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This year has been an exciting one for board game enthusiasts! A plethora of innovative and highly entertaining new board game variants have been released, with something to suit every taste. From classics such as Monopoly or Chess being given a modern twist to entirely new concepts that require strategy, dexterity or an extra bit of luck, there is something on the market for everyone.

Other popular releases include the likes of ‘There Isn’t Time For That,’ which tests your creative thinking skills with fun and wacky tasks. Then there’s ‘DINO: Last Universal Elephant’ ” a cooperative game in which players team up against the deck-building mechanic and take control of mythical lands. Lastly, ‘Adventure Wilds: Valley Of The Ancients’ invites players to create their own creatures through a mix-and match system and form powerful teams in a deep and rewarding story campaign game.

Players don’t just have new versions of familiar classics to sink their teeth into, but entirely original offerings too. Younger players can engage in an exciting underwater adventure with ‘Pearl Reef’, which involves matching symbols on the tableau to build wondrous coral reefs by day and exploration outside the reef come nightfall. For adults looking for something even more challenging, there’s ‘Kurokishi’ ” an asymmetric strategy card game focusing on mythology and magical creatures from far East Asia, where two players are pitted against each other in a fierce fight?

From intricate fantasy realms to fast-paced math games like Greedy Gangsters ” where essential skills such as basic addition, arithmetic deduction & sequences testing are required – this year’s board game releases have truly pushed boundaries when it comes innovation and entertainment value. With so many titles available within all price ranges available today it’s easy to find the right one for you whether you seek thrilling action or would rather challenge both your mind and reflexes with cooperative play sets
Room Escape Games are also trending right now with puzzle masterpieces like ‘The Escape Roomers’ giving you intense experiences within predetermined frames of time while providing plenty of surprises along the way! Whether playing as an individual or grouped together with family or friends these games will have us feeling sucked into adventure as we break out from cages barred by materials found around us . There are also plenty of mind bending variations from brain teasers that will keep neurons firing long after you finish playing to those demanding total physical involvement such as ‘Thief In The Night’ involving searching for props throughout your own house! Yes 2019 really has seen a jaw dropping array of new trends in gaming experiences no matter what our age demographic!

The Benefits of Playing New Board Games

New board game releases offer enormous benefits for both hardcore and casual players. Hardcore board gamers enjoy having access to the newest titles and expansions, allowing them to stay current with gaming trends. They also appreciate engaging with the latest innovative mechanics that challenge their skills and keep the gaming experience fresh and exciting. Casual gamers who may not be as comfortable with complex rules can still join in on the fun without feeling overwhelmed ” thanks to surprisingly approachable, easy-to-learn titles. Both types of players benefit from a community that supports game nights, conventions, forums and more. All of this creates an environment where friendships can grow through shared experiences, leading to long-term enjoyment. Lastly, playing new board games can provide an escape from reality ” offering endless possibilities while exploring imaginary worlds together.

Coming Soon

As technology advances, board games continue to evolve and manufacturers introduce new concepts and formats that appeal to younger generations. Recent releases have included two-player co-op experiences, campaigns with stories, and fully immersive multimedia projects that expand beyond the traditional playing space. With powerful themes of adventure, skill development, and even community building, these games can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Popular brands like Fantasy Flight Games, Asmodee Entertainment and Alderac Entertainment Group continue to lead the field of board game innovation. Their upcoming releases are creating quite a buzz in the tabletop gaming community. Fantasy Flight’s upcoming title ‘Kingdoms Rise: Forbidden Reign’ introduces a classic medieval area control game into our modern digital age. Asmodee Entertainment’s ‘Escape From Chernobyl’ takes players on a thrilling real-time adventure through an abandoned city shrouded in mystery. Alderac Entertainment Group is also releasing ‘Exploding Kittens: The Headspace Edition’, which combines the popular card game with surrealist imagery for ultimate mental relaxation.

In addition to these new titles from major developers, independent studios are making their mark on board gaming too! These smaller companies take classic experiences and give them a unique twist – often combining modern technology with deeper social interaction mechanics. For example ‘Oasis Exodus’ from Third Planet Games allows players to join forces as they explore their desert landscape in an ever-changing virtual reality. Meanwhile ‘Rise of Industry’ from Kinnable games puts players at the heart of industrial revolution where they manage networks of cities and factories in an attempt to build a prosperous empire for future generations.

