more lands than anyone else and lasted until the very end, having built an impenetrable domain within their empire. All scored points obtained throughout each session will contribute towards final scores which will decide who wins the game after tallying all results from each individual’s play style.

Factors such as number of army conquests, resources utilized efficiently, correctly guessed battles – these all add up in coming out with high score results overall.

Game Set-Up

Conquest Strategy Board Game is an exciting game with a wide range of interesting strategies and decisions. The game has components for two to five players, and the object of the game is to capture your opponent’s capital city. To set up the game, the board is placed in the middle, and a battle set (miniatures, classic figures or custom figures) is arranged around the perimeter.

Each player will then take one of seven armies to control-each one represented by a specific color-and will be allocated four cities to start with. All these pieces have corresponding tokens that are placed around the map according to each player’s instructions. The rules manual includes sections on how to place the pieces correctly, so it’s important to read them before starting the game.

Competitive Board Games Strategy

The Conquest Strategy Board Game also contains various cards which allow players to upgrade their troops and increase their power levels as they progress through the game. Some cards offer bonuses such as heal points when used in certain areas, while some other cards can summon special units like giant robots or powerful dragons.

To make use of these cards, each player needs a deck of their own; these should be shuffled at least once during setup before any cards are drawn from them.

Once all card decks have been shuffled and dealt out, all players should place colored cubes on their occupied territories in order to mark how many troops they have there – this allows players to easily see how many troops belong to each army versus just having them scattered across the board.

This marking stage is accompanied by adjusting points values for different regions according to how defenceless they are against attack – since it would be too easy for more powerful either players or attack quickly without consequence.

Once marking has been completed it’s time for battle: dice rolls determine strength of attacks, retreats and defenses where applicable while also providing insight into modifiers such as terrain bonuses (which affect who wins/loses battles). Victory in Conquest Strategy Board Game depends entirely on strategy – who will reign supreme?

Tactics for Winning the Game with Examples

Conquest Strategy Board Game is a popular classic game that has been loved and played by many people around the world for years. It is an engaging and challenging strategy game which ultimately rewards the mastermind who assembles the right pieces in the right way to conquer their opponent’s kingdom. The end goal of gaining total control is achieved through careful planning, defensive strategies, and tactical manoeuvres.

To develop an effective strategy when playing Conquest Strategy Board Game, it is important to understand each piece as well as how they interact with one another. Knowing when to move out with aggressiveness or be craftily defensive can help win the game. Here are some basic tips for winning:

  • Adopt an aggressive approach from the beginning: Starting with a plan of attack from the beginning of the game puts your opponent on their back foot and allows you move ahead quickly in gaining control.
  • Be mindful of which pieces your opponent holds: Keeping tabs on where your opponents pieces reside can help you determine any potential threats to your own pieces on later turns.
  • Lead your army with strong allies: Moving strong pieces such as knights, castles and horses at the balltering ram against your opponet’s forces can lead to victory more quickly

The key to winning lies in making informed choices during game-play. Careful appraisal before every move will enable players to find cracks in the enemy formation that may eventually aid in triumph over them. Always keep an open mind while evaluating potential plays as this helps identify if a certain move can net multiple good results at once.

  • Formulate a battle plan: Setting up ‘conquer 3 territories by turn 5’ can help formulate a detailed plan about which piece should be focused on which particular territory.
  • Deploy troops near resources: To protect assets like wealth or energy reserves (used for recruitment) set troops near key locations so that they become hard targets for your opponents capture1
  • Be ready to adjust your strategy : As formidable defense is often breached by unexpected means, planning ahead and remaining flexible in terms of strategy choice will prove beneficial.

Variations on the Game with Examples of Each

Tactical Edition

Conquest Strategy Board Game’s Tactical Edition is the most well-known version of the game. This edition not only provides players with the chance to enjoy a classic strategy game, but also offers rules and mechanics that are both complicated and sophisticated. This edition puts emphasis on movement and action management – the active player must constantly adjust their moves according to their opponents.

It’s this step-by-step tactical movement which gives the game an intense feeling, with every move requiring careful consideration in order to bring victory. An example would be deciding which of your pieces to move first in order to take control of key regions or denying your opponent access to resources they need in order to survive until the end of the game.

Advanced Rules Pack

The Advanced Rules Pack takes this gameplay one step further – literally and figuratively – enabling players to expand their experience by introducing new elements such as interacting with random events, combat rules, diplomacy options, and taxes.

