Santorini Strategy-Based Board Game Review

The Santorini Strategy-Based Board Game is an enjoyable game that typically lasts between 30-45 minutes. It is a 2-4 player game that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age provided they know the basic rules. At the start of the game, players receive two Worker pieces and take turns moving them around a 3D village board.

On each turn, the worker will build either one or two levels of a taller building. The objective of the game is to be the first player to move their worker to the top level of any Building on the island.

This game focuses on strategy and making wise moves in order to win. For example, there are God Powers that players are able to use strategically throughout different stages in order to capture their victory. Additionally, it’s also important for players to pay attention not only their own moves but those of other players as this will inform how best building strategies can be devised so as not to get stuck or blocked out too early during gameplay.

In terms of replayability, Santorini Strategy-Based Board Game has tons of value here too. One really cool aspect about this game is that due to its expansive content map, no two games have ever been quite alike which makes it both exciting and fun for different family members or friends playing it together at different times during its life span.

This also adds longevity because you can enjoy it with new people after they have learned the rules as well as old friends who may need refreshment reminders now and then. Overall, this board game provides highly engaging entertainment as well as opportunity for learning planning, strategy and more.

Comparison to Other Strategy Board Games

Santorini is a strategy-based board game that offers a unique experience for players. Unlike traditional board games that require players to roll dice and take turns taking pieces around an ever-changing board, Santorini plays in a completely different way. The game is based on an ancient Greek myth, where the player must build cyclopean towers in order to reach the top of a mountain.

During their trip up the mountain the players can encounter obstacles, such as gods or adversaries that will try to stop them from reaching the top or help them along their way. To be victorious in Santorini you must use strategy and tactical gameplay to become the first player to reach the peak.

Santorini holds its own against many other strategy-based board games currently available on the market, largely due its simplicity yet complexity at the same time. It is easy for new players to understand and get accustomed to, however it’s also complex enough that more experienced strategy gamers may find it difficult yet still interesting because they are able to utilize multiple strategies during their journey up Mount Santorini.

Many popular games such as Catan and Ticket To Ride offer players some measure of complexity with rule variations but they don’t offer much room for tactical thinking or any real challenges.

On the other hand, Settlers of Catan requires a good understanding of resource management while Ticket To Ride encourages route building – both leaving little room for creativity or strategic considerations within gameplay mechanics. With Santorini each game presents unique opportunities for clever tactics and ruthless blocking maneuvers depending on what options you choose when playing.

When comparing Santorini with similar type games available on market, something which truly sets this game apart from others is level of interaction between playesr which is unmatched by other board games. Players must work together throughout their journey up Mount Santorini as each match relies heavily on collaborative play tactics over solo victory methods even though there can only be one winner in the end.

For instance, rather than attacking each other directly it might behoove players instead come together agree defeats certain gods without interfering with each others progress through tower building simultaneously – something none other strategy-based board game offers nor has quite perfected yet as effectively as Santorini does today; making this one those rare occasions where strategy does indeed pay off.


Santorini is a strategy-based board game, designed for two to four players. It was developed by the award-winning designer Dr. Gordon Hamilton and it is now one of the most popular board-games in the industry. One of the biggest draws to Santorini is its ease of accessibility with beginners; namely, its streamlined game play and simple rules make it very approachable at any level.

The design of Santorini also contributes significantly to the accessibility for beginners: The board that comes with the game is set up in such a way that each player’s pieces are colored differently and so are easily identifiable from others’ pieces. Furthermore, information about what pieces do what are printed on their respective cards which makes it easier for beginners to reference and understand them as opposed to having to remember all the instructions from memory.

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Below are some key benefits of Santorini’s accessibility for beginners:

  1. Simple, easy-to-follow rules
  2. A well-designed board featuring easy to identify player colors
  3. Clear directions printed directly on card pieces
  4. Game play can be quickly picked up even by younger players
  5. Game includes plenty of strategies and complexity for more advanced players as well.

In addition, each game round lasts only about 20 minutes which means that newcomers can setup another game round right away if they realize during gameplay that they made mistakes in their strategy or made incorrect moves. This allows them to reevaluate their plans before continuing on with further rounds as they become more comfortable with playing Santorini. Ultimately, these elements all contribute positively towards making Santorini easily accessible even to those who have never played it before.

Player Rating System

Santorini is an exciting strategy-based board game for all ages. Players take turns moving pieces around the colorful island of Santorini with a goal of being the first to build two structures on top of each other. It is a great way to deepen relationships and have fun while developing important problem-solving skills.

I recently played Santorini with my family and friends, and we all had a blast competing against each other. We rate the game as very enjoyable and it was quick enough that nobody got bored in the process. However, several items can make this game even better. Below is our rating system based on specific criteria:

  • Strategy & Tactics – 4 out of 5
  • Time Investment – 4 out of 5
  • Replayability – 3 out of 5
  • Value for Money – 4 out of 5

The game provides an awesome balance between strategy, tactics, and luck which makes it more attractive and enjoyable than other similar games available in the market that rely too heavily on chance or strategy – indicating good choice on their part by the manufacturer.

The time investment was just about spot-on where players can usually finish one complete match within 10 minutes to one hour depending on how much time each player takes to ponder his/her turn’s possibilities (which I personally believe makes up most part of my case).

