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2019 was a great year for board games, with a wide selection of new and exciting titles to choose from. Some of these board games have become fan-favorites, with thousands of die-hard players eagerly awaiting their next competitor or partner to join them in an enjoyable session of play. Although there might be disagreements about which title has been voted the most entertaining, there are certain titles that seemed to stand out among the rest as must play board games of 2019.

Ticket To Ride is a classic favorite by Days Of Wonder that continues to captivate its audience. Players assume the roles of ambitious train tycoons competing in a race around America’s national railways, laying down track and collecting tickets along the way. With some common strategy elements as well as negotiations with other players for deals and points, Ticket To Ride can get pretty competitive. An expansion is also available for those looking for more game complexity.

Carcassonne is consistently praised as one of the most successful eurogames ever designed. It offers simple yet engaging mechanics that blend together tile placement and resource allocation strategies in various region building scenarios centered on medieval France”all while vying against another player’s ambitions. With five expansions now available, Carcassonne keeps getting better due to its familiarity and unpredictable results each round that keep it fresh during repeated plays.

For something more unique and novel, Azul presents an interesting challenge that integrates art design into a modern strategy game format ” but without the intimidating learning process associated with similar titles. Players take turns selecting precious tiles from shared supply pools to embellish their personal palace walls”all while trying to stay levelheaded enough not be forced into taking “broken” pieces”which can severely impair their final scoring results at the end of the game round. Permanent risk assessment coupled with short-term decisions make this abstract strategy experience particularly thought provoking in a leisurely environment since Azul will appeal even to casual gamers joined around the same table.

Gamer’s Delight

With so many fantastic board games on the market now, the task of finding one to suit your gaming group can seem a bit daunting. However, fear not! Here you’ll find an overview of some of the hottest must play board games of 2019.

Whether it’s a fun team-based game or a complex strategy game that has you itch for more and more, there’s something here for everyone. Ethnos by Nick Kellet is a light strategy game set in a fantasy world inhabited by goblins, mermaids and giants. Players compete to control areas populated with tribes from six different fantastical races by forming bands of adventurers. The main objective is to score the most points over eight rounds of play. Each player gets two actions per turn which include placing pieces, recruiting new adventurers, playing event cards and if possible claiming area control bonuses.

Pandemic Legacy (Season 1) – this cooperative strategic board game proved such a massive hit when it was first released that an entire line dedicated to its namesake erupted. This timeless classic challenges up to 4 players to use strategy whenever they can in order to prevent four deadly diseases from ravaging through their cities. Every success or even failure brings about permanent changes which makes this game especially exciting as no two playthroughs will ever be the same again! The campaign consists of 12-24 sessions each containing interesting twists ensuring that players keep coming back for more.

Ticket To Ride – another incredibly popular game, Ticket To Ride brings with it all the charm of riding trains around America without making players endure hours upon hours of looking out windows at scenery rushing past! On each turn, players get collect colored train cards that are used to build routes across the country connecting cities together; with each route covering at least three major cities along with any buffered smaller ones sandwiched in-between them as well. As these routes increase in complexity, so too do their payout rewards but don’t worry as there are plenty longer paths available too! Whichever way you choose will ultimately decide where your rail empire extends too!

Game Night Bliss

When it comes to board games, there’s something for everyone. Board games can provide hours of entertainment and offer just the right amount of competition – depending on what players are looking for. Whether you’re looking for a light-hearted evening of fun or challenging strategic play, there is a board game that’s perfect for your gaming needs.

So how do you choose the perfect level of difficulty? It all depends on who will be playing. If it’s just adults, then some more complicated rules can be implemented giving the evening even more satisfying outcomes. On the other hand, for larger groups with different age and skill levels, sticking to simpler rules might be better suited as all players should have an equal chance at participating and having fun!