Deploying scouts allows you to have vision of enemy positions, attack party formations offer planning advantages should an open war break out during a match, and specific technologies can boost either firepower or supply options depending on what kind of strategy a person wishes to go for.

An example would be that you could gather information about enemy movement using scouts while at the same time developing powerful siege weapons for when conflict does happen.

Terrain Expansion pack

Conquest Strategy Board Games’ Terrain Expansion pack adds an extra layer for those who want even more challenge from the board game than ever before. This expansion will add terrain features like rivers, cliffs and forests into play – each one bringing with them interesting obstacles or opportunities.

Strategy Role Play Board Games

Such as using cliffs to protect troops by allowing them easier access to higher ground, or having rivers grant a defensive position if you can manage it correctly against your opponent’s own maneuvers around it. An example would be placing your forces near a river that faces two separate directions so that defending becomes easier due to simultaneously covering two possible enemy approaches towards your base camp.

Who Should Play

Conquest Strategy Board Game is a game that suits many different playing styles, groups and ages. It can be enjoyed both by experienced board game players or those who are just looking to have fun.

  • Young children: The board game is easy to understand for younger children who wish to play a strategic game. Rules are simple enough for most kids aged 8-10 to comprehend.
  • Family groups: With its entertaining balance of challenge and fun, Conquest Strategy Board Game is an ideal option for family night gaming.
  • Serious gamers: For board game fans who want the thrill of competition, Conquest Strategy Board Game rewards players who approach the game with enthusiasm and skill.

The design of the game allows it to appeal to various interests as each player can find their own unique strategy. One player may choose to rely on tactics while another could try a more strategic approach. Even when playing amongst friends that share similar playing styles, no two games ever play out the same. This encourages replay, making Conquest Strategy Board Games consistently exciting even after multiple plays.

The interaction in posed by this board games is also an asset for reinforcing team spirit during multiplayer games. Player must cooperate in order to achieve victory, building solidarity within the group. In addition, if structured well, these multiplayer sessions provide optimum education on turn-taking in respectful ways; one important skill children may lack developmentally at times.

At times it may seem like luck has determined which player will advance or lose out in particular rounds; however, when played thoroughly each move made impacts later moves and thereby determine outcomes further down the road. By being mindful of how they contribute from round 1 onwards, players can increase their chances of winning without necessarily relying on lucky elements later on.

Reviews from Players Giving Different Perspectives

The strategy board game Conquest has been met with some positive comments from players. Reviews mention how the game is easy to learn and full of replayability, making it an enjoyable experience overall.

The game rules are simple, but there’s plenty of depth in positioning and planning that keep people engaged even after multiple playthroughs. Players appreciate the opportunity for customization since they can modify their maps for different games while competing against each other or forming teams with friends.

Other fans speak highly of the game’s artwork, citing it as one of the best-looking strategy board games on the market. Besides its impressive aesthetics, there are significant house rules that many view as a plus because it gives them more control over their overall gaming experience.

List of Pros

  • Easy to learn
  • High levels of replayability
  • Opportunity for customization
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Ability to add house rules


The Conquest strategy board game has many benefits that make it an ideal pick for people of all ages. Not only is this game educational, but you’ll also develop strategic thinking skills and learn useful math concepts as you play. There’s plenty of excitement and fun to be had too making it perfect for family game nights or a friendly competition between friends.

The Conquest strategy board game involves two or more players, each with their own set of pieces to move around the cornerless board that’s divided into four sections called quarters. Each player takes turns rolling dice to determine how far they can move their piece.

The goal of the game is to capture your opponent’s “King” piece (which should always start in one of their quarters). Players can either move pieces forward, diagonally, or point them towards other pieces positioned on the board in order to capture them first before reaching their objective.

Players may also position themselves around a potential target piece in order to limit their opponents chances of being able to move onto said piece. The first person who captures the king will win the game. As far as rules go, players must abide by standard chess rules when moving about the board as well as avoid creating a ‘stalemate’ situation when its not your turn.

Overall, playing Conquest strategy board games offers tons of advantages and rewards for those seeking out an engaging, thrilling way to entertain themselves and sharpen their chess strategies even further. Best suited for older children and adults, beginners or experts alike are sure benefit from this timeless classic while stimulating mental acuity – no doubt making it a great way to test physical and strategic boundaries while having endless amounts of fun at the same time.

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