It’s clear that board gaming is being revolutionized in exciting ways! With all these fantastic releases just around the corner, it’s time get your hands on some quality entertainment while you can!

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Reviews of Popular New Releases

The family game scene is undergoing a boom with new board game releases coming out more frequently. These games are based on themes from all genres, from tabletop role-playing Dungeons and Dragons-style games to sci-fi adventures, and include some classic favourites like Jenga and Uno. Even old-time favourites such as Monopoly have been given a modern update. And now these board games have become more impressive with innovative features such as augmented reality interaction, progress tracking cards, new technologies incorporated in the gameplay, etc.

One of the most popular new releases is the Escape Room Board Game Series. These series provide an escape room experience without having to go anywhere; players work together to piece together clues and complete puzzles in order to make their way through the challenge ” timed or untimed depending on your preference. Also well liked by gamers everywhere is Ark Survival Evolved which transports you into a prehistoric world where you must compete with other dino-taming rivals as you attempt to survive. This highly strategic game encourages collaboration between rivals as well as resource management skills. Another fun game that has just released that is sure to be a hit is Exploding Kittens: Party Pack. It’s a card game based off of the original version but includes a few additions, including an extra explosive kitten card for even more chaos!

Players are also lapping up strategy war games too; Catan (formerly Settlers of Catan) is one of the most acclaimed titles of late due to its appeal not only to hardcore gamers but also those looking for something more lighthearted and easy enough for younger players too. Pandemic Legacy is another great choice – it challenges teams to find cures for diseases threatening humankind over 12 months by adding elements such as stamped cards, narrative outcomes and character progression. These coupled together make for quite an immersive experience!

Board Game Subscription Services

Pros: Subscription board game services are an excellent way to experience new and exciting board games. With a subscription service, you can receive new games at regular intervals”typically monthly”for a fixed price. This allows you to regularly experience something new while sticking to a reasonable budget. You’ll have access to a wide variety of games across different genres and levels of difficulty, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your tastes, interests, and budget.

Cons: The biggest potential downside of subscribing to a board game subscription service is that it ties you into playing more pricey versions of those purchased in retail shops. While this may be fine for the occasional player, avid board gamers might want to look into more cost-effective options such as buying their own box sets or secondhand copies of specific titles they’re interested in before committing themselves to trying out every newly released game every month.

Tips for Maximizing Your Experience: To make the most out of your subscription experience, consider taking advantage of any contest rewards offered with your service. Typically these could come in the form of discounts or free games when certain conditions are met. Additionally, keep an eye out for any ‘trail offers’ associated with your subscription service which allow users the chance to try out the latest releases before everyone else does. Finally, don’t forget about customer support; having helpful people behind the scenes who know everything from setup instructions to strategies can often help maximize your time spent with each game you try out!

Savvy Shopping

When it comes to buying board games, new releases can be exciting. Many people love the thrill of being one of the first to purchase a game and are eager to get their hands on newly released sets. But with the fast-rising costs of games, knowing how to buy them within your means is essential. Here are a few tips for purchasing new board game releases on a budget:

1. Research Games Before You Buy: Although the cost of games tends to remain the same after launch, researching them before you buy can help you find deals and discounts that may save you money. Check sites like BoardGameGeek and compare prices from multiple retailers including Amazon, Target, Walmart and more. Also consider exploring custom made board games from outlets like Etsy and eBay for great deals.

2. Invest in Quality Pieces: Opt for classic wooden pieces where possible; these are usually better quality than plastic figurines which will wear down quickly or break easily if mistreated during playtime. Plastic components tend to be cheaper upfront but since they don’t last as long, they should not be relied upon in the long run – instead opt for better quality pieces that provide a longer shelf life.

3.Consider Used Games: Don’t forget about secondhand stores! They often have hidden gems at much lower prices than what you’d find at retail stores or online outlets. Consider also checking out conventions and tabletop gaming events which attract many vendors selling both used and new board games at discounted prices; adding perks such as discounts specially priced bundles or even collectible cards from those events that further enhance your gaming experience at home!