If you want more challenge than a regular game night session provides, consider investing in an expansion set; these add another layer of complexity to the classic game and allow experienced gamers to increase their gaming enjoyment by delving deeper into strategy options. Many classic board games have dedicated expansion sets available that take the basic gameplay of the core board game and kick it up a notch with increasingly elaborate strategies (such as Settlers of Catan). Also consider investing in deck-building card games, where players build upon a constantly changing assortment of cards within their own individual decks (like Dominion). These types of board games often require excellent decision-making skills and offer potential rewards that apply to both casual gamers and strategy veterans alike!

Creative Thinking

Board games that test problem-solving skills can help players sharpen creative thinking and analytical skills. In recent years, while the popularity of traditional boardgames like Monopoly, Clue, and Trivial Pursuit haves faded, an ever-increasing number of fun, immersive puzzles are on the market. Here is a list of some of the most innovative and exciting ‘must play’ board game picks for 2019:

Codenames: Blending easy-to-learn rules with keen intuitive skill, this popular word guessing game requires strategic maneuverings and creative deduction from two competing teams.

Pandemic: With flavors in Legacy, Core and Reign of Cthulhu, Pandemic pits its players against a virulent plague threatening to take over the planet. This cooperative survival game forces players to strategize together in order to graduate victorious over what seem like insurmountable odds at times.

Root: Root stands out among modern strategy games with its captivating storyline which follows four warring factions as they do battle in an anthropomorphic woodland world filled with jungles inhabited by ferocious bees and mysterious spiders. Every move contributes to this dynamic saga playing out in the land of trees through different species vying for dominance in a forest kingdom separated into four distinct regions.

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The Mind: This groundbreaking card game gives insight into effective communication without talking even once! Players must collaborate effectively as one unit as they attempt to simultaneously place cards from their own hands onto the discard pile without ever speaking or gesturing about their moves.

These unique boardgames create scenarios that allow for memorable experiences for family bonding moments or special occasions among friends. They enlist all kinds of problem solving techniques from intuition based guessing to outright discussion bantering amongst multiple players formed into competitive team alliances. Most importantly perhaps though each game provides an opportunity for those involved to reflect upon how their decisions shape outcomes both throughout each stage along the way but especially with regard to the end result – be it a victory or otherwise!

Exercise Your Mind

Board games are excellent sources of intellectual stimulation. They help people work on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills while playing. Playing board games also promotes creativity, communication, cooperation and teamwork. As such, these activities can be great for adults and kids alike.

Here is a list of some of the most exciting mind-stimulating board games out there:

1. Pandemic: This game requires players to work together in order to find a cure for four deadly diseases that are threatening humanity. A great game if you want to learn about medical knowledge and develop strategies against a common enemy.

2. Catan: For this classic game from Germany, players colonize an island by gaining resources and trading them with other players in the attempt to reach 10 victory points before anyone else does. Players need to decide when it’s best for them to trade resources or build their own cities across the seas – a great competitive game which encourages planning ahead as well as offers numerous teaching opportunities about economics.

3. Carcassonne: This tile-based game tasks players with building roads, cities and even scenery in order build a medieval landscape; each time they place a tile they can claim it with one of their followers in order to score points along the way. Carcassonne forces players think strategically in order to maximize their potential land acquisitions!

4. Ticket To Ride: For this one, participants will become railway tycoons as they try complete train routes between major European cities while collecting cards of different colors in order to claim the biggest network of railways throughout the continent – winning conditions depend on how many tickets are completed at the end of the race!

Monopoly Magic

Monopoly Magic is a great, modernized version of the classic board game we all know and love. This updated version gives the players new experiences with a unique twist on gameplay while still giving that nostalgic feeling. For starters, Chance cards are renamed “Dreams” and Community Chest cards are now “Destiny” cards. Monopoly Magic also introduces a bit of a fantasy element to the game by having five special tokens filled with extraordinary powers. These special tokens”such as the dragon and Genie”can be used to manipulate fate, fortune, and more during each round. Plus, there are exciting challenges presented throughout the game too!

