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Dice towers have become popular additions to board games due to their ability to provide a fun and efficient way to roll the dice. Dice towers offer an unbiased method of rolling with as little contact from hands as possible, increasing the chances of getting an authentic and random result. This can help keep the game fair by making sure that everyone has an equal chance of winning.

In addition to providing an unbiased and efficient way of rolling dice, dice towers can also add a visually engaging element to any tabletop game. The classic wooden or cardboard designs allow for a great visual appeal while not detracting from the overall gameplay experience. Players can even build their own towers using readily available resources such as bricks, cardboard, or foam boards. This allows players to create unique designs that bring added realism and excitement to any board game. Furthermore, certain models may come with additional features such as sound effects for added entertainment value.

Overall, dice towers are popular additions to board games because they provide an entertaining way for players to roll the dice fairly and efficiently while adding a visually engaging element that enhances the gaming experience.

A Brief History of Dice Towers

The origin of Dice Towers dates all the way back to Ancient Greece, when citizens would gather together for friendly competition in various board games. As time progressed and technology advanced, home-based board games featuring dice became more popular. People soon realized that their unreliable hands were too inconsistent to consistently roll the dice accurately, so they invented the Dice Tower. The first known Dice Tower was constructed in Finland by a carpenter who wanted to bring more fair play and accuracy of rolling dice into his small family homes.

As players across Europe began hearing about this new invention, some people began to build their own versions at home, with varying levels of craftsmanship and detail depending on individual skill level. This led to many different variations of the traditional Dice Tower being made, ranging from basic wooden towers crafted with very limited tools available at the time, to elaborate towers manufactured out of glass or decorative stone work.

Today’s modern Dice Tower is an evolution of those first efforts, with players now able to purchase professionally manufactured dice tower sets designed specifically for group gaming. These pre-manufactured towers come equipped with all you need including rolling trays and individual compartments, allowing players to quickly set up and start getting into their game while still maintaining accuracy when it comes to rolling the dice – giving each player an equal playing field regardless which end the tower is facing. Thanks to advances in materials used during production such as plastic or foam-core casings, these simple tools are now capable of taking much more wear and tear than most other traditional varieties of towers currently in use today.

Key Benefits of Owning a Dice Tower

A dice tower is a useful device used to increase the playability of board games. Here are some key benefits one can expect by owning a dice tower:

1. Consistent Dice Rolls. A dice tower ensures that each die roll provides players with an equal chance to succeed or fail in their respective game regardless of player skill level.

2. Eliminates Player Bias. Players won’t inadvertently influence the roll of the die, decreasing the potential for disagreements among parties. In certain games, this can help ensure fairness and a balanced playing field between all competitors.

3. Adds Excitement To The Gameplay. The rolling action supplied by the dice tower adds visually appealing excitement to any board game night, particularly when using aptly colored plastic dice!

4. Reduces The Need For Table Space. A typical dice tower only occupies roughly 90 cm of room on a tabletop, cutting down greatly on needed game table space as users can store any extra accessories within its confines for easy accessibility during gameplay sessions!

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Types of Dice Towers

A dice tower is an essential item for board game enthusiasts. Dice towers are a simple gaming accessory that can help keep the game going without interruption. Whether you’re playing a game of Yahtzee, Settlers of Catan or Monopoly, using a dice tower is an important part of the gaming experience.

There are many types of dice towers available these days, with each one offering its own unique design to match your favorite board games. Depending on the type of game and your style preference, you can find dice towers made from wood, plastic, or even paperboard in a variety of colors and shapes. From classic dice roller designs to angular geometric shapes ” there’s something out there for everyone. If you have an older board game that needs repair, some companies even offer custom-made gaming accessories such as dice towers to make sure your game stays functional and looking great for years to come.

Other features like sound effects, LED lighting and pull-triggers can help add more excitement and immersion when using your dice tower. Some modern models also come with removable interior parts that make it easier to transport while still keeping the noise level down during intense tournament play. And if you’re looking for something special, some collector’s editions can include intricate detailing such as embossed carvings or miniature figurines inlcued in the design – perfect for those who not only want their board games but also the accompanying hardware to look stylish working together as one complete set!

