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Re-chord Board Game is a fun, interactive game that was first developed in the late 70s and brought to the US from Japan. This board game has since become one of the most popular party games in both Japan and the US.

The game was originally created based on an ancient version of a card game called “Koi-Koi” or “Hanafuda” which is a set of twelve cards with distinct designs pertaining to seasons, flowers, yin-yang and celestial objects. Each player enters the round with five marbles. Players form a chain by placing their marble onto a “star” chamber, playing tunes along with specially designed sticks during each turn. The goal of Re-chord Board Game is to create series of connected chambers (or chords) so that players can score points. Whoever has earned the highest score at the end wins the round!

Re-Chord Board Game can be enjoyed not only by its players but also by audience who listens to its unique musical sounding ” generated through each turns ” as players make chains and chains of musical chords. It has received countless praises across Asia for bringing together innovative design, classic visions from past times, coupled with music that strikes both contemplation and joyfulness throughout everyone involved in it.


Re-Chord Board Game is a strategy board game designed for players ages 8 and up. It challenges the players to form chords and structures while they collect points. The game comes with 108 round wooden cubes in 4 different colors, a set of 12 keys, 6 rules cards and a board. The board is arranged in an circle pattern for players to arrange their cubes and make chord sets out of the different keys.

Players have 3 cubes per turn to place on the board’s spaces over their opponent’s cubes to create chords or control larger sections of the circles. Other elements include space multipliers, special bonuses, random events and opportunities to snatch points from other players using special tools.

The overall aesthetic of Re-Chord Board Game is colorful and organized with visual cues that help players track their score more easily. Different symbols are present throughout the game pieces which allow both newbies as well as experienced gamers identifying advantageous locations first glance. Players may also customize the difficulty level of gameplay by developing advanced strategies such as cube placement optimization according to their skill range or goals.


Re-chord Board Game is a great game for anyone looking for an engaging and challenging musical experience. This game is the perfect way to bring music into the home or classroom for both beginners and experienced players alike. It uses physical chords, progressions, and modulations within melodies that reinforce concepts necessary for good musicianship. The game encourages quick thinking, practice, improvisation, and memorization – all of which are key elements of mastering any instrument. Furthermore, Re-Chord Board Game makes learning music theory more fun since it relies on melodies familiar to many rather than written notes found in traditional books or tutorials. It also allows players ample room to experiment with different chord combinations as well as chart their own paths when creating compositions. In essence, playing this game offers a creative form of learning that holds appeal for both children and adults alike.

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Re-chord Board Game is a strategic and fun game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The goal of the game is to get your team to finish or have the most points at the end of the race.In order to gain the most points, here are some strategies to consider while playing:

1. Work together with other teammates. Communicate openly and make sure everyone knows what plan each player is taking as well as what their individual goal is for their piece of the puzzle. This will help achieve coordination between players, allowing them to focus on one strategy and quickly complete more rounds without getting blocked by another player from completing their role.

2. Prioritize velocity over accuracy when using any strategy of playing Re-chord Board Game. Since velocity is highly valued in Re-Chord Board Game, rather than being precise and accurate, think three steps ahead and be quick yet calculated when making moves.

3. Conserve energy for any situation that may arise; energy levels dip when fatigue sets in which result in decreased concentration, affecting decision-making skills whilst playing can lead too many missteps that cost valuable time on the track. Pace oneself in order to continue performing at an optimal level during longer play sessions.

4. Utilize special abilities carefully in order to gain maximum advantage throughout the race while also gathering additional points on short rounds taking into consideration time penalty effects with incorrect moves should they occur; practicing these shortcuts allows one to utilize them with greater confidence and less stress during game play .

Tips for Winning

1. Strategize Your Moves – Think about where you want to move, what kind of chord progression you want to create, and the order of plays that will give you an edge over your opponents.

2. Save Time Where Possible – Consider taking fewer spins when playing the Re-chord Board Game so you have more time to make calculated moves and defend yourself against any surprise plays from your opponent.

3. Understand Both Players’ Hands – Knowing what chords are in both players’ hands and being aware of potential combinations between them can help to shape a better strategy for making moves in the board game.

4. Forecast Possible Move Combinations – Look ahead in the game and think about which chords other players might use in their turn and try to prepare accordingly by building up stronger chords in yours.

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5. Strategically Play Defense – When possible, use reactions to block or cancel moves that your opponent has laid down so they cannot take advantage of certain chords combinations or desirable spaces on the board.


Re-chord Board Game is quickly becoming a favorite amongst experienced fans of tabletop gaming for a few reasons. First, the game is incredibly easy to learn, with simple and straightforward rules that don’t require a degree in rocket science to understand. The artwork gives it an inviting look, making players feel like they’re actually on stage playing their favorite instruments! Plus, the production value offers a professional touch, giving off the feeling that you’re not just playing a game but product with quality.

The positive feedback from experienced fans has been overwhelming. Many critics have praised the quick learning curve combined with the complex strategic nature of the game which provides an intense and exciting experience every time it’s played. Some say that its much more than just another board game; if you are looking for something new and unique then this can truly be a stand out in your collection! But what makes Re-chord Board Game really stand out is its ability to level up any party or event. According to many seasoned players, it is much more than just about winning; it’s about making sure everyone has fun! Having had so many great experiences with friends and family raving about Re-chord Board Game, it’s no wonder why it has become one of the hottest board games around!


Re-chord Board Game is the perfect way to bring music and family time together. Whether you’re an experienced musician or a novice one, this board game has something for everyone. It offers an engaging experience with multiple levels of difficulty designed to challenge even the most experienced musicians. And, best of all, it’s easy to learn and play! No matter if you’re competing against your friends or just having fun at family game night, Re-chord Board Game will become the highlight of your session. To top it off, we are offering a special offer”use discount code CHORDGAME15 at checkout to take 15 percent off your order today! Try out this fun, interactive board game and find yourself making sweet music in no time at all!

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