4. Set A Budget For Yourself: This is important no matter what item you’re buying! Knowing your limits ahead of time prevents any post purchase regret so aim to set realistic expectations before committing to any purchase And be cautious when buying impulse buys ” ensure that it’s within your budget (within reason) otherwise expanding too much could lead to financial strife instead of enjoyment from playing with friends or family!

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Game of The Month

The Board Game Club is proud to present the Board Game of the Month. Every month our subscribers help us choose new board game releases that are sure to entertain and bring hours of fun for your family, friends and other players. We search for unique board games that bring creative mechanics, great visuals and awesome stories. Each month you will have a chance to experience something new as we feature only interesting titles here. Some of the past winners include classics such as Chess, Monopoly, Risk and Clue while more recently popular games like Ticket to Ride, Splendor and Catan have also been chosen by our fans. So don’t miss out on the action; become a subscriber today so you can be part of the decision-making process on which new game releases are selected each month!

The Genre’s Future

Board game culture has experienced explosive growth in recent years. With the release of myriad new board games across a variety of genres, it appears that board game popularity is only going to increase. Of particular note are the diverse new card-based offerings from indie developers”these titles provide a hint at the potential direction of future board games, offering playable experiences that range from traditional tabletop skirmishes to fully immersive role-playing campaigns.

The explosion of new and innovative card-based board games suggests that players are looking for something different than what’s been offered before. Balancing strategy with narrative depth and incorporating rich worlds populated by fleshed out characters can offer players much more varied experiences than were available in classic tabletop staples like Monopoly or Scrabble. In addition, these new exploratory options often come with diminished setup times and refreshes that make them ideal for casual gaming evenings.

Another area where there is great potential for growth is in miniaturized tabletop games featuring physical pieces instead of cards. We have seen an increase in production quality and detail far beyond the simple plastic pieces that defined iconic titles such as Risk or Battletech. These miniature games provide an unrivaled tactile experience, allowing players to craft strategies around physical objects on a three-dimensional battlefield”where individual spaces become critical tactical positions and area effect weapons require careful consideration of collateral damage scenarios. In many ways, miniatures gaming has transitioned from hobbyist pursuit towards mainstream marketability, as more easily accessible sets with ready-to-play pieces are becoming available.

The promise of future board gaming lies in continued exploration into lesser trodden genres; combined with enhanced production value in traditional designs such as those utilizing miniatures or cards”it seems the varied world of modern tabletop gaming will soon become ever more rich and nuanced experience!


The year 2020 brought with it an exciting new wave of board games! From intricate strategy offerings such as Arkham Horror: Final Hour and incredible cooperative experiences like Expedition Zetta, to lighter and more family friendly choices like Loopin’ Chewie and Sushi Roll, there is something for everyone. Interested buyers can easily find these and other new releases at their local game store as well as popular online retailers Fullbleed Games and Big Time Games.

2020 truly provided something for everyone in the world of board gaming. Strategy connoisseurs have had a great year thanks to deep offerings from established giants like Fantasy Flight Games with Arkham Horror: Final Hour, a cooperative horror experience that puts players up against cosmic threats from beyond time and space. Similarly, Weta Workshop’s Expedition Zetta allows players to join forces in a science fiction epic where they explore strange alien worlds for vast rewards.

For those looking for something a little more lighthearted or family-friendly, there were also many titles released this year that fit the bill. Mattel’s Loopin’ Chewie pits players against each other in a hilarious game of skill involving frictionless coins and flicking action, while Cobra Paw puts you in the shoes of ninja cats who must battle one another to collect tiles featuring mystical symbols during the Sushi Duel. For something completely different, Crush takes on an unusual bidding mechanic where players must bluff as best they can in order to score valuable points.

Finding these games is also easy given the wide availability across commercial platforms. Both Fullbleed Games and Big Time Games offer extensive libraries filled with all sorts of board game items ranging from 2020 releases to much older classics worth revisiting or discovering for the first time plus all necessary accessories like dice or tokens needed to play the games. Moreover, most sizeable cities have multiple shops dedicated exclusively to selling tabletop games which carry new products including those previously mentioned on top off other great options narrowing down your search even further.

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