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Dice Tower Games

Having the right board game equipment can make a huge difference in the outcome of your gaming sessions ” especially when it comes to mastering dice tower games. Dice towers provide players with more control over their rolls by evenly distributing and concealing each roll, while also eliminating cheating and unwanted bias. To gain an even bigger advantage over opposing players, you’ll need to level up your strategy. Here are some tips and tricks for mastering dice tower games:

1. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game – Before beginning a dice tower game like Settlers of Catan or Dungeons & Dragons, it’s important that you thoroughly understand the rules and dynamics of the game. Take some time to review them carefully so you will know exactly how to respond when certain events occur throughout your gameplay.

2. Consider all possible choices – Before advancing on a particular move, players should consider all available options before making their selection in order to better position themselves within the game. This is essential for ensuring long-term success as you’ll need to anticipate which direction other players may go in order to stay one step ahead (for example, try to build around blocking points considered strategically advantageous).

3. Resist over-spending resources – Spending recklessly can lead to a player becoming drained of important resources early on in the game ” ultimately leading to failure if their opponents stockpile supplies ahead of time. Therefore it’s a good idea for skilled players to save up just enough supplies for now and invest wisely for later turns instead of simply spending supplies as soon as they acquire them through rolling or using cards.

4. Analyze opponent’s strategies – Analyzing your opponents’ strategies can help identifying what kind of moves they might make next so that you can better prepare yourself against any potential outcomes/dangers they might pose within the match while also looking out for potential opportunities arise as well due to their choices. Doing so should always remain part of your overall strategic planning process when playing boards games not just during dice tower games but any board game in general!

Must-Own Board Games Where Dice Towers Can Come In Handy

Dice towers are an underrated but incredibly useful accessory for board gaming. Not only do they help reduce the mess of rolling dice on a table and protect the dice from being accidentally nudged, they can also make it easier to pick up a handful of dice – particularly when playing with several players at once. If you’re looking for the best board games where having a dice tower would come in handy, here are some noteworthy titles that are well worth your time.

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Settlers of Catan is one popular game where using a dice tower can really come in handy. With up to 6 players battling for domination over this iconic gameboard, each game will require several rolls of the dice ” but worry not if somebody knocks or touches them off the table because having your own designated dice tower means you won’t be worried about these interruptions! Another great board game where having one gets even more beneficial would be Carcassonne ” which requires keeping track of numerous dice roles throughout each round! Or for some nerve-wracking fun you could opt to play Gloomhoundes,another fantasy card-based strategy game which needs frequent rolls and re-rolls ” all aided by using your own trusty diceroller! Finally, Forbidden Island also provides hours of co-operaaaaaitive fun ” wherein each player is responsible (ever so slightly) for their own torrential success or defeat.. And by using its essential die-rolling mechanic through a bona fide authentic diceroller like TowerMania, it should make toil n’ troubaling infinitely simpler!

Choosing the Right Dice Tower For Your Board Games

When it comes to personalizing your board game experience, a dice tower is the perfect way to make your game truly special. A dice tower works by allowing you to roll dice without them ending up on the floor or elsewhere they shouldn’t be. They are also great for keeping an organized and neat board space. Not only that, but a custom-made dice tower can add a touch of style and fun to any board game setup.

In order to choose the perfect dice tower for your board games, you need to consider the size, complexity and design of the tower. A simple wooden box-like structure is often effective for most casual gaming experiences but if you want something more sophisticated, consider investing in one with angled walls which will reduce noise and make it look more attractive. Also, larger towers with multiple levels can help save space and provide more entertaining visuals during playtime. Additionally, some towers come with features such as LED lights or vibration devices that offer an extra element of fun when rolling your dice ” these really wow your guests!

Lastly, remember that each board game requires different sorts of customization depending on its individual theme or aesthetic design. If possible, pick a themed tower which allows you to incorporate character models or designs from the same universe as your beloved game. You could even create a hand-painted backdrop behind the dice tower for added flair! So why not unleash your inner artist and let your creativity run wild?


Owning your own dice tower is an incredibly rewarding experience. It increases the overall fun factor of board gaming as it allows everyone playing to feel as if they’re a part of the action. Other players can marvel at the sound and look of tumbling dice, letting their excitement grow with each toss. Watching your dice spin around inside and come up with a new number each time adds anticipation to game nights. Plus, you get the real-life satisfaction of creating something for yourself or for friends that can be utilized for years to come. With all this in mind, owning a dice tower certainly enhances your gaming experience and amps up the fun factor of any board game.

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