This modernized classic is sure to bring joy to any family gathering or party. Monopoly Magic offers exciting ways for kids to play in the form of “Mystery Challenges” such as riddles and trivia challenges throughout each round; ensuring that no turn ever goes uneventful! Additionally, adults will appreciate this entertaining twist on their childhood memories of playing Monopoly; either way, everyone will have an excellent time playing this rollicking good time.

Fresh Ideas

2019 is an exciting time for board game fans, as there are tons of new and classic favorites to explore. These games not only provide endless hours of fun, they also offer players a way to learn, strategize and bond with friends and family. From cooperative and fast-paced card games to complex strategy titles, this list of must-play board games has something for everyone.

Some hot choices this year include two classic titles, Axis & Allies and Catan, that have been updated with fresh features. In Axis & Allies, players command armed forces from five world powers – United States, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union – in a unique World War II experience. Meanwhile, the beloved Settlers of Catan was recently revised with the introduction Catan: Starfarers; where players now explore uncharted star systems consisting of asteroids and space stations in addition to building settlements on previous locations like deserts forests.

Another game catching attention is Gloomhaven which focuses on turn-based combat. This exciting dungeon crawler allows up to four players to select characters from 15 classes each boasting their own special powers as they travel through dungeons filled with monsters! Players will also love Munchkin: Magic: The Gathering Edition which combines elements of fantasy adventure with classic card battle play using both cards from the original game as well as special expansion decks featuring 150 new cards designed specifically for the crossover between the two brands.

For those looking for something a little more casual there’s Everdell”a charmingly illustrated game set in a colorful forest world of critter exploration and construction. Or Splendor”an award-winning engine builder game in which players strive to become wealthy Renaissance merchants by collecting gemstones until enough are acquired allowing them to purchase powerful cards with additional benefits worth chasing after.

In addition to all its grandeur and complexity 2019 really does have something for everyone when it comes board gaming! Newbies should take time enjoying some lighter picks like Spot It Duel!, about lightning fast matching skills or Mysterium Park ” a cooperative deduction game ” while veterans can dive deep into story-driven adventures like Scythe or Wingspan which offers intense simulations of bird life. Whichever way you go don’t forget that beyond having lots of fun these games open doors one may never would know exist!

What’s in the Deck

Card-based board games are emerging as one of the most popular game types for family game night and for many, they offer a unique mix of simplicity of setup and deep strategy. The advantage to card-based board games is in the variability ” since cards can represent nearly anything, these game often come with no two plays the same. In addition to their replayability, card-based board games are usually very rules-light compared to other more rigidly defined varieties. This is great for introducing younger players or those not well versed in complicated board game mechanics. Other advantages include lower cost of production (since card made as opposed to custom-produced pieces) and portability combined with individual pieces that still pack a big impact on overall gameplay.

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The variability makes card based board games an attractive play option – each time you play, the winning strategies can be completely different. Short playtime also adds a certain charm; it means that people who don’t have hours upon hours to invest in one game can still get enjoyment from their games. Cards also don’t need storage space like miniatures or larger boards typically do and their ease of transportation make them perfect for holiday travel or large family gatherings. Furthermore, modern cards come with colorful artwork featuring various themes which keep players mesmerized throughout their gaming session. Finally, playing any type of classic card games and newer hybrids create an atmosphere of tension but allows players to practice and apply critical thinking skills without feeling too overwhelmed by rules or complex mechanics.

