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Sonora Board Game is an adventure-seeking game for the whole family. It’s an engaging, competitive yet cooperative game meant to bring people closer together while they compete to explore and discover the Nature, Culture and Cuisine of Northern Mexico. With up to five players competing at a time, it’s a one of a kind interactive experience that challenges players by throwing in unexpected obstacles. To add to the excitement, Sonora Board Game has been awarded multiple awards, including “Best Family Game”, “Most Original Game Design” and “Outstanding Strategy Game” by organizations such as Dice Tower, Top Table & TAGIE”making it one of the top 12 board games of 2020! Ideal for families, friends and even corporate events, Sonora board game offers exciting gameplay with meaningful interactions that can bridge cultural gaps and build understanding among diverse players.

Object of the Game

The Sonora Board Game is an exciting game that tests a player’s knowledge about the Sonoran Desert region of North America. The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach a destination at the edge of the Sonoran Desert by collecting resources, such as plants and animals, along the way. On each turn, players must pick up three cards from a face-down pile and draw a terrain tile. The resource cards will give players points, while the terrain tiles help them progress towards their destination.

Players can gain points by capturing resources when they match all four required attributes shown on their card – scientific name, common name, habitat, and evolutionary relationship. When cards are placed together in sets during gameplay, they may form combos to earn extra points. Players should also keep an eye out for bonus items such as cactus flowers or scarce animals in order to gain extra points and increase their chances of winning. Strategically positioning yourself on advantageous terrain tiles is key! By taking calculated risks with your resources and carefully collecting those bonus items you may find yourself leading the pack and gaining an advantage which leads to victory!

Gameplay Overview

Sonora Board Game is a fun and engaging strategy game for 3 to 5 players that can be completed in under an hour. The objective of the game is to build the most thriving network of farms, industry, and towns in Southern Mexico.

Players start by randomly selecting their starting position on the board as well as their family color, which determines the large meeple pieces used throughout gameplay. Once all players have chosen, two starting “Game Pieces” are placed ” a Mexican Army outpost and a Region Headquarters. Each player takes turns placing three wooden tiles (in sequential order) on empty spots on the board to create terrain like hills or flatland, each with various abilities. This is known as Farming; the main goal being creating higher valued squares where pieces can later be placed for either defensive or offensive purposes.

The game turn consists of five steps; Resource Collection, Item Transfer/Drawing Supplies, Building Development & Placement, Taxation & Income Sharing and finally scoring territories. On their turn, players must first collect resources based on what kind of terrain they have built/collected around them following this is a purchasing phase where with earned currency they can purchase advanced unit upgrades and earn access to advanced buildings such as Banks or Stores that provide passive buffs to their network again costing hard-earned gold coins To end off the turn each remaining action point can be spent to build more Farms, Factories or Towns within connected regions while also collecting any corresponding income from each successful construction project.

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At the end of every round territory scores are calculated by multiplying Total Population x Population Value x Tax Of Territory At Beginning Of Round for every player’s respective network positions across the board after which points are awarded towards victory conditions After 7 rounds whichever player ended up having collected sufficient victory points will declare victory and thus win Sonora

Innovative Mechanics

The Sonora Board Game offers a unique spin on classic game mechanics. One of its most innovative game mechanics is its dice-building system, where players compete to complete objectives with the help of special dice that they can use throughout their turns. Additionally, the game implements a special “resource wheel” mechanic, where each player receives resources based on how they choose to interact with certain features in the environment. On top of this, there is also an incredibly engaging economic system which assigns players money based on how successful they are in their assignments. Finally, there is the element of surprise offered by “encounter cards” which triggers various events like natural disasters and sabotage actions that players must work around to their advantage. All these innovative mechanics contribute to the game’s play value and ensure each playthrough is unique and unpredictable!

Artwork & Theme

The artwork and theme of the Sonora Board Game create an immersive experience that ties into its overall game play. The board game features boldly colored art that uses vibrant hues to capture the Mexican-Southwest style atmosphere, invoking feelings of adventure and action as you explore the desert landscape. The intricate details of the artwork make it easy to imagine how it is to be in this environment, and also helps bring out each character’s unique personalities. This level of detail extends beyond just aesthetics; it incorporates important mechanics like skills and abilities, which allows players to interact with their surroundings. This connection between artwork and theme provides a full experience that players can sink their teeth into while they strategize their way through the board game.

Pros & Cons


“I absolutely loved playing the Sonora Board Game! It was an amazing adventure and I could not stop playing it. The game has excellent mechanics that offer a great challenge and lots of replay value.” -Alejandro, Player

“The strategic elements of the game make it really engaging and exciting every round. It is perfect for gamers who like intricate rules, but also easy to learn for those who are new to board games!” -Nicole, Reviewer

“The game can be a bit overwhelming at times if you have never played it before, but if you spend time learning the rules then it quickly starts to make sense.” -Ben, Gamer

“The artwork in this game is great but there can be inconsistencies at times when measured against what’s needed to complete the game successfully. That issue aside though, I still find this board game quite enjoyable and highly recommend it.” -Emily, Critic

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Final Verdict

The Sonora Board Game is a fun, challenging game for all ages. With its unique combination of trivia, skill bonuses and wildcards, it’s an exciting way to play with friends and family for hours. The intuitive design of the board and the cute illustrations keep people engaged and make the game accessible even to those who are less familiar with board games. Additionally, the game is multifaceted”you can compete at trivia or compete against each other in small tasks to gain points faster.

However, there are some areas that could use improvement. For instance, some users have reported that the difficulty level could be increased as it may become too easy after playing several rounds. Also, though the timer keeps players moving quickly at the start of each round, users have suggested adding a tangible reward feature so players gain extra bonus points when they answer certain questions correctly in a timely manner. Finally, while learning geography concepts is a great feature of this game, it would be helpful if different levels of difficulty were offered depending on which age group was playing”this would enable more age cohorts to enjoy playing this game together within a single experience.

In conclusion, Sonora Board Game is an enjoyable way to spend time with friends and family at any age! It has creative challenges that keep people engaged from start to finish (plus cute illustrations!), provides rewards for answering questions quickly, and even teaches geography concepts along the way! Though some improvements could be made such as ramping up the difficulty level and introducing different levels based on age cohort, overall this game is highly recommended for anyone looking for an immersive yet lighthearted experience that can bring people closer together through interactive play.

Where to Buy

Sonora Board Game can be purchased from multiple retailers. Amazon offers the game for $39.99 with free standard shipping. Target sells it for the same price and free in-store pickup; plus, Target REDcard holders get an additional 5% off the order. Barnes & Noble stocks the game for $34.99 as part of their Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion. Walmart has it on sale for $32.88 through their special deals page and also offers free shipping on orders over $35. Toys “R” Us carries Sonora Board Game, but there are no current promotions available.

Some game retailers provide bundle packages with Sonora Board Game, such as Miniature Market’s bundle that includes Dragon Keepers: Journey to Dragonopolis board game too at a discounted rate of just under $65 ($64.98). Also, Cool Stuff Inc has a Super Crazy Bundle with both of these games along with 2 expansion packs (Fungal Foes & Renegade Caves) for a total of only $83!

Collectors may also find Sonora Board Game at various conventions/events or directly from independent sellers/small businesses online like Etsy, if they prefer to find rare editions.

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