Unfortunately, after some Extended play session with friends a good amount of them had experienced “game fatigue” where they did not want to play it anymore, maintaining passion & excitement despite repetitive plays proved difficult yet not impossible. On average we felt slightly overpriced for its replayability capabilities but considering titles like Catan or Ticket To Ride as cost comparison could be taken into account, overall value for money it provides can be rated quite high still.


The Santorini strategy-based board game is a fun and challenging way to connect with your family and friends. This game challenges players with different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for all skill levels. The object of the game is to build your player’s towers before any other players can. It is a fun and interactive way to test your problem solving, strategic thinking, and planning skills.

Let’s take a look at the different components of the Santorini board game: The play mat (with 24 spaces), 4 building pieces, an archeological card stack, Greek mythology cards, 10 god cards and 8 skyscrapers – all of which need to be placed correctly on the board in order to win. After setting up the board, each player takes turns moving their pieces strategically around the map trying to build their own towers while preventing opponents from building theirs faster.

In order to understand how the game works more effectively, let’s go through a mini-tutorial with illustrative examples for each step. First set up the game by placing all 8 skyscrapers onto their respective spaces on the board as shown in figure 1. Then deal out one Greek mythology card per person and shuffle both stacks together – this will provide players with plenty of options when playing (figure 2).

After that slide god cards under each tower according to its strength so that everyone has access to 6 god cards during a match (figure 3). Once everything has been set up then gameplay begins.

On each turn each player takes one specified action (move / build) in an attempt to build one tower piece higher than 14 stories tall as shown in figure 4. That’s it. Whenever someone builds their tower taller than 14 they win that round of gameplay. Following this tutorial along with practice will help you become an expert Santorini strategy-based gamer.


Santorini – an exciting board game for strategists of all levels.


Are you looking for a quick, yet thrilling board game to explore with your family or friends? If so, why not try out Santorini – an intriguing strategy-based game guaranteed to leave everyone begging for more.

Developed by the renowned educational game company Roxley, this unique board gaming experience is made up of game mechanics to keep all players on their toes as they travel throughout the iconic island of Santorini, Greece. By utilizing player pieces and role cards with unique abilities and powers in each round, this engaging title provides endless strategic options and exciting surprises that will surely bring plenty of cheer to the table.

Good New Strategy Board Games


  • Easy to learn – With intuitive rules and simple set-up instructions, starting a game has never been easier.
  • Innovative Gameplay – With ever-changing abilities and strategies that seamlessly interact across each round aiding replayability.
  • Varied objectives – Defeating opponents can be achieved through either reaching the summit or knocking down towers.

Creative Extras

Without a doubt in all of the board games that can be found today, Santorini is something truly special. It’s a strategy-based game with a few elements of luck thrown in for good measure. The aim is to be the first one to build a tower on top of the second level by passing other players’ pawns. You can accomplish this by either building up, moving around, or even pulling down others’ structures.

This particular game exudes creativity from every corner and is best suited for two to four players at ages six and up. The setup itself has very minimal components which include two main boards, eight pieces with statues, 24 cards and tokens plus a 50 page rule book with all kinds of details.

This makes it super simple to understand and definitely keeps everyone engaged. In fact, it often takes only about 10 minutes to actually get the basic rules understood – much faster than most other strategy-based board games shall we say.

But where Santorini really stands out from other similar titles is its inclusion of creative extras like videos, polls or quizzes which add an extra layer of fun to the entire experience. For instance there are many strategy vides you can watch ahead before starting your Santorini game to gain an idea on how exactly it works and how you should go about winning it.

Then when the actual game begins adding polls will help keep track score between players or teams throughout while quizzes will let you spice things up even more. These creative elements certainly supplement players overall gaming encounters and living up their enthusiasm until they reach their final goals – ultimately reaching wherever they want their little statue pieces placed prior to ending each turn.

Feedback Form

The Santorini strategy-based board game is an exciting, vibrant game that pits two to four players against each other in an effort to build their way to the top of Mt. Olympus. With replayability, colorful components, and a great tutorial video included with the game, Santorini offers endless hours of fun for all board gamers.

Each player gets two minions and one God Card – from Athena, Apollo or Zeus – and takes their turn building structures on the cylindrical grid while trying to climb the highest peak of Mt. Olympus.

The mechanics behind the rules are simple and easy to understand: build one level at a time using up to three blocks; move around up or down platforms; land next to opponents’ pieces and send them back down a level; win by reaching the third level of the mountain with one of your minions. With such basic rules, Santorini encourages interaction between players as they work towards victory.

While experienced core board game players may find it fairly easy going after just a few rounds, it does provide more casual gamers with a great way into strategic gaming. For those looking for more advanced gameplay elements there is the Advanced God Power cards which unlock special abilities of each theme like teleportation and invisibility that bring interesting new dynamics into play.

Plus different themes including Norse mythology create even more replayability overall as users can customize their experience according to their preference or knowledge base of Norse mythology without fundamentally changing how you play the game.

An added bonus that comes with every purchase is an instructional video straight from Rio Grande Games which helps prospective gamers learn all about playing instructions before diving into actual gameplay – although it’s still recommended that you read through all 10 pages of instructions beforehand which can feel quite daunting if you prefer direct visual instruction instead.

All in all though, Santorini is an excellent gateway board game into strategy gaming and will provide countless hours of enjoyable entertainment no matter what age group you fall into – we certainly stand by its 4 star rating.

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