Kid Friendly

For younger children, the best board games to play in 2019 include classic favorites like Candy Land and Guess Who? For slightly older kids, Roll for It! and Apples to Apples feature simple mechanics that are easy to learn and provide lots of fun. Other great choices for kids include Ticket to Ride, which teaches strategy and problem solving, as well as Jungle Speed ” a fast-paced game that tests reaction times. For basically any age group, Sushi Go is a great choice. Players try to outsmart their opponents by collecting sets of sushi rolls in this quick-playing card game. If you’re looking for an easy-to-learn cooperative game, check out Forbidden Island ” a light strategy game where players work together to find hidden treasure before the island sinks. Although it’s designed with families in mind, it’s surprisingly clever and deceptively difficult at higher levels. For tweens or teens anxious to try something more involved, Codenames is an excellent choice. A word based puzzle game that requires keen deduction skills, it can be tailored towards different audiences as difficulty increases. Finally; Betrayal at House on the Hill – is perfect for horror fans of any age who aren’t afraid of a bit of (non-scary) tension; players explore an old mansion’s spooky rooms while unfortunate events occur around them until finally one player betrays the rest using monsters they have encountered along the way.

Alternative Worlds

Alternative Worlds: Exploring Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Historical Themes is an exciting board game that has something for everyone. Players can set off into fantastical lands or explore a historical theme in an immersive world. Throughout the game, players work together to construct their own stories as they gather resources and build towns and cities. They must use strategy, diplomacy and guile to outwit opponents who threaten their success”from the powerful Viking leader Ragnar Lothbrok to the diabolical Goblin King.

The game is designed for two to six players, so gamers of all ages can get involved. Within the game are multiple levels of difficulty from novices to trained strategists, allowing people of all skill levels a challenge. The play includes an interactive map, creative graphics, unique cards, mini-figures and 3D structures that bring a realistic feel to the gaming environment. Players will be able to explore new regions through interactions with fantastic cultures or face off against legendary Vikings who bring with them powerful technology or murderous monsters that lurk in many corners of the board.

Players get immersed in story-telling during the course of their play as they are encouraged to create narratives while they build up their skills and resources. Through this part RPG/part strategy game could become role-playing adventures that explore various aspects of history’s rich pasts and future possibilities. Not only is Alternative Worlds one of 2019’s must-play board games but it’s one of those rare types of games that will stay relevant for years!


There were so many amazing board games released in 2019, it’s hard to keep track of them all. But for those seeking an excellent gaming experience that won’t disappoint, there are some must-play titles currently out on the market. Here is our finale”a ranking of the top five must-play board games of 2019.

At number 5 is Arkham Horror: The Card Game. This cooperative Living Card Game puts you in charge of up to four investigators who explore the eponymous town while trying to avert ancient and evil forces from destroying it before their eyes! It offers a unique approach to horror gaming with its distinctive “ancient mysteries” theme that weaves together classic horror stories like Lovecraft’s Mythos.

Number 4 is Splendor. This 2-4 player game takes the players back to the Renaissance period where they take roles as merchants using gems to purchase various businesses and become a wealthy entrepreneur over time. The game encourages strategic planning and combines its innovative components into a quick playing 30 minute duration making it an excellent choice for casual gamers.

Number 3 is Pandemic Legacy: Season 1. In this strategic legacy game (which cannot be played again after finishing), up to four players take on roles such as medic, scientist or operations specialist attempting to prevent outbreaks, cure diseases and ultimately save humanity from a pandemic catastrophe! Its engaging story and thrilling gameplay guarantee hours of high stakes fun suitable for any audience, no matter how experienced in tabletop gaming they are!

Number 2 is 7 Wonders Duel. This 2-player card game sets both parties off on a historical journey where they race against each other building empires by collecting resources, constructing wonders or deploying military forces among others! With its quick turns and short playtime (20 – 30 minutes) even taking into account setup time, this exciting version of 7 Wonders has become one of the most popular board games among strategy fans worldwide.

Finally at number 1 taking the prestigious spot as must play boardgame we have Azul ” Stained Glass Of Sintra. There’s no doubt that Azul stole the hearts of many in 2018, but this year was all about showing what it can really do. Assemble colourful stained glass mosaic tiles as quickly as you can without breaking too many rules… And don’t forget about your opponents who may try to block your way just when you were about scoring big points!. Azul ” Stained Glass Of Sintra stands out from other modern abstracts due to its simple yet compelling multiple ways of scoring creating endless possibilities every round!

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